10 Best 4 Slice Toasters in India - Mishry (May 2024)
best 4 slice toaster in india

10 Best 4 Slice Toasters In India – Mishry (May 2024)

Here’s a quick view at the 10 best 4 slice toasters available in India. This buying guide discusses each brand in detail.

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Today people have multiple tasks to perform and are pressed for time. Hence, they prefer buying kitchen appliances that are easy to use and get the job done without any hassles. A toasted slice of bread with an omelet is a common and quick fix for your morning breakfast. If you are having a hard time toasting bread, a toaster is a solution to all your problems. They get you perfectly toasted slices of bread with minimum effort. All you need to do is pop in the bread and a crisp toasted bread is ready in minutes. 4 slice toasters is extremely handy and compact in size, allowing you to cook four slices of bread at a time. Overwhelmed by the best 4 slice toasters in the market? 

Do not worry, we got you covered on this. Our article below discusses the top 10 brands offering 4 slice toasters in India that are worth a purchase. 

1. Best 4 Slice Toaster With Easy Lifting Of Bread: Krups KH734D50 4-Slice Toaster

2. Best 4 Slice Toaster Supporting Quick Maintenance: Cuisinart CPT-640 4-Slice Metal Toaster

3. Best 4 Slice Toaster With Convenient Cord Storage: Borosil Krispy 4 Slice Pop-Up Toaster

4. Best 4 Slice Toaster With Extra Wide Slots: iBELL 2-in-1 Bread Toaster

List of Best Rated 4 Slice Toasters in India

When we buy any kitchen appliance, the sole purpose is to ease the entire cooking process. Since it is an everyday use appliance, getting the best one is crucial. To help you buy the best, we have listed the top 10 brands selling 4 slice toasters online. 

1. Krups KH734D50 4-Slice Toaster

This toaster is equipped with four different functions, including – cancel, defrost, reheat and bagel. All these functions are easy to use. You can choose among the six different browning settings to get the desired results as per your needs. It has a high lift lever that makes the process of removing bread easy and comfortable. 

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Krups KH734D50 4-Slice Toaster
Krups 4-Slice Toaster

Product Features: 

  • Elegant looking chrome stainless steel finish. 
  • Features blue LED indicators. 
  • It has 6 browning settings.
  • It has a high lever option for easy removal of bread slices. 
  • Removable crumb tray. 

Here are a few things that you must know before buying a sandwich maker.

2. Cuisinart CPT-640 4-Slice Metal Toaster

A sleek looking 4 slice toaster that offers multiple toasting functions. From toasting to defrosting, it will meet all of your toasting needs. You can customize the browning settings depending on how crisp and crunchy you want your slice of bread. It is equipped with a removable crumb tray that collects all the crumbs of bread and enables an easy cleaning process. This toaster is a combination of a stylish look and excellent performance. 

Cuisinart CPT-640 4-Slice Metal Toaster
Cuisinart 4-Slice Metal Toaster

Product Features: 

  • Dual independent toasting controls. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 
  • 1.5 inch wide slots. 
  • Cord wrap option 
  • Modern and sleek design. 

3. Borosil Krispy 4 Slice Pop-Up Toaster

With a power of 1500 watts, this pop-up toaster delivers quick and instant performance. The base of this toaster is stable and will not skid while in operation. It features seven temperature control settings and dual bread guides that result in perfect browning results. Additionally, it comes with a cord winder at the bottom that allows for easy storage. 

Borosil Krispy 4 Slice Pop-Up Toaster
Borosil 4 Slice Pop-Up Toaster

Product Features:

  • Easy to store. 
  • Equipped with 1500 watts of high power. 
  • Anti-skid base. 
  • Comfortable removal of bread. 

4. iBELL 2-in-1 Bread Toaster

This toaster from iBell has a stainless steel finish that not only looks elegant but is highly durable. In addition to toasting, you can also use it for defrosting frozen items before toasting. The 1300 watt heating element is sure to result in even and consistent results. It features extra wide toaster slots which can be used for toasting pastries, waffles and bagels. 

iBELL 2-in-1 Bread Toaster
iBELL Bread Toaster

Product Features: 

  • Extra-lift function. 
  • Removable crumb tray.
  • 7 adjustable browning settings. 
  • Compact design 
  • Wide toasting slots. 

5. Morphy Richards at 402 Pop-Up Toaster

Looking for a quick way to toast 4 slices of bread? Then Morphy Richards pop-up toaster will make for a valuable addition. This 4-slice toaster offers a bread centering guide that delivers uniform browning results. The variable browning feature provides different options to get the desired toasting result. It has a powerful motor of 1450 watts. 

