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Matar Paneer is an authentic Indian recipe that has a traditional mix of spices with a significant quantity of cottage cheese and green peas. Ready-to-eat meals, especially for busy professionals, are an often convenient way to enjoy such recipes, and so we decided to find the tastiest ready-to-eat matar paneer.

Haldiram’s Street Style Pani Puri tries to bring that fun market-style experience to the consumer’s home. Check out our first impression and see if it succeeds in doing so.

Palak paneer is a traditional Indian dish that is made from the mix of cottage cheese and spinach. Based on our taste test, Haldiram’s Minute Khana Palak Paneer turned out to be the most tasteful mix of spices, and is indeed our Top Pick for its flavorful experience.

We recently brought to our review lab 8 brands of Ready To Eat Dal Makhani with the single aim of finding the most authentic tasting, delicious Dal Makhani.

These are the reliable Packaged Food Brands in India producing different products for daily use. They are safe for long term consumption and do not cause side effects in the body. Moreover, you can buy these products online or from any local grocery store. They are also easy to store in the home, office, or restaurant.

Biryani is a dish that has a historical as well as geographical significance when it comes to the Indian Sub-continent. Let us find out if the new Kitchens of India’s Noormahal Biryani does any justice to its name.

Haldiram’s is quite famous for its rich array of regional Indian dishes. In this #FirstImpressions article, we take a taste of Haldiram’s ready-to-eat Dilli Style Choley to tell you if buying it next time you crave for Choley masala is worth your time or not.

The MTR ready-to-eat Paneer Butter Masala has no added preservatives and is filled with all the herbs and condiments as per the authentic recipe. Read along to learn about our first impressions of this ready-to-eat meal.

Saffola fittify gourmet hi protein soup meal is tangy and will be liked by tomato soup lovers. It is rich and creamy, though we preferred it without the multigrain crunchies.