All New Bagrry's Makhana Cheese And Herbs Review

All New Bagrry’s Makhana Cheese And Herbs Review

Bagrry’s is known for its wide range of breakfast mueslis, but did you know they now have a range of flavoured makhanas too? We reviewed the Cheese and Herbs variant of Bagrry’s in our kitchen and this is how it went.

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Most Indians have been munching on a bowlful of crunchy makhanas all their lives. Makhanas, mildly roasted in ghee with a touch of salt were probably the only foolproof recipe we have all followed for a long time. With the sudden boom in consuming this healthy age-old snack, more and more brands have been launching flavors like mint, peri-peri, tomato and more. Our review of Bagrry’s Makhana – Cheese And Herbs will help you decide for yourselves if these are meant for you, or not. Is this crossover between cheese and makhanas tasty? Read our #FirstImpression to know more.

Makanas are also known as foxnuts and lotus seeds.

What You Need To Know About Bagrry’s Makhana – Cheese And Herbs

*As per information on the pack

  • Contains wheat, milk and soya.
  • It uses rice bran oil.
  • They are not fried.
  • 100 grams of makhanas provide 495 Kcal of energy.

Bagrry’s Makhana – Cheese And Herbs

Bagrry’s Makhana – Cheese and Herbs are crisp but lack decent seasoning.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

MRP – Rs 200/- for a 100-gram jar

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of Bagrry’s Makhana – Cheese And Herbs

Packing and label reading – Bagrry’s Makhana – Cheese And Herbs come in a transparent plastic jar. They are priced at Rs.200 for 100 grams of cheese-flavored makhanas.

Review of Bagrry’s Makhana – Cheese And Herbs

On the side of the pack, where the characteristics and benefits of makhanas are written, it has been mentioned that they are gluten-free but when you have a look at the ingredient list or the allergen advice – it clearly says the product ‘contains wheat’. To clear that out, let’s explain one thing. Makhanas are gluten-free by nature, but the cheese flavoring that they have added contains wheat flour. So, people with a gluten allergy should not consume this product. And, perhaps the brand should relook at this kind of detailing on the label which may lead to a gluten-intolerant being lead to believe that this product is ok to eat.

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Reading labels of any product you buy in detail is a must! Fox nuts are naturally gluten-free but flavored fox nuts may contain wheat!

Crispiness, taste, and texture – Bagrry’s Makhanas are pretty crispy. They are slightly tangy and have a cheesy flavor. There is a parmesan-cheese flavor that shines at the end. However, we found the cheese and herb flavor to be a bit weak and muted. Unfortunately, the seasoning is also not well balanced. They weren’t salty enough. We felt if the salt content was a little bit more, the taste would be better. You can spot the parsley specks in the product but we couldn’t taste it at all.

Overall, it is an average product, and we don’t see us returning to its current avatar.

Bagrry’s Makhana – Herb and Cheese Flavor

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