Cocofly Coconut Chips: #FirstImpressions

Cocofly Coconut Chips: #FirstImpressions

As a snack full of fiber, which is also gluten-free and zero cholesterol, can Cocofly Coconut Chips be a healthy and tasty addition to your diet?

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This newly released product from Cocofly, a packet of coconut chips that is gluten-free, crunchy, and economic at the same time, might just be the right addition for your healthy lifestyle. High on fiber, these chips have been introduced in the market in order to show that even the things that are healthy can effectively compete with junk food when it comes to taste and flavors. But, is it worth your while? Here is what we found out.

Interesting Facts About Cocofly Coconut Chips

  1. These chips are baked and contain zero cholesterol.
  2. Its main ingredients are coconut and sugar, and a single packet of 10g contains about 2.5g of sugar.
  3. It comes in a resealable packet, which keeps it fresh and increases its shelf life.
  4. As it is high in fiber, it can be an effective snack that can keep your stomach filled for a longer period of time.
  5. There are no added preservatives, color, or flavor. As per the packaging, it is 100% pure and contains actual coconut flakes.

Thanks to the resealable packaging, once opened, the chips remain fresh for an entire year, which is quite an impressive shelf life.  

first impressions of cocofly coconut chips

Cocofly Coconut Chips

A gluten-free fiber-rich snack that can be a healthy addition to your diet.

#FirstImpressions Of Cocofly Coconut Chips: What we did and did not like.


We like the small, handy pack this product comes in. Coconut Chips are high in calories and fiber. So while a small amount is good enough to snack on, its high fiber content will make sure you don’t get hungry very quickly.


We like the packaging too. It’s Cocofly’s signature packaging that you see across all its coconut-based products – from coconut water to coconut milk, desiccated coconut.


We also like the mild, very natural taste of the chips. They smell fresh, although we wish they were a little more crispy.


Overall, we liked Cocofly’s new coconut chips and would recommend these as a healthy, hygienic, handy packet of snacks.

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