The Best Digestive Biscuit - Mishry Reviews

The Best Digestive Biscuit – Mishry Reviews

Digestive Biscuits are most enjoyed when ‘dunked’ in a cup of tea. Digestive biscuits have also come to be known as ‘healthy’ snacking options. Here’s an in-depth review as we searched for the Tastiest Digestive Biscuits in India. We tasted brands such as McVitie’s, Cremica, Patanjali, Britannia and SunFeast to arrive at our top choice.

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We picked 7 different brands of digestive biscuits, and after a review that lasted over 8 days, including multiple tasting sessions, Cremica Digestive as the tastiest digestive biscuits brand and our top pick.

Tastiest Digestive Biscuits: Cremica Digestive High Bran Biscuits

Cremica Digestive High Bran Biscuits

Cremica scored highest in our review, not just across parameters of taste and crunch, but also health. High on fiber, with zero trans fats and priced competitively, Cremica is undoubtedly the Best Digestive Biscuit for us.

Price: Rs. 20*

*Price at the time of review

Mrs. Bector’s Cremica is an Indian Brand that is largely known for its range of sauces, soups, and pastes. Cremica Digestive biscuits are not only delicious, but it also brings with it all the goodness one expects from a digestive biscuit.

Tastiest Digestive Biscuits: (Runner’s Up) McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits


Both brands, McVitie’s & Cremica are comparable when it comes to their nutrition quotient. Talking about the taste, it is Cremica that edges past Mcvitie’s by a fine margin.

Our Review Process


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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Digestive biscuits are quite popular now and perceived to be a healthier alternative to other made-from-Maida biscuits lining supermarket stores. This is because of the use of more wheat flour and/or whole wheat flour (instead of refined flour) in the preparation giving these biscuits their signature fibrous texture and taste.

We picked 7 different brands that sell digestive biscuits.

The purpose of this review was to find the best biscuits from a taste, health, and cost perspective. We picked brands that are widely available – both online and in offline stores, and picked plain digestive variants.

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Brands We Picked


Patanjali Digestive Cookies

Cremica Digestive High Bran Biscuits

McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits

Tiffany Digestive Biscuits

IKO Digestive Biscuits

Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive Biscuits

Britannia NutriChoice

Who This Is For?

This is certainly for people who like to ‘dunk’ biscuits in their tea every morning or evening. Digestives are also preferred by people who are slowly getting aware about the health benefits of digestive biscuits and would like to make the switch.

It’s also for people who start their day with chai and biscuits but feel that digestive biscuits may not be as tasty. This list serves as a great starting point for those wanting to try digestives for the first time.

Are Digestive Biscuits Healthy?

Biscuits, per se, may not be the healthiest snack, but when compared to regular maida biscuits, digestive biscuits do make for healthier alternatives for everyday eating. And this is primarily because of the presence of more fiber, less sugar, and less or zero use of refined flour.

How We Tested

We picked classic digestive biscuits for this review, though there are several flavor variants available out there; from chocolate to orange.

You will also find ‘Marie-digestives’ in supermarkets, those were not part of this review. Digestive biscuits have a signature crumbly-texture and fibrous-bite, thanks to the use of bran and whole wheat flour. This texture and crunch cannot be comparable to the crunch and texture of other biscuits.

We took the 7 brands through multiple rounds of taste-tests. There were observed in detail for their health and nutrition information.

Parameters We Considered

Nutrition Information: Digestive biscuits are healthier than their maida-based counterparts. This is because of its fiber content. They are meant to be lower in sugar (mildly sweet), and due to the presence of more baking soda, eating digestive biscuits are supposed to help those who suffer from acidity. Digestive biscuits are also supposed to help you with your weight loss journey. For all these reasons, the nutrition information of all brands was observed closely.

Texture and Crunch: While digestives are more crumbly than crunchy, texture can make or break a good digestive biscuit. Digestives have a bigger sized crumb, that turns to powder on chewing. The bigger sized crumb is also what feels fibrous in the mouth. You should expect a soft-crunch in your digestives, rather than a crispy-crunch. Also, despite the use of fiber-rich, whole wheat flour, it shouldn’t be too dense or dry to chew.

Taste: There’s a reason why the initiated love digestive biscuits. You think of having only one and ending having at least 4! The soft crumbly texture and mildly sweet taste, along with how beautifully it becomes a tea-time buddy, are just some of the things everyone who tastes digestives once, gets addicted to them. Through our taste tests, we were looking for all these features, which were tested through multiple rounds of taste tests. We tasted them all as is, meaning no biscuits were dunked in tea during our tasting sessions.


On our chosen parameters of nutrition info, texture and taste, Cremica emerged as our top choice, with McVitie’s coming a close second.

Cremica Digestive High Bran Biscuits

Cremica scored highest in our review, not just across parameters of taste and crunch, but also health. High on fiber, with zero trans fats and priced competitively, Cremica is undoubtedly the Best Digestive Biscuit for us.

Size: 150 grams, Price: Rs. 20*

*At the time of review

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