Best Weight Loss Products In India

Best Weight Loss Products In India (2024)

To help you make wiser choices, Team Mishry reviewed a series of weight loss products in India over the year and here is a list of our top recommendations. These are the products we tried and highly recommend.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Weight loss is a topic of discussion at almost every gathering.

“How did you do it?”

“How long did it take?”

“Did you feel hungry in between meals?”

You know the drill.

We all can unanimously agree that the most common New Year resolution is to lose weight. Most of us give up and think “Next year, for sure”. Keto, General Motors diet or GM Diet, Intermittent Fasting – you try it all and still nothing happens. In fact, many of us turn to some of the best weight loss products without really doing a little more hard work.

Let’s make one thing clear. Fad diets < Lifestyle change. Ideal weight can only be achieved with making a few lifestyle changes, eating a healthy diet and choosing better weight loss products online or offline.

To help you make wiser choices, team Mishry reviewed a series of weight loss products in India over the year and we bring to you our top recommendations. These are the best weight loss products we tried and highly recommend.

Please note that this not a weight loss diet. Consult a certified nutritionist for a healthy diet that suits your body type and schedule.

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Best Weight Loss Products In India

1. Quinoa for a low carb diet

Quinoa is gluten-free, high in fiber content, rich in minerals and vitamins and low on glycemic index. These qualities make quinoa a perfect contender for a low-carb diet. You can turn your bag of quinoa into a salad, porridge or a fragrant pulao. Mishry reviewed 10 brands available in the Indian market. We cooked with all the brands of quinoa over 2 days in our test kitchen. Based on parameters such as flavor, smell, freshness, and aftertaste, we had a clear winner.

Organic India

Organic India

  • Sweet taste
  • Soft and firm texture
  • Perfect cooking instructions
  • Best for everyday consumption
  • Grains did not stick to each other

2. Unsweetened peanut butter

Crunchy or creamy, a generous slather of peanut butter on your morning toast can make your day. Yay or nay? Peanut butter tastes great on top of a toast, as a salad dressing, in your oatmeal bowl or raw with apples.

Peanut butter helps you in weight loss by 2 methods, it helps you control your appetite and manages the blood sugar levels. You can read a detailed account of how peanut butter aids in weight loss and maintenance here.

Happy Jars Peanut Butter (Jaggery Creamy)

  • No oil
  • No preservatives
  • Tasty and creamy
  • No added sugar
  • Well balanced flavor
  • Uses jaggery for sweetness

Alternatively, Fitjar California almond butter is a good alternative if you do not like the flavor of peanut butter.

3. Chamomile tea to reduce bloating

Essentially chamomile tea is an infusion of dried chamomile flowers prepared in hot water. The tea is calming and helps you relax at the end of a long day. It helps to stimulate weight loss and reduce bloating. Some brands sell this infusion mixed with green tea leaves, some sell it caffeine-free.

8 brands were reviewed. Over 40 cups of chamomile tea were brewed. After one week of testing, emerged a winner!

Goodwyn Chamomile Tea

  • Fresh and calming
  • Mildly sweet
  • Nutty flavor
  • Pleasing aroma
  • Caffeine-free
  • 100% chamomile

4. Cornflakes for breakfast, please!

A breakfast staple around the world, cornflakes are available in almost every urban household. We tasted the top 4 brands readily available in the market for over a week. The parameters we used to make this selection were crunch, size of the flakes, and taste. It was a tough fight, but the choice was clear. This is one of the best weight loss products that you can buy.

Did you know?

Corn flakes were invented accidentally with stale wheat by Will and John Kellogg. 

Bagrry’s Cornflakes

  • Crunchy
  • Salty to taste
  • Lower calories and sugar in comparison
  • Higher dietary fiber

Tip – Bored with the same old milk-cereal combination? A cornflakes bhel is your way out.

5. Digestive Biscuits

Are digestive biscuits good for weight loss? A semi-sweet biscuit that is a perfect tea time snack, and a healthier alternative to the refined flour biscuits, digestive biscuits have a long line of contenders in the Indian market. Well, looks like this could be your best bet.

We tasted 7 brands over multiple tasting sessions. The parameters that we kept under consideration were nutritional value, texture, crunch, and taste. Did your favorite brand make the cut? Let’s find out.

Cremica digestive biscuits

Cremica Digestive High Bran Biscuits

  • High on fiber
  • Zero trans fats
  • Rs 20/- (Price at the time of the review)

New product alert – Sunfeast’s sattu cardamom biscuits are delish!

Whole foods Eggless bajra-jaggery cookies are worth trying too.

6. Oh, honey!

Added refined sugar is probably the first thing dieticians ask you to cut down in your life. But if you have a sweet tooth, are you doomed? No. The good-old honey is here to sweeten your life naturally. Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that also help digestion. According to a study, honey helps curb your appetite. Combine honey with a cup of cinnamon tea or lemon water and your weight loss goal just might get closer.

