ITC Frozen Veg & Non-Veg Snacks - Tasted by Mishry Team
itc master chef frozen veg and non-veg snacks

ITC Frozen Veg & Non-Veg Snacks – Tasted by Mishry Team

ITC Frozen foods make for quick and convenient snack items that taste yum too. This is the complete ITC Frozen snacks list that we tasted first hand!

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

ITC is an MNC with its HQ located in Kolkata, West Bengal. This company was established in the early 19th century as the Indian Tobacco Company. Today, it is popularly known as ITC and provides employment to over 35,000 people across India alone.

In 2001, ITC entered the ready-to-eat market segment by collaborating with Kitchens of India. The success ITC saw led them to compete in the instant foods market with a range of products. As time passes and the demand for ITC ready-to-eat snacks rose, they also launched ITC Master Chef Frozen products.

From ITC frozen chicken and frozen prawns to the ITC chicken seekh kebab, this large multinational did not forget about its vegetarian customers. There have been fun and innovative additions to the vegetarian menu too, such as ITC hara bhara kebab, ITC Master Chef aloo tikki, ITC Veggie Pizza Pockets, and so much more!

At the Mishry HQ, we have tried and tasted many of these ITC Master Chef frozen products. While we loved some, others didn’t make the cut to our list of annual favorites. Keep reading to find out more from our Top Picks from the ITC frozen foods list.


Here is a list of all non – vegetarian frozen food from ITC Master Chef.

#1 ITC Master Chef Mediterranean Chicken Kebab

We love chicken, and we love kebabs. How would these taste when combined into one? We bought a pack of the ITC chicken kebab to check whether it does justice to both the ingredients. In addition to this, did this ITC frozen food deliver on the Meditteranean promise?

The first parameter at Mishry is the visual appeal of any food product. All the ITC chicken kebab pieces were identical in shape and size. You get 15 pieces that are neatly packed in a plastic tray and sealed with a plastic wrapper, with the outer cover, of course.

 We tawa cooked these until all pieces were equally brown. The ITC Chicken kebabs were juicy! We felt that the salt and pepper levels were a little on the higher side.

Moreover, the signature Mediterranean herbiness was completely missing. However, the addition of onion and capsicum bits was appreciated by us all.

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We think this one of those ITC Master Chef frozen snacks that can become a pantry staple if you don’t mind the absence of herbs.

itc master chef mediterranean chicken kebab
ITC master chef mediterranean chicken kebab

#2 ITC Master Chef Chicken Nuggets

Kids to adults, everyone loves some hot and crunchy chicken nuggets. We reviewed the ITC frozen chicken nuggets, and here’s why they won first place among other contenders.

There are 25 pieces of chicken nuggets packed in the same red-black pack. We fried a batch in regular vegetable oil. These chicken nuggets did not need prior thawing. Post-frying, we felt the pronounced crunch they had.

The chicken inside was tender and juicy. We relished this with garlic chutney and mint chutney. Since these chicken nuggets are seasoned mildly, they taste yum as they are and with dips too!

itc master chef chicken nuggets
ITC master chef chicken nuggets

#3 ITC Master Chef Chicken Galouti Kebab

If you have ever tasted authentic galouti kebabs, you know their melt-in-the-mouth feel can simply not be put into words. Like other ITC Master Chef frozen snacks, the chicken galouti kebab was packed in a tray with separators to prevent them from sticking, which typically happens with frozen foods.

Look-wise, the ITC galouti kebab was consistent throughout the pack with zero broken pieces. No complaints here.

The cooking process used was similar to the ITC chicken kebab- tawa cooking. It took around 5 minutes for the first batch of the ITC galouti kebabs to cook from the inside. Our expectations were- a meaty and juicy chicken texture and a smoky flavor.

However, these chicken galouti kebabs were not as tender as you would expect them to be. These felt like regular kebabs. Taste-wise, they are a little sour and a bit too salty.

Marketing this ITC frozen food as regular kebabs would have been a better idea.

itc master chef chicken galouti kebab
ITC master chef chicken galouti kebab

#4 ITC Master Chef Chicken Seekh Kebab

From a seekh kebab roll to a seekh stir-fry, the words ‘seekh kebab’ can get our mouths watering instantly! Although nothing can beat the freshly skewered seekh kebab aroma, we were excited to try the ITC seekh kebab for our #FirstImpression.

The ITC Chicken Seekh Kebab comes in the classic black and red packaging which signifies a non-vegetarian ITC frozen food. Right as we opened the pack, the Mishry Kitchen was full of a spicy-meaty aroma.

We chose to shallow fry a few pieces of the ITC seekh kebab in regular vegetable oil for our first batch.

Unlike other ITC frozen snacks, the ITC Chicken Seekh Kebab needs to be thawed; therefore, we let it sit at room temperature for around 30 minutes. These chicken seekh kebabs taste fresh and juicy. Flavor-wise, we loved the coriander and chili addition. The chicken kebabs are coated with a layer of bread crumbs that adds a bite feel. However, they are spicier as compared to your average seekh kebab.

itc master chef chicken seekh kebab
ITC master chef chicken seekh kebab

#5 ITC Master Chef Crispy Chicken Fries

Who can ever say no to a plate of crunchy fries? And fries stuffed with chicken? Heart-eyes for this! We grabbed a pack of this ITC frozen food- the chicken fries. Plus points for being preservative-free.

