Too Yumm! Snacks, Baked, Not Fried: #FirstImpression
Too Yumm! Review

Too Yumm! Snacks, Baked, Not Fried: #FirstImpression

Virat Kohli eats these, and going by the advertisements, binges on them non-stop! We try a few flavors from the wide range of Too Yumm!’s Baked, Not Fried Snacks.

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‘Smart Snacking’ is a relatively new category in the ginormous packaged -snacks market. Till a few decades ago, kids and the young mostly relied on home made snacks in India. Sandwiches, poha, cut fruit or even a glass of milk would suffice. Then came a barrage of packaged, unhealthy, processed snacks. Like everyone else around the world, Indians took to it pretty easily too. Now, in addition to a whole lot of junk out there, there is a clear attempt to cater to the health conscious customer as well. Too Yumm!’s range of ‘Baked, Not Fried’ snacks fall in this category. Endorsed by India’s cricketing superstar Virat Kohli, the brand offers a variety of multigrain chips, foxnuts, quinoa puffs and karare in different flavors.

5 Quick Things You Should Know About Too Yumm! Smart Snacking Range

  • Too Yumm! clearly caters to a younger audience, the packaging is bright and vibrant and the flavors are mostly Indian like Tandoori Foxnuts, Dahi Papdi Chat, Chilli Acchari, and Munchy Masala.
  • Their Multigrain Chips are available in 5 distinct flavors: Dahi Papdi Chat, Chivda Chatpata, Tangy Tomato, Chinese Hot & Sour and Spicy Lemon.
  • Too Yumm!’s Foxnuts come in 6 flavors: Chilli Cheese, Pizza, Homestyle classic, Chatpata Masala, Spanish Tomato, and Tandoori. The foxnuts are air-popped and offer guilt-free snacking.
  • They also have Quinoa Puffs, made using quinoa powder, corn, and wheat flour. The quinoa puffs are baked and contain 40% less fat.
  • And finally, they have Karare baked version, available in 5 flavors including Noodle Masala, Chilli Achaari, and Garlic Peri-Peri.

First Impressions of Too Yumm! Snacks, Baked, Not Fried.

Bright packaging and happy packets that catch your attention on the supermarket store. Of course, Virat Kohli’s face on a few packs helps too!

The flavors are bold, and if there’s a pack on the table, you inadvertently keep reaching out.

Some of the flavors, like Tangy Tomato and Chinese Hot & Sour (both Multigrain chips), are fit for people who like everything hot and spicy.

We liked the Foxnuts’ range of flavors better than the others. The foxnuts are air-popped, taste fresh and crunchy. The Homestyle Classic flavor is nice and light.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! If you don’t, please tell us why! And, which one is your favorite from this list.

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