Note – Anything in excess is bad for your health, please use honey moderately in your diet.

To find the best honey brand for weight loss available in the market, we chose to test brands for three markers – Added Sugars, Moisture, and HMF, as one indicator alone does cannot define the purity of the sample. We reviewed 8 brands of honey and we have a winner for you!

Zandu Pure Honey

  • No traces of added sugar
  • Controlled and low amounts of moisture and HMF

7. Green tea for weight loss

Two decades ago most Indians were blissfully unaware of the storm that was about to hit the Indian markets – Green tea. Full of antioxidants, green tea is a favorite for everyone trying to lose weight or just to aid digestion after a heavy meal. Not only that, it also helps in reducing stress. Try adding your favorite flavors like cinnamon or lemongrass to your tea to make it more exciting.

We reviewed green tea bags and green tea leaves to find the best green tea for weight loss in India. The parameters we took under consideration for teabags were – Color/appearance of the tea, flavor, steeping time, shape of the teabag, paper quality used in a teabag. The winner is.. *drumroll*

Twinings Pure Green Tea Bags

  • Flavorful
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Offers more tea per bag (2gm)
  • No metallic staples were used

To test our green tea leaves, we divided the testing into three stages – dry leaf inspection, infusion of the leaf and finally the tea itself. We considered the color of dry leaves, size of the dry leaves, consistency in shape and style, leaf-stem ratio, the infusion process and of course aroma and flavor are paramount.

Lipton Green Tea

  • Mild flavor
  • Pleases the palate
  • Value for money

8. Diet Popcorn

Act II’s diet popcorn has a significantly lower amount of calories as compared to similar products in the market, which makes it the perfect contender for snacking.

9. Gouri’s Natural Energy Bars- Palm Jaggery & Honey

When it comes to weight loss products, then Gouri’s Natural energy bars are the best bet. This mildly sweet energy bar contains ingredients like palm jaggery, seeds like flaxseeds and sesame seeds, oats, cornflakes, and almonds for that crunch. A perfect go-to pre- and post workout snack, this energy bar fills your tummy up without spiking your calories too much.

10. Amul Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

Various studies in the past have shown that dark chocolates help support weight loss. Why, you may ask? It is because eating dark chocolate helps in reducing cravings and stimulates the feeling of fullness, which further stops you from reaching out to calorie-heavy foods. Amul dark chocolate is sugar-free and tasty, so what’s not to love about it? So, it does make for one of the best weight loss products online.

11. Borges Stress Relief Olive Leaf Infusion

Borges Stress Relief Olive Leaf infusion contains zero caffeine and has no added flavors. The ingredients contain olive leaves and mint, both of which are said to be helpful, especially when you watching your weight. In fact, it is claimed that this infusion has twice the antioxidants best green tea for weight loss would have. Overall, it is zero-calorie drink with antioxidants and lots of flavors to offer, making it one of the best weight loss products in India.

12. Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds Review

Changing a few habits in your daily life can make a lot of difference, especially when you want to lose weight. The best example is the snacks you have with your tea can be replaced with Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almond biscuits, as they are maida-free and are filled with the goodness of almonds. The oats present in these biscuits are fiber-rich, which further makes your feel fuller for long. So, if you want to achieve the ideal weight, then this could be one of the best weight loss products online.

13. Vahdam Detox Kahwa Green Tea

This kahwa green tea contains ingredients like ginger, rock salt, black pepper, tulsi, clove and cumin oil. Flavor wise, it is an unusual concoction, but a perfect way to detox your body. Detoxification promotes a healthy digestive system, which further helps in weight loss. Kahwas are one of the best weight loss products as they not only provide detoxification, but also ensure a healthy start to your day!

14. RINE 14g Vegetarian Protein Bar

The protein bar by RINE 14g is a 100% vegetarian product and makes for a great post-workout snack. There are no preservatives and no additives, which makes it one of the most safe products for weight loss. A good share of proteins in the body can help lose weight in the long run. So we can safely say, it could be one of the best weight loss products in India.

15. Yummsy Granola Muesli

Crunchy and chewy, Yummsy granola muesli has gooey raisins, crunchy seeds, and almonds along with amaranth and oats, all of which will make up an amazing breakfast option. This high fiber breakfast food will help you keep satiated for a longer period of time, which will further keep you from eating junk.

16. Bagrry’s Oats Atta

Adding oats atta to your daily meals could actually help in losing weight. Oats tend to contain a lot of fiber, which makes you feel fuller for longer. Eating Bagrry’s oats atta roti can actually make you feel heavy by the second roti. This way you control your portion without feeling starved. Check out complete review of the Bagrry’s Oats Atta here.

Fad diets will come and go and so will the extra kilos. If you choose and eat your food wisely, throw your worries out of the window. We like to lay out all the options for our readers, please consider your body type while selecting the these best weight loss products in India. Check for allergies or dietary restrictions.

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