ITC Hara Bhara Kebab Review
ITC hara bhara kebab review

ITC Hara Bhara Kebab Review

Soft and tasty or dry and unappetizing? Read our review of the ITC Hara Bhara Kebab to know more.

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No Indian dinner party is complete without some succulent kebabs. While the shammis and the galoutis take the front line for the non-vegetarians, vegetarian snacks are often limited till aloo or paneer. The same goes for frozen snacks. While there is a wide range of vegetarian frozen snacks in the Indian market, a majority of them are potato-based.

For a vegetarian, there was a definitive lack of decent frozen snacks that were not ‘aloo’. When we came across the ITC vegetarian kebab range, the vegetarian members of the team were happy as a clam. We reviewed the ITC Hara Bhara Kebab and here is our #FirstImpression.

What You Need To Know About ITC Hara Bhara Kebab

*As per the information given on the pack

  • Can be cooked using three methods – On a tawa, in an air fryer, or baked.
  • 100 grams of these hara bhara kebabs provide 108 Kcal of energy.
  • No added preservatives.

ITC Hara Bhara Kebab

The texture and seasoning of ITC Master Chef’s Hara Bhara Kebab is spot on, and the taste of the vegetables does not feel artificial.

MRP – Rs 130/-*

Net weight – 210 grams

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of ITC Hara Bhara Kebab

Price and packaging – A single pack of ITC hara bhara kebab contains 15 pieces approximately. A 210-gram pack is priced at Rs 130/- which we felt was justified. The kebabs were packed in a tray with separators that helped refrain the kebabs from sticking to each other (which usually happens in the case of frozen foods).

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Shape And Size – We love how consistent the shape and size of these kebabs were. They are small, thick kebabs that can be easily served at any dinner party or a small get together. Their uniformity in shape and size makes them an excellent contender and is very pleasing to look at.

Ingredients – The list of ingredients include green peas (52%), spinach (18%), dehydrated potatoes (13%) (Yes, there are potatoes in it to bind the kebab), degermed cornflour and lots of spices.

Cooking Method – These kebabs can be baked, air fried or cooked on a tawa. The pack recommends cooking these kebabs on a tawa and we followed the same. On a non-stick tawa, we smeared some oil and placed them on the tawa. We DID NOT THAW these kebabs. At first, we were a little skeptical about these kebabs cooking till the center, but once done, we were pleasantly surprised.

TIP – Do not cook on high heat, cooking on medium flame gives excellent results.

The cooking of the ITC Hara Bhara Kebab

Color – For a hara bhara kebab to be ‘hara‘ (green), a lot of vegetables need to go in for that wonderful pista-green color. The ITC kebabs do not contain any artificial coloring and as they heat up on the tawa, a beautiful green color emerges.

Taste and texture – The texture and taste of the kebabs are smack on! After cooking, the kebabs were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The seasoning and spices are very appropriate. The garlicky taste is very welcome in these kebabs. Pair it with some green chutney and lachcha pyaaz, and you will have a stellar snack to serve.

As it is not spicy, you can happily serve these to the kids too. That is IF they want to ditch the smileys and nuggets for some veggie kebabs!

Mishry Rating (On a scale of 0-5) We would give the ITC Hara Bhara kebabs 4 out of 5 Mishrys.

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