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Sarika Bahl

Sarika Bahl is a published poet and co-author of two anthologies. Education background in mass communication has given her a strong base to approach various topics in her writings. She broke into food writing due to her keen interest in health and wellness. Outside writing, she is a tree hugger and singer.

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15 Healthiest Vegetables to Lose Weight

Fiber-rich and low-calorie vegetables are incomparable for weight loss. These diet-friendly vegetables will keep you satiated while burning fat. Continue reading to get familiar with the best and heal...
How To Use Garlic (Lahsun) For Weight Loss

How To Use Garlic (Lahsun) For Weight Loss

Whether you are a fan of its strong taste or hate its odor, the truth is that the incredible benefits of garlic can’t be ignored. Garlic has incomparable qualities for fat burning. Read ahead to know ...

Best Weight Loss Products In India

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