Haldiram’s Street Style Pani Puri: #FirstImpressions

Haldiram’s Street Style Pani Puri: #FirstImpressions

Haldiram’s Street Style Pani Puri tries to bring that fun market-style experience to the consumer’s home. Check out our first impression and see if it succeeds in doing so.

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Every once in a while, you’ll find yourself craving for a delicious plate of Pani Puri, but, sometimes the weather may not allow you to step outside, or the doctors may suggest that you avoid eating out! As much as we love eating puchkas, gol guppas, batashas or pani puris, water used at an unhygienic stall/kiosk may not always suit every tummy. So what do you do, other than looking for a cleaner place, of course? Opt for a DIY Pani Puri kit like the one we checked out this time for our #Firstimpressions series. This Street Style Pani Puri box by Haldiram’s is quite apt for days, or nights when for any reason a plate of freshly made puchkas isn’t available. But does it match up to the fun and flavors of eating from a street-side stall? We find out.


Quick Facts About Street Style Pani Puri box by Haldiram’s


  1. The 360gm packet contains 30 puris/puchkas.
  2. The puchkas are made of semolina and whole wheat flour – taste and appearance like atta puchkas.
  3. The kit comes with a sachet of pani puri masala. This is a mint and coriander paste that you need to add to water.
  4. There is also a Sweet Spiced Mango Sauce to make the pani puri.
  5. The kit does not contain boiled potatoes or chickpeas.
  6. The product is made in the facility that processes food containing peanuts, milk, and wheat, so people who are allergic to these items must take precautions.


Instructions: Empty the pani puri masala sachet in a jug and add water as per instructions on the pack. Add soaked boondi, and the ‘pani’ is ready. Create a mix of boiled potatoes, chickpeas and fresh coriander to use as stuffing in the ‘puris’.


Haldirams Ready To Eat – Panipuri, 360 g

The best street-style pani puri in the comfort of your home.


#FirstImpressions Of Haldiram’s Street Style Pani Puri

Pani Puri is best enjoyed when eaten along with friends and family! Isn’t that half the fun of eating this spicey & tangy street- food? We recreated this as much possible at our review lab, by inviting young and older people to join us for the tasting.

We put together a plate of boiled and chopped potatoes, boiled chickpeas and some fresh coriander, and followed the rest of the instructions given on the pack.

Flavour-wise, the pani-puri paste, and sweet mango chutney are very flavourful. We noticed that chilled water for the pani puri makes it taste even better. Our only concern was just how brittle the puckhas/puris were. Most of the puris were so thin that they would break easily, making them leak upon adding the pani. That is is also why some of these were already broken upon opening the pack. A good puri is one that also has a clear top and bottom side. The thicker side is meant to be on the bottom and can withstand the weight of the filling and water. The thinner side is on top and allows for easy breaking so you can add a little stuffing, dunk it in the pani and gobble it up. In the puris here, we found this distinction missing.

Once this issue is fixed, this DIY Kit can be great for involving everyone in the pani-puri party! Arrange it on a large table, and invite people over to customize their own! It can be a great picnic activity too.

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