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Most Authentic Ready-To-Eat Dal Makhani – Mishry Reviews

We recently brought to our review lab 8 brands of Ready To Eat Dal Makhani with the single aim of finding the most authentic tasting, delicious Dal Makhani.

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Who doesn’t love Dal Makhani! Dal Makhani is amongst the first vegetarian dishes spoken about when Indian cuisine is discussed. We recently brought to our review lab 8 brands of Ready To Eat Dal Makhani with the single aim of finding the most authentic tasting, delicious Dal Makhani. After day-long tastings, we can tell you that Kitchens of India’s Dal Makhani got the top spot in our Most Authentic Ready-To-Eat Dal Makhani Review.


Mishry Top Pick: Most Authentic Ready-To-Eat Dal Makhani


ITC Kitchens Of India Dal Makhani (Ready-To-Eat)


Kitchens of India, Daily Treat, Dal Makhani, 285g

Kitchens of India’s Ready-To-Eat Dal Makhani was picked as our Top Pick because it tasted as close to freshly made, restaurant-style Dal Makhani. In addition to a creamy consistency, this was the best tasting Dal Makhani amongst all the brands we tasted.

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Why Kitchen’s Of India’s Dal Makhani Is Our Top Pick:

The Dal Makhani by Kitchens of India has a fresh, inviting aroma. It is one of the first things you notice about the product upon opening.

Once heated, the Dal Makhani looks appealing, with the perfect brown/reddish color and creamy consistency.

The dish contains a good number of rajma (red kidney beans) that add to the overall bite and texture.

The balance of flavors is what made the product stand out in our taste-test. It’s not overtly spicey or loaded with masalas. (Some of the others were). Over here, you can taste the urad dal, the rajma, and the creamy, tangy sauce.

Everything compliments each other. Overall, this tasted closest to what authentic Dal Makhani should taste like.
It is rich, creamy and where the signature flavor of urad dal and rajma comes through without being overpowered by ginger and garlic.

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Our Review Process:

Dal Makhani is a dish we often prepare for special occasions. The Ready-To-Eat options now available comes from some very popular, legacy brands such as Haldiram, Sitaram Diwanchand, Gits, Kitchens of India and brand Kohinoor. We were looking for the one that tastes closest to what restaurant-style dal makhani tastes like – creamy, rich and delicious.

The Brands We Picked


Kohinoor Express Eats Dal Makhani (Buy now On Amazon)

ITC Kitchens Of India Dal Makhani (Buy Now On Amazon)

Haldiram’s Dilli Style Dal Makhani

MTR Dal Makhani (Buy Now On Amazon)

Sitaram Dal Makhani

Gits Dal Makhani

Bikano Dal Makhani (Buy Now On Amazon)

Chokhi Dhani Dal Makhani

ITC Kitchens of India Dal Makhani

How We Picked Our Brands


There is no doubt in the fact that the brands that we have mentioned are well-known.

The other factor that we stressed upon for our picks is the price range of the product, for as any other competitive review goes, the elimination of economic factors often increases the precision and efficiency of the taste test. Thus by picking up products from the same price range, we solely focused on the taste of each of these products. 


Who Is This For? 


It is hard for us to pin-point a particular demographic when it comes to Dal Makhani, for it is a delicacy that is enjoyed and liked by all. On the other hand, its ready-to-eat characteristic gives it a completely different purpose. It makes it more convenient, as it requires practically no time for its preparation. So, in a nutshell, it can be said that this review is for people who tend to have a busy schedule and are looking for an occasional restaurant-style meal that is flavorful and filling. The same could be stated for college-students who are looking for a homely taste along with that not-so-round chapati. 


Our Review Process


The review process of ready-to-eat products typically consists of the steps given at the back of the packaging. Each of these steps takes just a few minutes, but in the end, you’ll get that same hot bowl of seasoned dal.

Let’s take a look at the methods that can be used to prepare this dal:


Method 1


The first method can also be considered as the traditional preparation method for ready-to-eat delicacy. This method involves the cutting of the pouch, pouring it in a fry-pan. And then constantly stirring it for 3-5 minutes. 


Method 2


The second method might be more convenient and less time consuming as compared to the first one. This method involves the cutting of the pouch, pouring its contents into a bowl, and heating it in a microwave. This method requires about 1-2 minutes. 


Method 3


The third method, which we decided to exclude from our review process, also involves the heating of the content inside the pouch, but it doesn’t involve the cutting of the pouch itself. Instead, you place the pouch inside a saucepan filled with water and then heat it by placing the saucepan over a gas stove. 


Result Of Our Review Process


Our main aim for this review was to find the one ready-to-eat product that tastes closest to authentic dal makhani, with a buttery, creamy feel along with an adequate amount of lentils (Urad Dal). Though most of them had a significant volume of lentils, they lost out on seasoning, a factor that made them taste like something completely different. ITC’s Kitchens of India appeared to have that creamy, buttery, and thick consistency associated with dal makhani, along with being delicious. In addition to that, it also has a good amount of red kidney beans that further enhances the taste of the product.


Kitchens of India, Daily Treat, Dal Makhani, 285g

Kitchens of India’s ready-to-eat dal makhani turned out to be our top pick due to its lumpy, thick consistency, and buttery taste.

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