Sunflame Manual Single Burner Gas Stove Review - Mishry
sunflame single burner gas stove review

Sunflame Manual Single Burner Gas Stove Review – Mishry

Sunflame’s Manual Single Burner Gas Stove is a good looking, space-saving addition to your small kitchen.

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Mishry Rating

Design + Features
4 / 5
Usability + Maintainence
4 / 5


A gorgeous looking single-burner toughened glass gas stove by Sunflame that is perfect for small kitchens and office pantries. Details on design and ease of use inside.

Who is this review for? If you live alone and require a single burner for everyday cooking or something that doesn’t take up a lot of space in your office chai-nook, this review could help you buy better. 

We tested the Sunflame Manual Single Burner Gas Stove in our review lab for over 30 days. After cooking more than 15 dishes using 11 different pots and pans, here is our detailed Sunflame manual single burner gas stove review. Should you buy this?

We keep on using the pots, pans and appliances even after the official review process is over. In case there is any development, we update our review with new insights.

All the information you need to know about the Sunflame Manual Single Burner Gas Stove. 


Sunflame Gas Stove Glass Top Product Information
Price Rs 2825/-
Model Single Burner DX BK
Warranty 2 years
Item Dimensions 24 x 27 x 9 Centimeters
Mishry Rating 4
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Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? A high quality, durable gas stove with easy knob function and even distribution of heat. The gas surface, grill and burner should be easy to clean and maintain as well. 

Here are the factors we reviewed the Sunflame manual single burner gas stove on – 

1. Design 

Material – Material of the stove top, burner, knob and the pan support/trivets were checked.

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Legs – Are the legs anti-skid or does the stove slide here and there while cooking?

2. Ease Of Usage 

Even heat distribution and pan support/stability of the pan while cooking are two major factors we considered under this category. 

3. Ease Of Cleaning 

A clean gas stove is extremely important. Which is why we checked how easy the gas stove is to clean – the glass top, burner, drip tray and the trivets (pan support).

4. Other Factors

These aren’t deciding factors, but sure help contribute elevate the overall experience –

  • Packaging – Considering that this was ordered online, how did we receive the package? Was it packed securely? Any breakage or missing parts?
  • Warranty – A warranty on product parts or just manufacturing defects?
  • Price – Priced competitively?

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Sunflame Manual Single Burner Gas Stove – Detailed Review


 The burner arrived in a rectangular carton. There is support from pieces of thermocol on top (for burner) and both sides. Everything is placed in a plastic bag before being arranged in the outer carton. Inside the box there is an instruction booklet. The pack does not include a LPG pipe, regulator or a cylinder.

The instruction booklet mentioned that all utensils placed on the burner should be slightly bigger for quick and uniform cooking. 

Sturdy and secure packaging.

Dimensions + Weight

  • Weight of the ring – 205 g
  • Weight of the burner – 255 g
  • Length – 11.2 inches/28.5 cms
  • Width – 10.5 inches/27 cms
  • Height (with legs) – 3 inches
  • Diameter of the ring – 8 inches (approx)
  • Diameter of the burner – 4 inches (approx)

Appearance + Features

  • The gas inlet is positioned at the right side (right corner).
  • This has a soft, manual ignition.
  • A medium-sized brass burner. It is removable. 
  • Light weight pan support (trivet).
  • The cook top stands on small legs made out of rubber which are anti-skid.
  • The base is coated with aluminum and is black in color. 
  • Top is made of 6mm toughened glass which is scratch resistant.
  • Powder coated heavy duty rings.
  • Color – Black powder coated.
closer look at the parts of the sunflame gas stove
Closer look at the different parts of the Sunflame burner.
sunflame gas stove mechanism
Sunflame's stove has the gas inlet on the lower right corner.

How did we test this burner? 

Just like a regular home or office kitchen we used this everyday for multiple dishes including making tea, coffee and re-heating food. We used a wide range of utensils (small and big) to check for heat distribution and stability on the pan support. 

The dishes we made on this burner include – dosas, stir fried vegetables, tea, coffee, khichdi, heating everyday gravies, aloo chorchori (for Dabur oil review), steamed rice (for Baidyanath ghee), and for deep frying multiple frozen snacks.

The utensils used – 6 different non-stick dosa tawas, Solimo’s triply saucepan and non-stick frypan, Cusinchef pressure cooker, frying pan by Wonderchef, and Bergner’s stainless steel kadai.

testing the sunflame gas stove
We tested the gas stove for multiple recipes, using multiple pots and pans.

Our Experience

While cooking we checked how evenly and rapidly the dishes cook. Different heat levels were used. We could maneuver the heat level as per the requirement. Throughout our testing we noticed that the food cooks evenly and rapidly. We have no issues with the type of flame and heat distribution. 

Our Observation

After more than a month of testing, we noticed that the trivets started turning whitish. We used a mild dishwashing liquid and water to clean it up, but it only faded and not erased completely. The burner also has some brown marks which don’t fade off. The trivet supports all the pans and pots we cooked in and they do not wobble. Cleaning the glass top is easy everyday, and only requires a wet cloth wipe. For weekly stove top cleaning, you can use a cleaning liquid and a non-abrasive pad.

after use trivet and burner
After using the gas stove for over 30 days the trivet edges started to turn whitish and the burner has a brown mark which does not fade.

Is this fuel efficient? Another important thing we noticed is that the flame is blue. As per our research, blue flame indicates complete combustion, i.e, efficient fuel usage while cooking.

Design + Features - 4/5
Usability + Maintenance - 4/5
  • The toughened glass top is beautiful to look at and is easy to clean.
  • The size of the burner is appropriate.
  • Even heat distribution which led to evenly cooked dishes. Thumbs up.
  • This is fuel efficient. The blue flame is an indicator.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Single knob is easy to use.
  • Rubber legs provide an anti-skid base.

Small kitchen space? Living alone? Need a cooktop for an office pantry? The single burner gas stove by Sunflame is fuel efficient and looks good on your kitchen counter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Sunflame manual single burner gas stove.

This single burner stove top is priced at Rs 2825/-.

No. This has a non-magnetic coating. 

As per our research and experience, this is a fuel efficient stove top. The blue flame is a clear indicator. 

No. They are not included. You can order them via your gas service provider.

This gas stove has a single medium-big sized brass burner.

To Conclude

Enhance your kitchen space easily with a good-looking stove top that is also easy to clean and maintain. After using this for over a month for several dishes, we can say that the Sunflame gas stove cooks food evenly (even heat distribution), supports the pots and pans correctly and is fuel efficient.

What are the features you look for while buying a stove top? Tell us in the comment section. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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