Lose Weight In 7 Days: An Extreme Weight Loss Diet
lose weight in 7 days

Lose Weight In 7 Days: An Extreme Weight Loss Diet

Going on an extreme weight-loss diet can be as harmful as it is beneficial, but if you balance exercising and dieting perfectly, it might just be what you need. Staying active throughout the day, cutting down on carbs and sugary foods, in addition to enough rest and sleep are key.

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If you are wondering about getting slim and trim in just a single week, then you must get ready for a tough diet and an extreme workout session; a journey to get out of your comfort zone. Losing weight, though considered to be one of the toughest jobs around, can be quite easily accomplished once your diet and habit allow your body to burn fat, and let us tell you one thing that we know for sure, your body can undergo an extreme makeover and burn fat at an alarming rate. Although it sounds like some kind of a risky task, if you are eager to shed some of that extra fat off of your belly, then this intense routine might just be for you. 

Losing weight in just 7 days can be a big task, but if combined with a calorie-controlled diet, and enough aerobic exercise to burn more calories and push and sustain weight loss through the day it is achievable. Being on an extreme weight loss regime also means that you undertake this under the supervision of an expert.


Weight Loss: What Is A Healthy Weight-Loss?

A healthy weight-loss, which is the correct way of shedding some pounds, is the result of a balanced diet. When we talk about weight-loss, then you must be aware of the fact that it involves cutting down on high-calorie foods, namely fats and sugar.

The first important fact that you should look into is how much weight-loss is normal for a week? Some say that it is normal for an average person to lose over a kilo, and sometimes, with enough motivation, that number can be doubled. Though you can even go a little more extreme and end up losing 4-5 kilos in a week, but to experience the long-term benefits of losing weight, it is advised for you to lose weight at a much slower rate, and this is what we meant by the term ‘healthy weight-loss.’

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Losing weight in just 7 days can be a big ask, but if combined with a calorie-controlled diet and enough cardio exercise to burn more calories and push and sustain weight loss through the day it is achievable.


Weight Loss In 7 Days: Where To Start?

The starting point is one of the most confusing steps no matter what it is that you wish to achieve. To get rid of the excess fat, it first starts with assessing one’s own diet. 

What are you eating?


Measure your daily calorie intake and learn how much you need to cut down. 

Learn how you’re reacting to it?

Food is one of the most important aspects of a weight-loss diet. In fact, it depends equally on what you eat as it does on your workout routine. An extreme weight loss diet won’t be enough to show the desired results you want. An exercise routine should always accompany it.


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List of food items to avoid while on a weight-loss diet(7 days weight loss diet regime):


1. Sugary Snacks

Considered a bane for dieters, sugary snacks must be entirely avoided while on a weight-loss, as sugar is a prime candidate that results in weight gain. Sugar, when consumed, increases the calorie intake of the body, this means that you consume more energy than that which is required, which is later stored and converted into fat, causing weight gain.

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2. Get Low On Carbs

Correct regulation of carbohydrates is an essential part of planning a weight-loss diet. Carbs are responsible for about 45-60% of a person’s daily calorie intake. For an average adult diet that contains about 2000-2200 calories, a healthy diet contains about 220 to 320 grams of carbohydrates. However, if you are looking to lose some weight, cutting down on carbs might just be the right thing. About 50 to 150 grams of it daily could just be appropriate.


3. Switch To Lean Proteins For Weight Loss

The consumption of protein, especially as part of a weight-loss diet, is quite important, for it is responsible for building up the muscular tissues as well as the overall development of one’s body. However, most of protein-rich foods are also high in fat, which might just damage the cause. On the other hand, Lean-protein sources are low on fat and can easily provide you with your protein needs without disrupting your daily calorie intake. Some of the lean protein sources include poultry and fish.


diet essentials for a weight loss diet
Apart from being high on protein, fish is rich with omega-3 fatty acids and low on fat.


4. Fiber Can Be Quite Effective For Quick Weight Loss

There is no doubt in the fact that dietary fiber can be quite effective when it comes to its ability to aid in weight loss. Fibers are the non-digestible part of the food, so, when a fiber loaded food item is consumed, the stomach requires more effort and energy to digest it. Thus, it helps in the burning of more calories, significantly helping you lose some weight. Also, it is important to note that you mustn’t get loaded up of fiber, as it might be a whole other ordeal that may lead you to gain weight rather than losing it.


Carbs are responsible for about 45-60% of a person’s daily calorie intake. For an average adult diet that contains about 2000-2200 calories, a healthy diet contains about 220 to 320 grams of carbohydrates. Cutting down on carbs brings down the calorie-intake and helps promote weight loss.


The Next Step To Weight Loss: Workout

There is nothing that can burn fat faster than proper wear and tear of your body’s muscular tissues. After the intense workout, the body fats are replaced by protein-based tissues, and it is important, especially when following a weight-loss diet, that a person does an enormous amount of cardio exercises, for there is nothing else that could be better for losing weight.

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Cardio Exercises To Push Weight Loss


1. Running

Running is, in fact, one of the most popular kinds of cardio routines out there. Ever wonder why you always see two or three people sporting a t-shirt along with shorts and pacing around the boundary of the park? Well, here is the reason. Running is known to be beneficial in burning fat, there is just no other alternative that’ll make you sweat it out and lower that tummy flab. 30-minutes of vigorous sprinting can result in the burning of around 500 calories.


running for weight loss
Running is a traditional exercise that is known to be quite effective for calorie burning.


