A Mum’s Review On Alpino Peanut Butter
mishry mum anju gupta reviews alpino peanut butter

A Mum’s Review On Alpino Peanut Butter

Mishry Mum Anju Gupta shares her review on Alpino Peanut Butter. Here are her thoughts on the product.

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Peanut butter is your go-to choice after an intense work out routine! If you’re looking for this protein-packed spread, Alpino peanut butter is the best alternative. Skipping through the various unhealthy spreads, I got my hands on this peanut butter. Apart from including this in my healthy diet plan, I can count on this spread for my kid’s morning breakfast too.

alpino peanut butter review
A jar of Alpino peanut butter.

The health quotient of this product is up to the mark! This vegan spread is rich in protein and fiber. Also, it ensures zero trans fat and cholesterol. A perfect addition to the diet plan!

You can include this nutrient rich peanut butter in your gluten free diet too. A must try spread indeed!

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