The Earth Kitchen - Exquisite Dressings And Spreads

The Earth Kitchen – Exquisite Dressings And Spreads

Splendid! The dips and drizzle by The Earth Kitchen are truly ‘Handmade with love’.

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Fresh flavors and a clean ingredient list left us wanting for more. The dips and drizzles by The Earth Kitchen are worth a buy.

More and more people are relying on local, homegrown brands for their snack-time. Be it something as rustic as a mathri to something gourmet like a block of cheese or a jar of pesto. 

One such local brand that relies on the mantra of clean eating is The Earth Kitchen. At The Earth Kitchen every little ingredient used either comes straight from the local farms or from the founder’s organically nurtured kitchen garden. 

We ordered three bestsellers from The Earth Kitchen as a part of our new Curated By Mishry series. We reviewed them for their flavor intensity, freshness, price and packaging. Here is all that you need to know about The Earth Kitchen.

Curated by Mishry

The Earth Kitchen – At A Glance

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1. Legal Name The Earth Kitchen
2. Founder Priti Bali
3. Founded Year 2020
4. Headquarters New Delhi
5. Products Covered Dressings, Dips, Sauces, Dry rubs
6. Operation Delhi & NCR

The Earth Kitchen – Everything You Need To Know

Here is all that you need to know about the brand including the brand’s journey, operation, products offered and much more.

Founder | The Earth Kitchen’s Journey

In the words of the brand, “Two decades back our founder, Priti Bali decided to take her love for cooking out of her kitchen and started catering institutionally, driven to satiate people through her culinary creations. From being awarded Best Chef In Delhi in 2001 to inspiring many through her MasterChef India journey in 2014; with the beginning of 2020, our founder began the work towards a lifelong dream of creating a wholesome brand that changes the way people snack!

At The Earth Kitchen, organic is the only way you eat! Bringing a plethora of flavourful products that help you channelise your undying love for food in a pure, earthy and organic way.”

Brand Mission & Vision

“Eating good should also feel good. For us, at The Earth Kitchen, food isn’t just limited to the joy of eating but celebrating the offerings of the Earth in their purest form.”

Products Covered

The product section is divided into four segments. Some of the products offered by The Earth Kitchen are – 

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  • Dips and sauces – This includes pesto, hummus, harissa, chilli jam, labneh and more.
  • Dressings – Vinaigrettes, ginger miso drizzle and hot dipping sauce are some of the products offered in this section.
  • Assortments include dry rubs and crackers.
  • The Kitchenware section offers rosewood ladles.


They are only delivering in Delhi and NCR currently.

The Earth Kitchen Products – Our Recommendations

the earth kitchen mishry recommendations
Our order from The Earth Kitchen - Basil Pesto, Ginger Miso Drizzle and Burnt Garlic And Caper Cream Cheese.

What we ordered – We ordered three products from The Earth Kitchen – 

  • Basil pesto
  • Burnt garlic and caper cream cheese
  • Ginger and miso drizzle

How much did we pay for this? We paid a total of Rs 1060.88 for the three products. 

  • Basil pesto – Rs 370/-
  • Burnt garlic and caper cream cheese – Rs 340/-
  • Ginger and miso drizzle – Rs 240/-
  • Shipping charges – Rs 110.88/-

We also received a small sample of a BBQ spice mix, which we did not test as a part of the review.

Instructions for storage – We were asked to refrigerate them as soon as we received them. 

Packaging – Our order from The Earth Kitchen arrived in a brown paper bag. All the products were packed in glass jars. After closing the lid, they were covered with a jute cloth piece which gave it a very rustic, artisanal look.

1. Basil Pesto

We know! Basil pesto has been overdone. Pesto and its many MANY versions are filled in the market and some are made using cheap quality oils, nuts and cheese. Pesto is made using several expensive ingredients. Be it the parmesan or the pine nuts and olive oil.

Which is why we wanted to know how the one from The Earth Kitchen is different? We tested the pesto with a fresh loaf of bread to test its freshness and flavor.

Basil Pesto Product Information
Price Rs 340/-
Net Weight 200 gms
Ingredients Basil, Pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, Extra virgin olive oil, Garlic, Salt, Black pepper
Shelf life 20 days from date of manufacture
the earth kitchen basil pesto jar
We could see a little oil floating on top.
the earth kitchen basil pesto contents
The pesto is not a fine paste, but a bit chunkier.
the earth kitchen basil pesto taste test
The fresh basil, nutty pine nuts and the salty parmesan are a dream team.
closer look at the earth kitchen basil pesto
A closer look at the Basil Pesto by The Earth Kitchen.

What We Like

The basil pesto from The Earth Kitchen is fresh and tastes SUPERB! (Yes, we had to write it in caps). 

The bright green color and the small puddles of oil in between the jar are just gorgeous to look at! We liked that the oil wasn’t just flowing out every time we picked it up. It was as if the nuts had slowly released their natural oil and lent it to the pesto. This has the perfect consistency and is super easy to spread. 

