Haldiram’s Dilli Style Choley: #FirstImpression
first impression of haldiram's dilli style choley

Haldiram’s Dilli Style Choley: #FirstImpression

Haldiram’s is quite famous for its rich array of regional Indian dishes. In this #FirstImpressions article, we take a taste of Haldiram’s ready-to-eat Dilli Style Choley to tell you if buying it next time you crave for Choley masala is worth your time or not.

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As a dish originating from the Indian Subcontinent, choley masala or otherwise popularly known as choley is deeply, and deliciously entangled with the traditions of India itself. Haldiram is somewhat the same, known for churning out regional dishes, in a quick-service, fast food format. So it didn’t surprise us that Haldiram’s offers this North Indian delicacy in a ready-to-eat avatar. In this #FirstImpressions article, we take a taste of Haldiram’s Dilli Style Choley to tell you if buying it next time you crave for Choley masala is worth your time or not.


Few Things To Note Regarding Haldiram’s Dilli Style Choley


  1. It is made up of all the authentic ingredients in just the right proportions.
  2. It contains no added preservatives, colors, and is made up of natural ingredients.
  3. A single pack can adequately serve two people.


Different Ways Of Preparing This Ready-To-Eat Dish

There are three different ways of heating and eating Haldiram’s Dilli style choley. Just like the steps involved in the preparation of all other ready-to-eat food, the ways in which you can prepare a delicious bowl of this Dilli style choley are:


  1. Don’t cut the pouch, and instead immerse it in hot boiling water for up to 5 minutes. Then pour the hot content into a dish and serve hot.
  2. Or, you can simply cut the pouch and empty its content into a frying pan and stir in for 3-5 minutes before pouring it in a bowl and serving it.
  3. The third way is to cut the pouch and pour its content into a microwavable dish. Put in inside a microwave and heat it for 1-2 minutes before serving it hot.


Haldirams Minute Khana Dilli Style Choley

A dilli style chickpea curry mixed with herbs and spices, thus giving you an authentic Indian Taste.

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#FirstImpression Of Haldiram’s Dilli-Style Choley

First things first, you can never compare ready-to-eat packets of desi-Indian foods to the real thing we cook and eat in our kitchens. Freshly prepared food has a distinct aroma, taste, and texture to it that is not comparable to packaged food. That said, Haldiram’s Dilli-style choley is a spicey, tangy curry with soft, well-cooked chana. The quantity just about serves two people and tastes good with roti or kulcha. If you are a fan of ready-to-eat foods then you would like this too.

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