ITC's Lebanese Falafel Kebab: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of itc falafel kebab

ITC’s Lebanese Falafel Kebab: #FirstImpressions

With its new range of frozen foods, ITC Masterchef is trying to give the average consumer a taste of exotic dishes. Lebanese Falafel Kebabs are one such variant of its exciting range of ready-to-eat frozen foods.

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Falafel is a deep-fried Lebanese dish that is enjoyed the world over. ITC, clearly seeing a demand for these, has recently launched a new frozen food variant based on the same dish. ITC’s Lebanese Falafel Kebab is introduced under its MasterChef series that offers a wide range of interesting snacks, from Mumbai-style vada pops to Cheesy Corn Triangles. You can eat these falafels as is, like a kebab with a dip or put them in a pita, add some salad and seasoning and make a wrap for yourself. For our #FirstsImpressions series, this week we looked at this new offering from ITC Masterchef.



Quick Facts About ITC’s Lebanese Falafel Kebab



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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings
  1. Made from chickpea flour, these snacks have the goodness of many spices and herbs.
  2. It is best consumed twelve months from the date of packaging.
  3. The packet must always be stored in a deep-freezer.


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Instructions for preparing this Lebanese dish:

These frozen falafel kebabs can be prepared by in three different ways:

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  1. Shallow Fry: Cook for 4-5 minutes.
  2. Air Fry: Preheat to 200℃, and cook for 10-12 minutes.
  3. Deep Fry: Cook for 3-4 minutes.



ITC’s Lebanese Falafel Kebab

Flavored with parsley, mint, and coriander, each bite of this Lebanese delicacy is perfect.

MRP: Rs 100*

*Price at the time of review






#FirstImpressions Of ITC’s Lebanese Falafel Kebab

There is something distinctly refreshing about all the snacks we have tried from ITC’s Masterchef series. The range is innovative and luckily goes beyond the usual aloo-based frozen foods. And they are also tasty to boot. The Lebanese Falafel Kebabs are no different.

Every bite of these Falafel Kebabs has that minty feel, which tastes fresh and authentic. These taste as good as any freshly made falafel kebabs. Falafels are meant to be a bit grainy in texture and are mildly seasoned. Classic recipes also add a lot of fresh herbs like coriander and parsley, along with spices like cumin. The ready-to-eat Falafel Kebabs by ITC also use coriander and parsley and, these clearly add authenticity to the snack.

Those who are tired of the same old range of ready-to-eat vegetarian snack foods are going to like this. This is also a good option for people looking to make quick, Mediterranean-style wraps and sandwiches at home.




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