Trusted Packaged Food Brands in India - (Apr 2024)
packaged food brands

Trusted Packaged Food Brands in India (Apr 2024)

These are the reliable Packaged Food Brands in India producing different products for daily use. They are safe for long term consumption and do not cause side effects in the body. Moreover, you can buy these products online or from any local grocery store. They are also easy to store in the home, office, or restaurant.

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Nowadays, working women, students, and the young generation prefer eating packaged foods. These foods take no time to prepare. Apart from that, they are also healthy and tasty. One can carry packaged foods while going on business trips and picnics. For the last few years, the demand for ready-to-eat foods is increasing in India. Many companies introduce tasty and delicious packaged food items for daily consumption. When it comes to packaged foods, Indian people trust certain Packaged Food Brands in India.

These brands manufacture a variety of snacks and Namkeen Items for food lovers. Within a short time, these foods have become popular among people.

  1. Best Biscuit- Parle Hide & Seek
  2. Best Potato Wafer- Lay’s
  3. High Protein Snack- Too Yumm
  4. Best Frozen Snack- McCain Smiles

List of Best Packaged Food India

Check out this list that’ll help you make some good choices.

1. Parle

The list starts with the most famous brand in India, Parle. Established in the year 1929, Parle is one of the trusted Food Brands in India for many decades. It manufactures about 7% of biscuits of the total biscuit production in the globe. As per the statistics, the company has increased its biscuit production in the year 2020. The latest studies show that Parle is the largest biscuit selling brand of the globe. Some of the most popular products of Parle are Parle-G, Hide & Seek, Monaco, and so on.

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Hide & Seek biscuits

Product Features

  • Decadent chocolate flavor
  • Commendable crunch
  • Loaded with choco chips

2. Lay’s

Lay’s is one of the most selling Packed Food Items in India. It is manufactured by PepsiCo. You can get these potato chips in any local grocery store or online apps. Lays are available in various flavors. There is another popular product of the PepsiCo brand. It is Uncle Chipps made from fresh potatoes.

lays wafer style tangy treat packaging
Lays Wafer Style

Product Features

  • Unique flavors
  • Bold crunch
  • Pocket-friendly

3. Balaji

You can get Balaji chips at any grocery store in India. Balaji is among the top Packaged Food Companies manufacturing wafer and namkeens. Founded by Virani Brothers, Balaji has headquarters in Rajkot, Gujarat. The company also sells its products in international markets.The taste of Balaji wafers is unique. Apart from that, they contain less oil and are beneficial for health. It also manufactures fryums with wheel shape, Wheels. These fryums are very famous among kids.

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Potato Chips Brands In India - Everything You Need To Know
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Product Details

  • Well-seasoned
  • Fresh and crisp
  • Attractive packing

4. Too Yum, RPG group

Calcutta-based conglomerate, RPG group is on the list of Top 10 Food Companies in India. The headquarters of the company is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. RPG group has several businesses such as FMCG products, IT, CEAT tires, and infrastructure.

One of the most popular products of the RPG Group is Too Yumm. The company manufactures various Indian Food Products such as potato stix, rings, and baked stix, and so on. You can check the official site of the company for more information about products, flavors, and so on.

too yumm karare variants we reviewed
The packaging of both the reviewed variants of Too Yumm Karare.

Product Details

  • Baked snacks
  • Commendable crunch
  • Interesting flavors

5. McCain 

McCain is one of the best-Packaged Food Brands in India manufacturing various frozen foods. It makes many Indian Packaged Snacks that you can store for a long time in the refrigerator. You can buy McCain products from any mall or store.It makes different snack items such as Smiles, French fries, Aloo Tikki, and Cheesy bites. These snack items taste better when served with tea, coffee, and other beverages. Established in Canada, McCain is the largest producer of frozen food items of potatoes. It has a turnover of more than $6.8 billion yearly.

mccain emotibites packaging
An attractive blue and red pack holds the Emotibites.

Product Details

  • Fresh flavors
  • Balanced seasoning
  • Crisp bite
  • Decently priced

6. Haldiram’s

Haldiram is one of the most popular Namkeen Brands in India. It makes a wide range of namkeen products with different flavors. Apart from namkeen, Haldiram’s also makes a variety of sweets and snacks. It sells different types of tasty beverages and milk products for festivals and special occasions.

