Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven Review - Mishry
faber fpo 621 ss inbuilt oven review

Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven Review – Mishry

We tested Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven in our review kitchen over several weeks. Details on design, features, installation and more.

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4 / 5
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Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven features an appealing and stunning design. It comes with 10 different functions and is easy to use. The hassle-free cleaning process is an added plus.

The craze for inbuilt oven has grown in leaps and bounds. They save up much of your kitchen counter space and feature an elegant design. Inbuilt ovens are a part of many modern household kitchens. We reviewed Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven in our test kitchen over several weeks. The functions, ease of use, packaging, pricing, and cleaning process are all covered in Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven review.

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Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven Quick Information 
Price  Rs. 59,890
Mishry Rating 4
Capacity 83 liters
Voltage 220-240 V
Warranty  1 year

Our Review Factors

To examine the overall functionality of Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven, we consider the following review factors. Let us see each one in detail below : 

1. Packaging

The correct packaging ensures that the product stays safe and secure while in transit. Hence, we lay emphasis on the packaging. 

The product comes packed in a hardboard carton box. The carton box is secured with wooden planks on all sides. 

Inside the box, there are two thermocol slabs placed on the sides of the oven. The oven has a covering of plastic wrap over it. The following are the contents included in the box – Oven, User Manual, Grill Rack, Baking tray, Rotisserie rod, Spit, and Tong.

The handle to open the oven includes a separate wrapping paper. All the parts of this oven come separately packed. They are sealed securely with tape. 

The markings on the main carton are precise and clear. 

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 2. Body Material

Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven has a stainless steel finish. The front side features a black colored glass body. 

3. Installation Type

Since this is a inbuilt oven, the installation is taken care of by the company professionals. 

4. Capacity

Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven has a capacity of 83 liters. 

5. Ease Of Cleaning 

When it comes to ovens, cleaning and maintenance might get daunting. We gauged how effortless the cleaning process was? Are all the parts quick to clean?

6. Usage Of Functions 

The usage of functions is a core factor, especially when we talk about electronic products. How easy is the operation of the different modes and functions? Is it user-friendly? 

7. Price

The 83 liters capacity of Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven is available for INR 59,890. 

8. Warranty

The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven – Detailed Review

Our detailed review discusses more on the usability of the oven, the different functions, how we tested the product, and the cleaning process. We aim to give you detailed information on the product so that you can buy better. 

How is the build of the oven? Featuring a width of 60 cm, Faber Inbuilt Oven has a stainless steel finish. The front side of the oven has a black glass body. The side runners inside the oven, made of stainless steel, are placed at different levels. The multiple side runners help cook more than one food at a time.  

This oven features a Control Panel. Here are the different aspects covered in the Control Panel.


Control Panel Buttons  Features 
  • On/Off Button
Allows to switch the oven on and off. 
  • Function Button
It helps in choosing and switching among the different functions. This button allows making changes during the cooking process. Additionally, you can use the button to activate the child lock function.
  • Temperature Button
Is responsible for setting the required temperature. The minimum temperature you can set is 180 degrees, and the maximum is 250 degrees.
  • Window Display
Showcases the clock, temperature, and function.
  • Time Button 
You can set the time here in HH: MM mode.
  • Rapid Heating Button
This button is for preheating the oven. It requires a gentle press unless a beep sound is heard.
  • Time/Temperature/Function adjust button
You can make changes in the time, adjust the temperature and switch among the 10 different functions. 
  • Light Button
You can switch on and off the light with the help of this light button. It helps you take a sneak peek into the cooking process inside the oven. 


Functions Of The Oven : Faber Inbuilt Oven offers 10 different functions. Here’s a glance at each of these 10 functions:  


10 Different Functions  Uses 
  • Convection Mode
Ideal for preparing dishes that require slow cooking. 
  • Fast Cooking Mode 
This mode is meant for quick cooking. It is ideal to cook pre-packed food, frozen food etc. 
  • Multi Cooking Mode 
This mode helps in uniform cooking and retains the juices of the food getting cooked. It further maintains the tenderness. 
  • Pizza Mode 
Perfect for baking homemade pizzas. 
  • Delicate Cooking 
We used this function to get rid of the smell of cooked chicken inside the oven. 
  • Top Oven 
This function helps in even browning of foods. 
  • Grill
This function is best for grilling vegetables, cutlets, kebabs, hamburgers, etc. 
  • Fan Assisted Grill
It helps prevent the food from burning from the surface. You can also cook chicken, potatoes, lamb, etc. on Rotisserie using this mode. 
  • Baking Mode 
This function is best for baking cakes, muffins, and cookies. 
  • Defrosting Mode 
This mode is best for defrosting foods including meat, frozen ice-cream cakes, or cream based desserts like custard and others. 