Packed in a red and black pack, these crispy chicken fries from the ITC Master Chef frozen products range were identical in shape and size. As frozen snacks make for a quick and convenient party snack/starter option, we always mention how they look in the pre-cooking stage.

These chicken fries by ITC can be air-fried or deep-fried. We deep-fried them in sunflower oil on a medium flame. The ITC chicken fries had the crunch any fried snack generally has. We dig the chicken to batter ratio, it was perfect!

These ITC frozen fries were flavored with black pepper, and as we know chicken and black pepper pair well. This makes for a great kid-friendly snack and can be served with ketchup, mayonnaise during playdates or birthday parties.

itc master chef crispy chicken fries
ITC master chef crispy chicken fries

#6 ITC Master Chef Caribbean Chicken Pops

Apart from nuggets and samosas, there aren’t many chicken-based products in the ITC Frozen Snacks aisle. We were intrigued when we saw the ITC Master Chef Chicken Pops.

These were packed in similar black-red packaging with uniform and unbroken pieces. The suggested cooking methods mentioned on the back of the pack were- deep frying and shallow frying.

We deep-fried our Caribbean Chicken Pops in sunflower oil without any thawing. The texture was a 10/10, both inside and out! The crispy exterior pairs beautifully with the soft, melt-in-the-mouth chicken center. Additionally, the small onion bits added a different crunch altogether.

This ITC frozen food was flavored with herbs like thyme and parsley and pepper, cloves, and some ginger which we loved. That being said, the spice levels may not be appreciated by little ones.

itc master chef caribbean chicken pops
ITC master chef caribbean chicken pops


Let no one ever tell you that vegetarian snacks cannot be exciting or innovative! Signature party snacks like paneer tikka, vegetarian kebabs like dahi kebabs are classic dishes that are very popular and delicious to boot!

We tried a range of vegetarian snacks from the ITC Frozen foods list. As noticed across the spectrum of non-veg snacks by ITC, the packaging is good and helps create an impressive appearance.

#1 ITC Master Chef Dahi Kebab

Though nothing can beat the authentic street-food experience, we tried the ITC dahi kebab to test the taste and texture. Most importantly, do they taste fresh?

Like all vegetarian ITC Master Chef frozen products, the ITC dahi kebab was packed in a green and black pack. You get approximately 15 pieces in a pack, depending on the weight. We cooked them using the tawa cook method, and in less than 5 minutes, we had perfectly golden-brown dahi kebabs.

The pepper aroma coming from these kebabs was unmissable. Talking about the texture, these were super soft and dissolve as soon as you bite into them. Surprisingly, the curd tasted fresh and not sour. However, the black pepper may feel a little too spicy for those with a low spice tolerance.

itc master chef dahi kebab
ITC master chef dahi kebab

#2 ITC Master Chef Alphabytes

Do you remember the first time you had smiley-shaped fried potatoes? The joy! ITC Master Chef frozen snacks added a fun alphabet-shaped potato-based snack to their existing frozen-foods range. When we bought the pack, the main questions we had were- would they fry well, would these frozen fries break, and of course, how do they taste?

Like ITC French fries, the ITC Alphabytes didn’t require thawing. We deep-fried a handful and in 4 minutes we had a plate of sizzling, edible alphabets ready!

The only disappointment we have faced in our past reviews is a hollow, empty center when it comes to potato-based snacks. These ITC Alphabytes though, were soft, fluffy, and have a well-balanced filling.

They are crunchy from the outside too. To add to this, these are mildly seasoned and can be relished with any flavored condiment. It is an excellent snack for kids and adults too!

itc master chef alphabytes
ITC master chef alphabytes

#3 ITC Master Chef Frozen Fries

Fries? Yes! Peeling, cutting, chopping, endless hours in the kitchen? No!

If you think the same, you would love to know which brand of frozen fries is the tastiest and crunchiest. We reviewed 3 popular brands of frozen French fries and here is why the ITC French fries won.

These frozen fries maintained a uniform shape and size throughout the pack.

They were seasoned with salt. We did not thaw them before frying. Part one was deep-frying using sunflower oil. All the ITC French fries cooked evenly within the same duration, thanks to uniformity in size and shape.

Part two was the air-frier method. Again, ITC French fries cooked the quickest among its contenders. Apart from the least cooking time needed, ITC won because these frozen fries are seasoned well and not hollow.

itc master chef frozen fries
ITC master chef frozen fries

#4 ITC Master Chef Lime and Mint Wedges

Potato wedges usually have the peel on, are thick, and have a rustic look. The exceptional taste and texture of this potato-based side dish make it complementary to most dips and sauces.

Lime and mint is a classic flavor combination you can’t go wrong with. So, we tried the ITC lemon and mint wedges to test the claims they made. During the dry test, these potato wedges were not broken or stuck to each other.

