What Is Keto Coffee? Here's Why You Should Drink Bulletproof Coffee
keto coffee

What Is Keto Coffee? Here’s Why You Should Drink Bulletproof Coffee

Are you on a Keto diet? Learn all about the keto-friendly coffee that is popular for giving your weight loss a healthy boost. Here is how to make your morning caffeine fix, the keto-friendly way.

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If you are on a keto diet, this post about keto coffee a.k.a. bulletproof coffee should be on your reading list priority. Unless you have been living under a rock, we are sure you know what type of diet a keto diet is. But for the uninitiated, let’s give you a quick review of what is a ketogenic diet (keto). It is basically a low carb, high fat, high protein diet. Keto diet replaces the carb intake in the body with healthy fats. There is a list of food items you can eat when you are following the Keto diet. Some of these include butter, cheese, cream, veggies like avocado, and nuts and seeds. In this article, we will share with you all the information there is to know about bulletproof coffee – what is it, how to make it, how is it different from regular black coffee, how does keto coffee aid in weight loss and more.

Keto diet requires you to give up tons of foods we consider as staples. Goodbye rotis, goodbye bread, and goodbye potatoes. One staple that is allowed is coffee (Thank god!). The keto diet requires a high intake of good fats and why should your morning cuppa be left behind to help in your weight loss journey?


What Is Keto Coffee Or Bulletproof Coffee?

To put it simply, keto coffee, also known as bulletproof coffee, is regular black coffee with added fat. Keto diet requires you to increase your healthy-fats intake and eliminate carbohydrates. Adding fat to your coffee will help you keep fuller for longer and will also give you an energy boost in the morning.


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What is keto coffee and its benefits
Keto coffee is regular black coffee with added fat


Keto Coffee – Origins

Contrary to popular beliefs, keto coffee is actually butter coffee which has been consumed in the Himalayan region and parts of Ethiopia for ages. Butter coffee or butter tea is a daily staple for a lot of people living in high altitude areas who have extra calorie needs.


How To Make Keto Coffee? | Recipe


Ingredients Quantity
Brewed black coffee 1 cup
MCT oil (coconut oil) 1 tablespoon
Grass-fed unsalted butter 1 tablespoon



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Homemade Keto Coffee Recipe | How To Make Bulletproof Coffee?


  1. It’s obvious that oil and water will not mix properly with a spoon, so to make a cup of keto coffee you will need a blender.
  2. Firstly, brew a cup of black coffee. You can use any method you are comfortable with. Mixing a teaspoon of instant coffee powder in a cup of coffee and brewing it, is one of the most common and easiest methods used. Others who like their coffee from a French press or from the many types of coffee machines available now, can grind the beans roughly and brew it.
  3. Once that is done, add the coffee, butter, and oil to the blender and pulse it for a few seconds or till it forms a frothy consistency.
  4. Your keto coffee is ready! Please note that you must not add milk and sugar to the coffee as it will just kill the purpose of making a keto-friendly coffee.


Difference Between Keto Coffee And Regular Black Coffee

There is a huge difference between keto coffee and regular coffee. Calorie wise, flavor-wise and of course health-quotient wise. A regular cup of black coffee provides a measly 2 calories while an average cup of keto coffee can provide 200-400 calories depending on the fat you add.


What Are The Benefits Of Keto Coffee | Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

As unappealing as adding coconut oil and butter to your coffee might seem at first, it does not taste all that bad plus there are lots of benefits of drinking keto coffee.

1. Adding healthy fats to your diet – By adding coconut oil in your coffee, you are consuming healthy fats. But please note that coconut oil is also high in saturated fats and should be consumed in moderation. Coconut oil boosts good cholesterol and is also good for blood sugar and diabetes. MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oils like coconut oil are proven to be good for your heart when taken in moderation.

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Types of coffee and Benefits of black coffee
Keto Coffee acts as an energy booster.

2. Keto coffee acts as an energy booster – A lot of us struggle to wake up in the morning as it is. Imagine waking up without the help of yummy milk and sugar-filled coffee mug. With the aid of keto coffee you will get an extra energy boost early in the morning.

3. Keto coffee helps you feel fuller – A lot of people on a diet struggle with constant hunger pangs. If you consume bulletproof coffee, it will surely increase your satiety.

4. Keto coffee aids in digestion – The coconut oil in the coffee acts as a natural laxative and lubricates the digestive system.


Side Effects Of Bulletproof Coffee

While keto coffee or bulletproof coffee may be coffee good to achieve your weight loss goals, there are chances, it may have certain side effects. It is suggested that you drink keto coffee in a limited quantity. Here are some known side effects that you could consider before sipping on this coffee.


1. Bulletproof Coffee Is Nutritionally Poor

It may be a great drink to sip on, in terms of weight loss, but your butter coffee is very low on nutrients. It has a lot of fats that help you stay energized and keep you fuller for longer. Apart from this, don’t expect it to be the best replacement of your nutritionally rich meals.


2. Bulletproof Coffee May Up The Chances Of High Cholesterol Levels

Ketogenic diets are generally higher in fat content, which could increase the risk of high cholesterol levels. The addition of coconut oil, butter, or olive oil, which are primarily saturated fats, may up the risk of more cardiovascular issues. (1) (2)


3. Bulletproof Coffee Has A Lot Of Saturated Fats

Popular additions to the keto coffee include coconut oil, olive oil and butter. All of these sources are high in saturated fats, which are known to up the risk of several diseases, including heart ailments. While saturated fats in a decent amount are essential for your health, it is also important to ensure creating a balance. (3)


4. Calorie Content In Bulletproof Coffee

A simple black coffee would contain about 2-3 calories, however, a cup of bulletproof coffee may contain around 400 calories, which is a lot if you are looking at losing weight. The idea is to drink a very limited quantity and keep the calorie quotient in mind.


Bulletproof coffee or keto coffee contains about 200-400 calories depending on the fat content you add


What Is The Right Time To Consume Keto Coffee?

Usually, mornings are the preferred time slot to consume keto coffee because that is when you need that extra boost of energy. Consuming it during night time/right before bed is not recommended. You should basically consume it whenever you need an energy lift during the day.

We would like to lay stress on one thing – anything consumed in excess without the guidance of a professional health care expert can be harmful. Please contact a nutritionist or a doctor before going forward with any diets/food products.


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