Time-Setting : While starting the oven for the first time, the display panel will showcase ‘0’. You need to set up the correct hour and minutes in this oven. The Time/Temp/Function adjust button allows you to set the correct time. 

The time appears in the format of HH: MM. Toggle between the ‘+’and ‘-‘ sign, to set the correct hour. Post 5 seconds, the clock will stop blinking and display the set hour. The same steps will apply to set the minute of the time. 

After setting the minutes, press the time button to complete the process.

Cleaning Process : There are a few points that a new user must know when it comes to cleaning Faber Inbuilt Oven for the first time. To clean the interiors of this oven, make sure to use a soft cloth. The accessories must be cleaned with warm water and a slight drop of light cleaning liquid. Post that, let the oven dry completely. 

Instructions Before Use : Before using this oven, it is necessary to operate it at 200 degrees for 1 hour. A distinctive odor was noticeable during this process. After the above operation for 1 hour, we cleaned the oven again. There was a release of slight smoke at this time, which is considered normal. The oven is ready to use post this process.

Our Review Process : Over several weeks, we prepared cakes, muffins, cookies, grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, and roasted potatoes in this oven. It helped us gain a better idea about the overall functioning and usage. 

Firstly, we baked a batch of cookies. The results of baking these cookies turned out to be excellent. The cookies had no burnt corners. Neither did they feel undercooked. All the cookies are baked perfectly from the middle and the corners.  

Secondly, we tried grilling potatoes and chicken at the same time. We sliced the potatoes into wedges, seasoned them with herbs. For marinating the chicken, we prepared a mix of curd together with a few spices. 

The potatoes and chicken were placed separately in two different baking trays. We selected the multi-cooking mode for grilling and set the temperature at 250 degrees. The grilling time was 20 mins. 

DELICIOUS! The grilled potato wedges and the chicken were grilled to perfection at the same time. The results turned out to be yum!

Moreover, the cleaning of this oven is hassle-free too. All you need is a combination of soap, warm water, and a gentle scrub. The grill rack and baking tray both are easy to clean. 

potato wedges and chicken being grilled in faber fpo 621 ss inbuilt oven
A quick view at the potato wedges and chicken being grilled.
The potato wedges before and after the grilling process.
the raw and grilled chicken placed in the wire rack
A closer look at the raw and grilled chicken.
the cookies made using faber fpo 621 ss built in microwave oven
The delicious cookies baked to perfection.
Packaging - 4/5
Body Material - 4/5
Capacity - 4/5
Ease Of Cleaning - 4/5
Usage Of Functions - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Warranty - 4/5
  • This inbuilt oven features an aesthetic design. 
  • An inbuilt oven can help save countertop space.
  • The operation of this product is easy. 
  • It comes with user-friendly functions. 
  • Supply and distribution of heat is excellent. 
  • Cleaning and maintaining this inbuilt oven is easy. 
  • The multi-function feature in this oven is convenient and helpful.

If you are looking for a microwave oven that offers multiple features and easy-to-use functions, Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven is an option you can consider buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven

Yes. You can easily bake cakes, muffins, cupcakes, etc. in this inbuilt oven. 

To ensure hygiene while grilling, make sure to clean the interiors both before and after grilling any food items.

Yes. You can prepare any pizza of your choice in this inbuilt oven.

You can prepare most of the food items in this inbuilt oven. It is best for grilling vegetables, chicken tikka, paneer tikka, etc.  Further, you can also bake cookies, cakes, muffins, and other baked food items.

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Final Verdict

Large appliances are not meant for short-term use and hold an integral place in your kitchen, which is why so much thought goes into their purchase.

Faber FPO 621 SS Inbuilt Oven has our heart. This built in oven saves counter top space, is easy to clean and maintain. The grilling and baking results turned out to be excellent. Yes, it may seem expensive, especially if you’re considering table top ovens. But considering the design, features and ease of use it brings along surely makes it worthwhile.  

Will you consider buying this oven? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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