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Cooking was once a rather time taking, household chore. But nowadays, Kitchen Appliances have transferred half of the work such as mixing, grinding, and cutting, off from our hands, reducing the time and effort that goes into it. However, having to look through an entire catalogue of options when it comes to buying these appliances from the store for your kitchen can be exhausting in itself, and we are here to help you with our detailed reviews of appliances you need.

Triple-tested and out with flying colors! Havells (Top Pick) and Orpat (Economical Pick) have been chosen as the best entry-level hand blenders in India (Between 250-300W).

Here’s a quick view at the 10 best 4 slice toasters available in India. This buying guide discusses each brand in detail.

The three C’s of this Mini Waffle Maker from Amazon – Cute, Compact, Cheap. This waffle iron under 1K should be your next purchase. Here’s why.

Mishry reviewed three variants of Yu Foodlabs Oats Bowls and recommends them for the clean and detailed nutrition labels, effortless preparation, and remarkable taste, and consistency.

We tested Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven in our review kitchen over several weeks. Details on design, features, installation and more.