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Soft and succulent or dry and tasteless? Find the answer in our quick review of the ITC Masterchef Chicken Seekh Kebab.

Ready-to-use gravies that are free of preservatives? Yes, these are now available in three flavors. We reviewed all of them and here’s all that you need to know.

ITC Frozen foods make for quick and convenient snack items that taste yum too. This is the complete ITC Frozen snacks list that we tasted first hand!

Soft and tasty or dry and unappetizing? Read our review of the ITC Hara Bhara Kebab to know more.

Ready-to-eat products are known for their convenience and authentic taste. Let’s see if ITC Kitchen’s of India’s new ready to eat variant of the iconic Dal Bukhara is as great as the original.

With its new range of frozen foods, ITC Masterchef is trying to give the average consumer a taste of exotic dishes. Lebanese Falafel Kebabs are one such variant of its exciting range of ready-to-eat frozen foods.