Mishry Mums Review: McCain Aloo Tikki (Frozen Foods)

Mishry Mums Review: McCain Aloo Tikki (Frozen Foods)

Mishry Mum Sweety Jain reviews the very popular Aloo-Tikki by McCain this week. How does this product work with the mothers of young kids? Let’s find out in this review.

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Check out our Mishry Mum Sweety Jain’s review of McCain Aloo Tikki.

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First Impressions McCain Aloo Tikki

The tikkis have a consistently perfect size and shape. I shallow fried them using very little oil. The fried tikkis had perfect crispiness and had a nice brown color to add. The packet is priced at Rs. 160 and has a fair amount of tikkis in it. Overall, it is a reasonable product, perfect for your hunger pangs.

mccain aloo tikki
McCain Aloo Tikki

McCain Aloo Tikki

McCain aloo tikkis can be best eaten in a burger, ragda patties, and aloo tikki chaat.

Price: Rs. 160/- *

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*Price at the time of review

Tasting Session

The tikkis taste really nice. They are a perfect blend of masalas that we all look for in tikkis. They are not spicy, so kids can enjoy them at any given point. You can make burgers, ragda patties, or a tikki chaat. McCain Aloo Tikki makes for a good instant snack, especially for guests who come on short notice or for kids when they are hungry.

mishry mum reviewing mccain aloo tikki

Overall, I like the aloo tikkis by McCain and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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