Electric Instant Popcorn Maker Machine Review
electric instant popcorn maker review

Instant Popcorn Maker Machine Review – Not Recommended

Quick and low-cal, this electric popcorn maker machine is easy to use but falls back in the overall convenience it offers.

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Mishry Rating

Ease Of Use
3 / 5
2 / 5


Mishry does not recommend this electric instant popcorn maker machine. While it does allow for oil-free preparation, we did not like how messy our kitchen space turned and the waste it led to.

Movie marathon? Game night? This calls for a big bowl of popcorn!

But popcorn can make for a great snack only when its fresh and crisp. And what better way that to pop a fresh batch? Mishry ordered this fun-looking appliance from Amazon that claims to pop corn WITHOUT any oil in a couple of minutes. In our Vinsh Enterprise Electric Popcorn maker machine review, we highlight all key aspects like its construction, cleaning, maintenance, and whether or not this is an alternative to traditional popping methods. 

Electric Instant Popcorn Maker Machine – Quick Glance

Key details about the electric popcorn maker are discussed in the following table.

Electric Instant Popcorn Maker Machine Product Details
Price Rs 2999/-
Capacity 60 grams (one measuring cup)
Buy Now On Amazon
Mishry Rating 2.5
popcorn maker packing
It was packed in a regular carton.

Our Review Factors

Convenience, effortless functionality, easy cleaning and maintenance were the prime focus of our electric popcorn maker machine.

1. Ease of Use

How long does it take to set up this appliance? Is it beginner-friendly? What about the operation? How many buttons does this have? 

2. Design

From adding the unpopped kernels to serving the popcorn, how convenient is the construction?

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Does the lid fit the jar well or was it wobbly?

3. Other Parameters


Considering the capacity and overall quality, is this appliance worth the purchase?


Are the components wrapped individually? Or does the appliance come assembled?


Steel, aluminium, plastic, or glass- is the popcorn maker made of one material or has a combination been used?

Electric Instant Popcorn Maker Machine – Detailed Review

Price & Packaging

This electric instant popcorn maker is priced at Rs 2999/-. It comes with the main popping machine, a lid, and a measuring cup. Power consumption of 1200 watts, three-minute preparation, and no oil required are mentioned on the carton. 

We bought this at a lower price (Rs 1,580) as it was available on an offer.


This appliance is quite heavy to lift. The lid, measuring cup, and outer body seem to be made of plastic, whereas the inner cavity is aluminum. 

Though aluminium dissipates heat faster than stainless steel and allows for quicker cooking overall, it is a soft metal and may leech into food.

cord and contents of popcorn maker
The three-pin cord had a decent length and this appliance came with a measuring cup and lid.

How we made it?

We added one leveled measuring cup of unpopped corn (approximately 60 grams) to the popcorn maker without any salt or oil.

It is crucial to add unflavored corn WITHOUT oil and without salt as the salt will burn, leaving an undesirable odor.

This also means ready-to-use popcorn packs that are flavored or soaked in fat CANNOT be popped in the electric popcorn maker.

Once switched on, the appliance created a loud whirring noise. The corn kernels were spinning and within 2-3 minutes, they started popping one by one. This appliance has no auto-shut feature which means it cannot be left unattended until turned off. 

One commendable aspect was that no corn was left unpopped which meant no manual removal was needed.

That said, once popped, the kernels just topple out of the wide-mouthed lid. This was quite messy and resulted in some waste.

In our experience, the popping starts after almost 75 seconds and is done in the following 75 seconds.

Moreover, a cool-down period has to be allowed between batches. This is because the lid and the machine get too hot.

A thumbs down was that this does not come with any manual or instruction booklet.

popcorn maker base and construction
Though this was quite heavy to carry, the base was sturdy.

Ease of Use

This appliance was fairly easy to use, despite the lack of a manual. It has one power button and a 24-inch wire with a three-pin plug.


The popcorn maker is fairly compact but heavy. It has a solid base with three anti-skid base knobs. The lid fits the main popping unit quite well. 

PS- popcorn gets the crunch when steam/moisture escapes properly. 

The steam vents of this appliance allow for this, and hence, results in crunchy popcorn.

This particular popcorn maker (model/make) is available through multiple sellers, under different brand names.

popcorn maker capacity
The yellow measuring cup holds approximately 60 grams of unpopped corn which is ideal for one batch.
Ease of Use- 3/5
Design- 2/5
  • This consumes low power.
  • It allows for oil-free preparation.
  • The majority of corn kernels were popped.
  • It is fairly easy to use.
  • The base is sturdy.
  • It comes with a measuring cup.
  • There is no instruction manual.
  • This is a messy method, there is some wastage.
  • The motor generates too much noise.
  • It needs to be cooled after each use.
  • Cleaning the popping unit is a task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on electric popcorn maker machine

Once the appliance has cooled down, wipe the inner surface with a soft cloth.

No, this is only meant for popping corn.

No, the power supply needs to be cut off manually.

It is 24 inches which is a fairly decent lenght.

No, you must not add any butter or oil to the popcorn maker.

Final Words

Mishry does not recommend this electric instant popcorn maker. While the oil-free preparation is a plus, this appliance is quite a hassle to work with. Moreover, cleaning it is another challenge that brings down the overall convenience.

Butter salted, caramel, cheese, or a mix- what’s your pick?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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