By Nature’s Deliciously Crunchy Coconut Chips: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of the coonut chips

By Nature’s Deliciously Crunchy Coconut Chips: #FirstImpressions

Here is the new range of coconut chips from By Nature, which comes in two variants namely classic and chocolate. But is it as delicious and healthy as it claims to be? Let’s find out.

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These fully baked coconut chips from By Nature might just be perfect for guilt-free snacking. Made using only coconut and sugar, along with a small hint of sea salt, these coconut chips may prove to be a healthy addition to your diet. Though the company claims that these are quite addictive, it is hard to know for sure without tasting and testing it. So, we grabbed ourselves a packet and here is what we experienced.

What Makes It Healthy?

There are a lot of facts about these chips that can help the consumer understand its health aspects, and for the ease of the reader, we have listed some of them below.

  1. These coconut chips are absolutely gluten-free.
  2. Since it is baked, and not fried, it contains no oil and has zero percentage of cholesterol.
  3. It contains absolutely zero trans-fats.
  4. As per the company, it only comprises of real coconuts, and there are no added flavors or preservatives.
  5. It comes in a resealable package, which increases the shelf life and keeps the coconut chips fresh and edible for nearly twelve months.

By Nature Baked Coconut Chips (Classic)

A gluten-free crunchy treat that’ll satisfy from hunger.

#FirstImpressions Of By Nature’s Deliciously Crunchy Coconut Chips

Although there are two different variants of these coconut chips namely classic and chocolate, we have tasted its classic variant.

If you love the flavor of coconut, then chances are that you would trip on the Deliciously Crunchy Coconut Chips by By Nature. The chips are crunchy, delicately flavored, and you cant stop at one! We observed that the chips are not wafer-thin, and this gives them an extra ‘bite’ which works very well, especially in contrast with the mild flavors. The chips feel fresh and not ‘factory-made’. Coconut chips are naturally high in calories, so while you may not want to indulge in these on a daily basis, we reckon the chips could also be used as a crunchy topping on ice-creams.

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