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Our constant search to find the best snack options for ourselves and kids is never ending. Craving for a light meal in the middle of the day, or between meals, is a common phenomenon. Some of these meals or snacks are easily found in your kitchen or can be prepared from scratch without much preparation. We aim to provide you with review articles of various snacks like biscuits, cookies, khakhras, namkeens, etc. Our reviews are loaded with information so that it helps you satisfy your craving for snacks without the help of high-calorie low-nutrient junk foods.

Brij Boondi comes in semi-transparent red-colored packet. The pack suggests transferring the boondi in an air-tight container, once you have tear-opened it, to ensure they do not become soggy.

Thapar’s boondi comes in a yellow and purple semi-transparent pack. It suggests that once the packet is opened, keep the boondi in an air-tight container.

The green color pack of Haldiram’s has information like ingredients, nutritional facts, net weight, contents, etc. The pack suggests storing the boondi in a cool and dry place, once opened and keep in an air-tight container.

Bikano Boondi comes in a simple blue and yellow pack with all important information provided on it. It suggests to keep the contents safe from heat and direct sunlight.

Neelam Boondi comes in a re-sealable zip-lock transparent pack with consistently uniform boondi. So you wouldn’t have to worry about storing the boondi. The pack provides information that includes nutritional information, net weight and how the food in Neelam Foodland is made, packed and delivered.

Veer’s Diet boondi comes in a huge transparent green colored pack. It provides information like nutrition facts, net weight, ingredeitns, etc.

Garden Raita boondi comes in a brown colored packaging, with information like storage conditions, nutritional facts, ingredients, about the boondi, etc. The pack suggests storing boondi in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, keep it in an air tight container.

Instamunch boondi comes in a tiny transparent pack that provides information like ingredients, and procedure to make the raita using the raita masala mix. The pack suggests storing the boondi in a cool and dry place.

After making more than 35 bowls of raita using 10 brands of boondi, and dry-tasting all of them over 3 days, Haldiram’s Boondi emerged as the best boondi to buy among all the brands we reviewed. It’s crunchy, flavorful and makes for a delicious bowl of raita.