Each wedge had a different shape. It added to the overall experience. In addition to these, there was a robust lemony-mint aroma. Deep-frying, air-frying, and baking were the recommended methods.

We deep-fried the ITC lemon and mint wedges. Post-cooking, the crunch was loud and pronounced. The potato filling was soft and fluffy, which tasted great. The lemon and mint flavor added to the freshness, and we rightly gave this ITC frozen snack 4.5 Mishrys!

itc master chef lime and mint wedges
ITC master chef lime and mint wedges

#5 ITC Master Chef Rajmah Galouti Kebab

In India, primarily mushrooms and rajma beans are used to make a vegetarian version of a non-veg dish while keeping the texture the same. We grabbed a pack of the ITC rajma galouti kebab to check if it lives up to our expectations or not. Here’s what we think.

One green-black pack contains 15 pieces of the rajma galouti kebabs. They are neatly packed in a tray with separators. Though there are three suggested methods of cooking, ITC recommends tawa cooking.

We had to add a lot of oil to these as compared to the ITC hara bhara kebab to prevent them from burning.

To simply put it, these rajma galouti kebabs disappointed us. The taste, the texture, all of it. Tate-wise, the seasoning is very, very mild and rajma bits could be tasted.

These kebabs had a coarse and grainy texture, unlike regular galouti kebabs that have a melt-in-the-mouth feel. This did not make it to our annual favorites list.

itc master chef rajmah galouti kebab
ITC master chef rajmah galouti kebab

#6 ITC Lebanese Falafel Kebab

Although some ITC Master Chef frozen snacks got a negative review either because of their taste or texture, all-in-all, ITC frozen snacks are distinctly refreshing. We say this because of the innovation in producing frozen snacks that go beyond potatoes.

The  ITC kebab- Lebanese Falafel is made from chickpea flour and seasoned with classic Indian spices, as mentioned on the pack. We fried them with some refined oil and had a plate of perfectly cooked ITC kebabs in under 5 minutes.

These were crunchy and crispy. Talking about the taste, the Lebanese flavor that is dominated by fresh herbs really came through. In addition to this, the addition of cumin was appreciated. Thumbs up from us!

itc lebanese falafel kebab
ITC lebanese falafel kebab

#7 ITC Master Chef Hara Bhara Kebab

Finding a vegetarian non-potato-based snack in the frozen food aisle is nothing less than finding a treasure in the sea. This find made the vegetarian members of our team as happy as a kid in a candy store.

We got a pack, and the packaging was just like we expected. Neatly in a tray with separators and a consistent shape. So far, so good.

We read the nutritional label because it is as important as the taste. 52% peas and 18% spinach, this looked good.

Additionally, some amount of potatoes were added to help bind the ITC hara bhara kebabs. We cooked these green kebabs on a tawa. The ITC hara bhara kababs made a place in the hearts of all Team Mishry members. Even the non-vegetarians, yes! These green kebabs retained the pista-green color post-cooking too.

Texture-wise, we wanted a crisp exterior and a soft inside and this is what we got. The taste was spot-on because of the seasoning and spices used. We 100% recommend this. PS- cook these on a medium flame for best results.

itc master chef hara bhara kebab
ITC master chef hara bhara kebab

#8 ITC Master Chef Cheesy Corn Triangle

So far, we have enjoyed the ITC frozen products, especially nuggets- both veg and non-veg. When we heard about the ITC Master Chef cheesy corn triangle, we knew we had to get our hands on them.

Eyes eat first, and this ITC frozen food was identical in shape and size that added to the visual appeal. It has a triangular shape. We deep-fried the cheese nuggets in vegetable oil.

Starting with the texture, these cheese nuggets had three distinct textures. A crispy exterior, soft potato, and melty-gooey cheese. We hoped for more cheese than potatoes, and that is what we got!

In addition to potatoes, corn and capsicum have also been added but very sparingly. What made this ITC frozen food our Top Pick was the premium quality, feel, and taste at a price similar to the contenders.

itc master chef cheesy corn triangle
ITC master chef cheesy corn triangle

#9 ITC Master Chef Veggie Pizza Pocket

Fried foods and pizzas are on almost everyone’s cheat meal lists. What if we told you there’s no need to wait until your next cheat day? Another exciting addition to the vegetarian menu, ITC Master Chef Veggie Pizza Pocket!

These are bite-sized pizza-flavored snacks with real vegetables and real cheese. The veggies are not added as toppings. Instead, they are stuffed inside the bread. In one green-black box, you get 8-9 pieces of the pizza pockets.

This cheesy snack was ready in 5 minutes when we deep-fried them. These pizza pockets tasted as good as regular pizza. What was even better was how the vegetables retained their crunch post-cooking. But the best part was the gooey cheese. The ITC Master Chef Veggie Pizza Pocket doesn’t just taste delicious. It looks and cooks delicious too!

itc master chef veggie pizza pocket
ITC master chef veggie pizza pocket

Final Words

Fin! Here is the ITC frozen foods list, all in one place. So whether you’re looking for a fun non-veg snack to curb the cravings or vegetarian guests showed up unannounced, you will always be ready. While some ITC frozen items disappointed us, others became cult favs, and we keep our pantries stocked with them.

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