Some of the famous snacks of this brand are Bhakarwadi, Haldiram Wafers, namkeen, Aloo Bhujia, and so on. The long Haldiram Products List will confuse one while selecting the products. Moreover, this brand sells Best Namkeen in India at affordable prices.

the packaging of haldiram’s chutney sev
Haldiram's Chutney Sev comes in a green color pack.

Product Details

  • Firm yet soft bite
  • Addictive flavor
  • Lingering aroma

7. ITC Limited

Every Indian watches the famous ad of Bingo mad angles daily on TV. Bingo is one of the highest-selling Food Products in India manufactured by ITC Limited. Formed in the year 1910, ITC Limited is one of the most reputable Packaged Food Brands in India.

ITC Limited has various businesses such as consumer goods, specialty papers, and apparel, and so on. The company manufactures foods such as Sunfeast, B Natural, GumOn, Sunbean, and so on. Furthermore, it manufactures different dairy products, confectionery items, and meals.

ITC MasterChef Pizza Pocket
ITC MasterChef Pizza Pocket

Product Details

  • Crisp outer cover
  • Well-seasoned filling
  • Convenient preparation

8. Kissan

Kissan has a special relation with jams and sauces. Almost every home in India uses Kissan jams and sauces with sandwiches, burgers, and wafers. Formed in the year 1934, Kissan is one of the top Ready to Eat Food Brands with a huge turnover. It started as a brand of veggies and fruits.

The company sells its products in small and large packets. You can consume different snacks with Kissan jams and sauces. It also uses natural ingredients in making jams and sauces. They remain fresh and tasty for a long time.

kissan peanut butter creamy
This PB comes in a PET jar.

Product Details

  • Bold taste of roasted peanuts
  • Balanced salt and sugar
  • Smooth and spreadable

9. Britannia

The next on the list is Britannia. It is one of the leading Snacks Brands in India, making a variety of snacks. You can get a wide range of snacks from Britannia in India such as cakes, bread, and cheese, and so on.

Britannia Industries Limited is one of the reputable Snacks Manufacturing Companies in India formed in 1892. It makes many snacks that you can eat anytime. Moreover, this company earns a yearly revenue of $1.5 billion. Britannia sells the products to 60 and more countries around the globe.

britannia biscafe outer packing
It was packed in a light brown pack.

Product Details

  • Beautiful bute
  • Bold coffee flavor
  • Balanced sweetness

10. MTR

MTR is one of the profitable Packaged Food Brands in India making various packaged foods. It was formed in the year 1924 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. This company manufactures spices, snacks, ready-to-eat food items, and breakfast items. It earns a yearly income of more than INR 800 crore.

This company also makes many Indian masalas for daily cooking. It manufactures a wide range of South Indian snacks such as Benne Murukku and Khara Boondi. You can prepare many Indian dishes with packaged foods of MTR. It sells natural and vegetarian foods.

packaging of mtr dhokla mix
The khaman dhokla is packed in a non-resealable pouch.

Product Details

  • Well-seasoned
  • Full marks on convenience
  • Clear and detailed instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have answered a few interesting FAQs about the popular packaged food brands in India.

Listing down a few popular food brands in India.




ITC Limited


Depending on the food product and its types, packaging varies. Different kind of packaging used are bags, boxes, cans, trays, cartons and wrappers.

In this article, we jotted down the top food companies in India and they are:

  • Parle
  • Lay’s
  • Balaji
  • Too Yumm
  • McCain
  • Haldiram’s
  • ITC Limited
  • Kissan
  • Britannia
  • MTR

Namkeens and Chips are the most sold packaged food product in India.

Usually, packaged food contains a lot of additives, artificial flavor, coloring, added sugar, MSG, and others.

Final Words

India is increasing its production of packaged foods due to increased demand in local and international markets. This is the list of Food Brands in India that rule in Indian as well as foreign markets. Some of our recommendations for packaged food brands and products include Parle Hide & Seek, Balaji Stax, Too Yumm Foxnuts, and McCain Emotibites.

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