The depth of flavor that comes from parmesan is a welcome change from the cheap, excessively oily versions of packaged pesto we usually find in the market. Salt levels are balanced too.

You can use it as a dip, spread or even make a mouth-watering pasta dish using this basil pesto.

2. Burnt Garlic And Caper Cream Cheese

What makes a good cream cheese? As the name suggests, cream cheese has an extremely rich and creamy consistency. It should have a smooth spreadability.

Unlike many ripened cheeses, this is not aged and does not have any strong, pungent taste or aroma. Cream cheese is a very mild tasting cheese and is able to take on other flavors wonderfully. 

This cream cheese by The Earth Kitchen is flavored with capers and burnt garlic. Capers have an innate sourness that gets beautifully infused in other dishes. Burnt garlic too lends its robust flavor and amps up even the most plain recipes.

We used it as a spread on a well-toasted multigrain bun. Could we taste the capers and burnt garlic in this? How was the spreadability?

Cream Cheese Product Information
Price Rs 340/-
Net Weight 200 gms
Ingredients Cream cheese, Capers Garlic, Sea salt, Black pepper, Extra virgin olive oil
Shelf life 20 days from date of manufacture
the earth kitchen burnt garlic and caper cream cheese jar
The aroma of burnt garlic envelopes you as soon as you open the jar.
the earth kitchen burnt garlic and caper cream cheese contents
The burnt garlic bits mix up well with the cream cheese.
the earth kitchen garlic and caper cream cheese taste test
The cream cheese spreads with great ease.
closer look at the earth kitchen garlic and caper cream cheese
Smooth, creamy and delicious!

What We Like

As soon as we popped open the jar of cream cheese, the strong burnt garlic aroma enveloped us. The characteristic caper sharpness is very subtle which gives the cream cheese a wonderful flavor. The garlic bits mix well within the spread. 

This is a delicious tasting, rich spread for your bagels, breads and even crackers.

3. Ginger And Miso Drizzle

Ingredients like ginger and miso instantly take your mind towards Japanese cuisine. For the uninitiated, miso is a paste made using fermented soybeans and koji (a type of mold). This is widely used in Japanese cuisine to create a variety of broths, dressings and marinades for that deep umami flavor.

We tried the Ginger And Miso Drizzle over a delicate cucumber and toasted sesame salad. Why not an elaborate leafy salad, you may ask? Most salads are overloaded with nuts, seeds, leafy vegetables and protein. That tends to mask the original flavor of the dressing. A mild tasting vegetable like cucumber further enhanced the flavor of the drizzle.

Ginger And Miso Drizzle Product Information
Price Rs 240/-
Net Weight 200 ml
Ingredients Ginger, Miso, Extra virgin olive oil, Rice wine vinegar, Light soy sauce, Dehydrated shiitake mushroom powder
Shelf life 20 days from date of manufacture
the earth kitchen ginger and miso drizzle packaging
The Ginger and Miso Drizzle comes in a glass bottle.
closer look at the earth kitchen ginger and miso drizzle contents
A closer look at drizzle by The Earth Kitchen.
the earth kitchen ginger and miso drizzle taste test
The Ginger And Miso Drizzle has an undeniable umami flavor.
the earth kitchen ginger and miso drizzle in cucumber and toasted sesame salad
The light cucumber and sesame salad we made using the ginger miso drizzle.

What We Like

Without exaggeration, the ginger and miso drizzle by The Earth Kitchen is magnificent. When we dry-tasted the drizzle, to check for salt levels and consistency, we couldn’t help ourselves from going back for seconds.

The mild zing coming from the ginger and the umami flavor of the miso are just fabulous! This drizzle has potential to pair with a variety of salads, grilled chicken, vegetables and fish.

The Earth Kitchen – Contact Details

Contact Number – +91 931-121-1929

Email Id – ​​

Website –

Social Media Links – Instagram | Facebook 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on The Earth Kitchen.

What is the price of the dips and sauces by The Earth Kitchen?

All dips, spreads and sauces by The Earth Kitchen are priced between Rs 250/- and Rs 380/-. Depending on the ingredients used, the price of the products vary.

Which locations do they deliver in? 

Currently, The Earth Kitchen, only delivers in Delhi and NCR.

Are the products by The Earth Kitchen organic?

As per their website, the ingredients are either sourced from local farms or come from the founder’s organic kitchen garden.

Who is the founder of The Earth Kitchen?

Priti Bali is the founder of The Earth Kitchen.

Final Verdict – The Earth Kitchen

the earth kitchen curated by mishry
Thumbs up from Team Mishry for the dips, spreads and drizzles by The Earth Kitchen.

We fell in love! Our hearts were particularly set on the Ginger Miso Drizzle and the Basil Pesto. These are fresh and packed with tons of flavor. The fact that this has a clean ingredient list? Even better. 

We highly recommend the handmade dips and drizzles by The Earth Kitchen.

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