2. Jumping Rope

This one particular exercise is often linked with sports, for it is fat burning as well as stamina increasing in nature. It can help you increase your run-time, shoulder strength, coordination, and most importantly, its fat burning capabilities are more than most of the other well-known forms of exercises. A casual 15-minute duration of this exercise can help you burn 200-300 calories.


3. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

This exercise aims to provide you with overall body development. Switching up between different exercises, and doing reps focuses on both parts of the body. For example, doing a few reps of push-ups after running for a mile, and then running again after a short interval would not only help your body burn fat, but it would also increase the muscle density around your shoulders.

If you are wondering about this exercise’s calorie-burning capabilities, then let’s just say that a proper HIIT could help you burn 12-16 calories in a single minute.


4. Swimming

Swimming, for a fact, burns more calories as compared to running. It is vigorous, and not only does it make you slim, but it also works on your legs and arms muscles. About half an hour of continuous swimming would help you burn more than 600 calories.


5. Cycling

This is one exercise for which no training is required, that is of course if you already know how to ride a bike. But still, an exercise like cycling would help in the development of the muscle tissues of your calves and thighs, and most importantly, it can burn about 600-700 calories in an hour.


exercises that'll help you lose weight
Cycling is good for your calves and thighs as well as for an effective calorie burning.

While exercising is quite important, it is also equally important that you have a diet that allows your body to go through this extreme ordeal. A healthy dose of protein is said to be beneficial, as it helps in muscle production after the exercising bit is complete. Moreover, the best time for exercising is early in the morning.


The Ultimate Weight Loss Aid

Finally, now that we have got the summary of an extreme weight-loss diet out of the way, you must also learn to effectively apply it into your daily ritual based on your body, as it won’t be any good if it is not well-organized. Every single element of a weight-loss diet must be thoroughly fitted into its appropriate position, for example, the exercising part is the first thing that you should complete, as the morning time is perfect for it.

The other most important part of a weight-loss regime apart from exercise and diet is sleep. Sleep habit plays a major role in your body’s metabolism, as it prevents the secretion of hormones such as leptin and ghrelin, which are also known as hunger hormones. Thus getting enough sleep is essential for lowering your appetite, and can also majorly aid in losing some weight. Sleeping at the right time can even stop late-night bingeing.


Understanding The Relation Between Calorie Deficit And Weight Loss

Calorie has a major role in weight-loss, as you may very well know. Every single bite of food contains some amount of calories, and often you might end up consuming more than your daily requirement. This extra amount of calories, upon being consumed, is stored in the body in the form of fat. In order for you to lose weight, it is important for you to burn more calories as compared to the ones you consume, and this is what we mean by the phrase ‘calorie deficit.’ That’s the phase, when your body starts shedding the fats.


Calorie deficit and weight loss
Counting your calorie consumption plays a major role in planning out your weight-loss diet.

According to some experts, if a person burns about 500 hundred calories per day, which would eventually turn out to be 3500 calories in a week, then that person could easily end up losing 1 pound, or 0.45 kilos. Add to this, the calorie deficit achieved by a controlled diet once can easily push weight loss to more. For 4-5 kilos a week, you need to follow everything mentioned above, there is absolutely no scope for skipping anything.


Working On Your Calorie Deficit

If you are wondering about the correct way of burning your calories, then we might have a perfect plan for you. Firstly, as we have mentioned several times, the calories intake and burning heavily relies on your diet and exercising, thus, if you focus on those two areas, it’ll be enough to make you reach your goal of burning enough calories that you might just end up being lighter than before.


Key Tips Weight Loss In A Week


1. Being Active Is The Key

The first thing that you have to make sure is that you stay active and exercise regularly. Being regular is the key. Remember, every day of an extreme weight-loss week is a calorie-burning festival! So make sure that you exercise every day.


2. Cutting Down On High-Calorie Foods

Your calorie intake is crucially linked with your calorie deficit per day. For an average adult male, the per day calorie intake must be around 2500 kcal, whereas the same figure for an average adult female would be around 2000 kcal. But this could be much lower when you are on an extreme weight loss regimen.

A regular mix of both exercising and dieting would definitely help you achieve that one-week weight loss goal, which you have been dreaming of. However, there is a catch as well; going to the extreme might contain some risks. Dieting, for instance, can deprive you of most of the essential nutrients such as carbs and fat, so it is crucial that you plan a diet which contains an appropriate amount of carbs that suits your need. And as for exercise, make sure that your diet provides your body with enough energy to go running about a mile without any fatigue or cramps. For, in the end, staying healthy and safe is more important than losing weight. Small steps every day can achieve much more, and in a far healthier way, than short bursts of unsustainable eating and exercise plans.

Plan well, and plan for maximum, long-term benefit for sustained weight loss.



1. Are extreme weight loss diets healthy in the long run?

No extreme weight-loss diets are not healthy in the longer run. While they can help you reach your goals in about a few days, they can negatively affect your health. It is best to lose weight under the supervision of health and fitness experts.

2. Can I lose weight with dieting without having to exercise at all?

Simple lifestyle habits can help you lose weight, but if your goal is bigger, you must eat a good diet and indulge in exercise. A balance of a clean diet and exercise can go a long way.

3. How much weight should I ideally lose in a month with adequate exercise and proper diet?

There is no rulebook that you must lose a particular number of kilograms in a month. However, it is best to consult your health and fitness expert, who will better know your body. Do not aim to lose weight fast. Aim for a healthy weight loss which can go a long way.



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