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Detox Diets suggests the restriction on certain food and addictions. They claim to quick recover from the harmful toxins and several body issues for the healthy well-being but does all the detox diet plan has the same effect on the body? Read On to learn more about detox diet.

Fish and dairy may be a delicious combination in several cuisines, but is it likely to cause any health problems? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of eating fish and milk together.

It goes without saying that utmost care must be taken during pregnancy by the mother and her immediate family about her diet. Don’t just focus on what to eat, also consider foods to avoid during pregnancy. Here’s a complete list.

Milk and banana are both healthy but having them together is rather debatable. Read on to know more.

The Vegan Diet consists of a lot of mouth-watering dishes that can be easily cooked without taking a lot of time. Read on.

Fasting is one of the successful and effective methods of losing weight. However, they can also have side effects which can last longer and can cause permanent damage to a person’s body. Maintaining a balance is the key to a healthy body.

The numerous health benefits of apple cider vinegar tonic have made it one of the most famously used stimulants for weight loss.

Here is a guide to answer all your questions related to oatmeal diet. The oatmeal diet revolves around the consumption of oats. The oatmeal diet is a 7-day weight loss program where you are expected to consume oatmeal for up to 3 meals a day. Follow these exciting ways to consume oatmeal to make weight loss more effective.

Keto diet is also known as the ketogenic diet. Keto diet is a low-carb diet along with high intake of healthy fats which then turns into energy for the body.

A low carb diet is a diet plan in which there is a minimum consumption of carbohydrates and higher consumption of healthy fats and protein. Paleo Diet, LCFH, Keto Diet, and Eco-Atkins are some popular Low-Carb Diets that are followed around the world.