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faber power 3bb bk glass manual gas stove review

Faber Power 3BB BK Glass Gas Stove – With Manual Ignition

Faber 3 burner cooktop is equipped with anti-leak technology but does it deliver on this promise of safety?

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Easy! On the pocket or while using it. Faber Power 3BB Glass Manual Gas Stove is a spacious kitchen essential that has a plush appearance.

Whether you’re remodeling or setting up a new kitchen from square one, a cooktop is one of the most crucial decisions to make. Induction, gas top, electric, or something else? While we use both heat sources in our Test Kitchen and prefer each for specific uses, today let’s discuss some pros of a gas stove.

In addition to allowing instant temperature control and offering compatibility with a wide and varied range of cookware, gas stoves are also easy to clean, super versatile (grilling, simmering), and cost-effective in the long run!

Faber is one of those brands that offer a one-stop solution to all your kitchen needs. Seeing a 3.9-star rating online, we were intrigued to check out the three-burner stovetop by Faber. What we liked, what we think can be better, and more is discussed in this Faber Power 3BB BK glass manual gas stove review.

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Faber Power 3BB BK Glass Manual Gas Stove – What You Need To Know

All you need to know about the Faber power 3bb bk glass manual gas stove is discussed in this section.

faber power 3bbbk glass gas stove review
Compact and efficient!

1. Packaging

The stovetop is carefully packed in a polythene wrapper and further in a sturdy carton. 

2. Body Material

The main body of the cooktop is made of toughened glass. The brass burners are known to be more durable and resistant to corrosion and high heat. The pan supports have a powder coating. 

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3. Type & Number Of Burners

This stove features three manual burners. 

4. Space Between Burners

The burners are spaced in a sensible manner. Additionally, the pan grids also ensure no clashing of cookware. It can fit a 3-5 liter cooker with ease side-by-side. 

5. Position Of Inlet Connection

The L-shaped connector is placed at the back of the stovetop. 

6. Ease of Handling

You need to manually light the burners. The knobs rotate very smoothly. In addition to the usage, cleaning is quite easy too. All you need is a damp cloth or a mild cleaning agent. 

7. Warranty

You get a comprehensive warranty of two years plus two years on glass, burner, and valve. 

That said, we recommend clarifying the warranty terms with the seller beforehand. 

8. Price

This is priced at Rs 5,990/-. If buying online, do lookout for deals. 

Faber Power 3BB BK Glass Manual Gas Stove – Detailed Review

Faber Power 3BB Glass Manual Gas Stove Product Details
Price Rs 5,990/-
Material Body- Glass

Burners- Brass

Pan grids- Powder coated

No Of Burners Three
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 690 x 360 x 55 mm 
Warranty Two years comprehensive

We used this stovetop with cookware of varying sizes and materials, over multiple dishes. Following is a detailed breakdown of our experience after using the stovetop for over five weeks. 

After simultaneously preparing over three dishes on this three-burner stove, this is something we’d recommend for families with 2-4 members. The burners are spaced in such a way that no cookware would clash with another when used simultaneously. Thumbs up for this!

Unlike most stove cooktops (aluminum burners), this one by Faber has brass burners. Brass burners ensure even heat distribution throughout the surface of the vessel, ensuring no dark spots at the bottom. Brass is corrosion resistant and high heat-resistant which enhances longevity. 

The surface is made of scratch-resistant toughened glass that adds elegance to the kitchen space. The pan support grids fit the burners well and are not too heavy. They lend a sturdy base to the cookware. 

This stovetop needs to be lit manually, with a lighter. Liquified petroleum gas or piped natural gas can be used. 

Most aesthetic-looking stovetops have knobs placed oddly, but not Faber. The feature-touch, smooth functioning knobs are placed right in front of the respective burner leaving no room for any confusion. The knobs have a plastic cover and are labeled with on, off, and sim (simmering). The overall operation of these knobs is effortless, no complaints here.

Overall, this is a hassle-free stovetop where all you need to do is connect the L-shaped inlet to the gas supply. A user manual is included in the box. 

faber power gas stove brass burner
A closer look at the medium-sized burner.
faber power 3bbbk glass gas stove middle burner
An overview of the center burner.
lighting faber power stove burner with lighter
Here's how we started the review.
faber power 3bb bk stove burner
We lit the burner manually.
faber power gas stove control knobs
The knobs are labeled on, off, and sim.
closer look at faber power gas stove control knob
The knobs offer smooth operation.


  • This is a three-burner stovetop.
  • It weighs around 9 kg.
  • There are two medium-sized burners and one small burner.
  • This stovetop is equipped with pan support grids and a drip tray to avoid spillage.
  • This is priced at Rs 5,990/-.


  • This stovetop has a premium feel (glass surface, powder-coated pan supports).
  • The burners are spaced strategically.
  • Brass burners ensure even heat distribution and are more durable as compared to their aluminum counterpart.
  • This features burners of varying sizes, compatible with cookware of varying sizes. 
  • The Anti-Leak technology delivers on the zero leakage promise. 

Best Suited For

This is a good-quality, pocket-friendly manual stovetop. If you’re planning to upgrade or it’s your first purchase, we think the Faber Power 3BB Glass Manual Gas Stove would be ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Faber Power 33BB BK glass manual gas stove.

1. Is this gas stove easy to use?

Yes, whether it is lighting the stove or operating the knobs, the overall functioning is quite easy. 

2. Is this gas stove easy to clean?

Yes, it is quite easy to clean and maintain. 

3. Is this gas stove spillproof?

No, this is equipped with anti-leak technology. 

4. Is it compatible with a piped gas supply?

Yes, this is compatible with a piped gas supply. Additionally, this is also compatible with LPG. 

Final Words

Sundar, sasta, tikau! Faber Power 3BB Glass Manual Gas Stove is easy to use, clean, and maintain. Aesthetically, this three stove burner would fit most modern and traditional kitchen spaces.

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