Tastiest Palak Paneer (Ready-To-Eat ) – Mishry Reviews

Tastiest Palak Paneer (Ready-To-Eat ) – Mishry Reviews

Palak paneer is a traditional Indian dish that is made from the mix of cottage cheese and spinach. Based on our taste test, Haldiram’s Minute Khana Palak Paneer turned out to be the most tasteful mix of spices, and is indeed our Top Pick for its flavorful experience.

After a competitive review among the top ready-to-eat brands, Haldiram’s ready-to-eat palak paneer emerged as our Top Pick for its authentic taste, and given that it is an instant and quick meal (which would mean that it may not be as flavorful as the one that is prepared in your kitchen from scratch), it sure did provide the best and closest-to-authentic flavor among all brands reviewed.



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Mishry Top Pick: Tastiest Palak Paneer (Ready-To-Eat )



Haldiram’s Ready-To-Eat Palak Paneer


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Haldirams Ready to Eat, Palak Paneer (Del), 300 g

Haldiram’s Minute Khana Palak Paneer offered a taste and flavor closest to freshly prepared Palak Paneer.

MRP: Rs 125*
*Price at the time of review


Why Haldiram’s Minute Khana Palak Paneer is our Top Pick:

We were looking for the dish that tastes closest to authentic/homemade palak paneer. We looked for freshness, flavor, and consistency.

Amongst all 5 brands reviewed, it was Haldiram’s Minute Khana Palak Paneer that came out ahead of the other brands.

Haldiram’s Minute Khana Palak Paneer packet has a good number of medium-sized paneer chunks (10-12 pieces).

The gravy is a dark-green in color, spicy and the palak is coarsely ground and has a ‘saag’ like consistency. The paneer pieces are soft and well-cooked. Unlike a few others, the paneer pieces were not chewy or rubbery.

Our Review Process

For our review process, we picked up the following brands : 

Kitchen’s Of India Palak Paneer

Haldiram’s Ready To Eat Palak Paneer

MTR Ready To Eat Palak Paneer

Gits Ready Meals Palak Paneer

Chokhi Dhani Ready To Eat Palak Paneer

How We Picked Our Brands

Our main method of choosing the brands that we include in our competitive reviews is quite simple; we often tend to go for brands that have specialized in the field of the product’s category. For example, since palak paneer is a traditional Indian recipe, our priority was to look for the highly-trusted brands that provide their customers with high-quality Indian meals, some names such as Haldiram’s and MTR might be known to you as well. Not only that, but these brands are also popular for their ready-to-eat range of instant meals.

The ready to eat market is growing in India, with new variants, dishes launched every day. We were looking for specific brands that offer a palak and paneer combination – not palak or paneer alone, or along with another ingredient. In our review, we tried to pick as many brands commonly available that are doing the pala+paneer combo.

Who Is It For?

Palak Paneer is a traditional Indian recipe that is made using chunks of paneer cooked in a thick paste of spinach with lots of spices, and it is needless to say that this delicacy is enjoyed by all. This review is for finding the best tasting instant/ ready-to-eat meal that is also easy to heat and serve.

Our Top Pick may not reflect the best palak-paneer you have ever tasted, and is nowhere in competition to the homemade palak paneer your mother makes! But if you are someone who lives and works away from home, as a large chunk of young Indian citizens now do, and crave for a taste of something closer to home, you may want to try our Top Pick.

Tasting – Our Parameters

The whole experience of eating a meal employs several different factors that affect its taste and texture (two of the most common parameters for every competitive taste test). These factors are often regarded as the parameters upon which we judged each brand, and then we compare them to find our top pick. Here are a few sets of parameters upon which we based our test:

  • Paneer Chucks Size And Quantity: Paneer is the main ingredient that defines palak paneer. Thus, the number of paneer chucks and their size affect the authenticity in the recipe’s taste.
  • The Spinach Paste: Apart from paneer, the other central component is the paste in which the cottage cheese chunks are cooked. But, the paste is not only made of spinach, but it also contains a mix of different spices that blend to bring out the overall taste of the dish.

The Result For Our Taste Test

Based on our taste test, Haldiram’s Minute Khana Palak Paneer turned out to be the most tasteful mix of spices, and is indeed our Top Pick for its flavorful experience. When it comes to instant meals, you cannot expect maximum taste or quality, and as for Haldiram’s product, it was satisfactory in both of these parameters.

We all love paneer, but did you know how much protein is there in paneer?

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