Morphy Richards at 402 Pop-Up Toaster
Morphy Richards Pop-Up Toaster

Product Features: 

  • Bread centering guide. 
  • Anti-slip feet. 
  • Quick toasting. 
  • Compact design 
  • Uniform browning results. 

6. Haden Perth Sage 4 Slice Toaster

It is a stainless steel 4 slice toaster that features an eye-catching design. The crumb tray collects all the crumbs of bread while toasting and does not lead to any mess. The reheat function reheats the bread without burning them. Whereas the defrost function can easily toast even refrigerated slices of bread. 

Haden Perth Sage 4 Slice Toaster
Haden Perth Sage 4 Slice Toaster

Product Features: 

  • Big toasting slots. 
  • Dual control panels. 
  • Hassle-free cleaning. 
  • 6 browning options. 

7. AGARO Grand Stainless Steel 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster

This 4 slice pop-up toaster pops up automatically, once the bread has been toasted. It has a brushed stainless steel body which is light in weight and will last you for years. The crumb tray at the bottom collects all the bread crumbs during toasting and is easy to slide out. It comes with 7 setting modes wherein settings 1 to 2 are ideal for light toasting, settings 3 to 4 are perfect for medium toasting, and settings 5 to 7 are meant for dark toasting. 

AGARO Grand Stainless Steel 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster
AGARO 4 Slice Pop Up Toaster

Product Features: 

  • Multiple toasting functions. 
  • Elegant and lightweight design. 
  • Extra-high lift lever. 
  • Defrost, reheat and cancel option. 

8. BLACK+DECKER BXTO0401IN 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster

With all-metal construction, this toaster is a one-stop solution for all your toasting needs. All the crumbs released, while toasting will get collected at the bottom tray. The good thing is that this tray is removable, so cleaning becomes convenient. Not only regular slices of bread, but you can also use it for toasting thick sandwich bread. What’s more? It has a power of 2330 watts and features six different heat settings. 

BLACK+DECKER BXTO0401IN 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster
BLACK+DECKER 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster

Product Features: 

  • It is equipped with a powerful 2330 watts. 
  • Features a high-quality stainless steel insulated body. 
  • Wide slots and metal construction. 
  • Has variable browning settings. 

9. Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Automatic Pop-up Toaster

Russell Hobbs automatic 4 slice pop-up toaster is the perfect way to get toasted slices of bread without effort. The premium steel outer body makes cleaning a hassle-free task. It comes with two individual crumb trays at the bottom that are easy to pull out and refit. You can also use this toaster for slicing two slices of bread. 

Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Automatic Pop-up Toaster
Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Automatic Pop-up Toaster

Product Features: 

  • Features two separate removable crumb trays. 
  • Also works as a two-slice toaster. 
  • Has 7 heat settings and bread centering function. 
  • Results in even browning.

10. BOSS 4 Slice Automatic Pop-up Toaster

This 4 slice automatic toaster is designed with wide slots and features an automatic cut-off function. You can use this toaster for toasting slices of bread with multiple thicknesses. It allows you to brown your bread per your requirements and needs. However, if you wish to cancel the toasting process in between you can do so with the cancel button.

BOSS 4 Slice Automatic Pop-up Toaster
BOSS 4 Slice Automatic Pop-up Toaster

Product Features: 

  • User-friendly operation. 
  • Automatic cut-off function
  • Dual bread provides perfect and even browning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best 4 Slice Toasters In India

Some of the best brands to buy 4 slice toasters include – Black + Decker, Agaro, Haden, Morphy Richards, and iBELL.

Ideally, a 4 slice toaster should last you for 5 to 7 years.

Any toaster, if purchased from a verified seller, is safe to use. Always ensure that the website you are buying from has verified the seller.

These toasters consume electricity ranging between 1300 to 2300 watts.

An advantage of having 4 slice toasters is that it gets you 4 perfectly browned slices of bread at once. If you have a large-sized family, a 4 slice toaster is a convenient way to get multiple slices in minutes.

Final Words

Ease the process of getting perfectly toasted bread with these 4 slice toasters. When buying any 4 slice toasters, you need to understand your requirements and needs. It will help you better select the best option from the above list. 

Especially if you have a large family, investing in a 4 slice toaster will make for a valuable addition. These toasters are perfect for those who require quick toasted bread for their morning breakfast. If you plan to buy a new 4 slice toaster, we recommend you consider having a look at the top 10 best brands. 

Here we have our top picks from the above list : Krups KH734D50 4-Slice Toaster, Cuisinart CPT-640 4-Slice Metal Toaster, Borosil Krispy 4 Slice Pop-Up Toaster and iBELL 2-in-1 Bread Toaster.

Without any second thoughts, go on and explore the above list.

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