Hide And Seek Choco Rolls: #FirstImpressions
first impression of hide and seek choco rolls

Hide And Seek Choco Rolls: #FirstImpressions

Parle’s Hide and Seek Choco Rolls are a mouth-watering delicacy filled with chocolate cream. Unlike its chocolate chip variant, these cookies are filled with cream inside, with a crunchy and crisp cookie outside.
The rolls are baked and made up of wheat flour.

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There is no doubt about the fact that Parle’s Hide and Seek Chocolate Chip cookies are loved by many. The latest premium range of chocolate filled cookies and rolls and roles by Parle, under its Platina brand are becoming quite popular too. This time, we pick the new Parle Hide & Seek Choco Rolls for a taste test and check out this new product in the market.

Things To Know about Hide And Seek Choco Rolls:

  1. Unlike its chocolate chip variant, these Parle hide and seek cookies are filled with cocoa cream.
  2. The biscuits are baked and made up of wheat flour.
  3. Each biscuit weights around 12.3 g and contains 3.8 g of sugar, which is around one-third of its weight.
  4. It contains additional flavors and artificial flavoring agents such as vanilla.

Parle Hide and Seek Choco Rolls, 120g

Mouth-watering delicacy filled with cocoa cream.

Price- Rs 50*

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpressions Of Parle Hide And Seek Choco Rolls

Every bite of these choco rolls will treat your taste buds with a dose of bitter-sweet cocoa. The cream filling is smooth and rich. The crunchiness of the cookie is also impressive, mix it up with a mildly sugary taste, and you’ll get a product that is near perfection. The quality of the product and its packaging in itself is impressive. In short, it is a mouth-watering delicacy that can make a delicious side for your cup of tea.

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