Mishry Mum Shweta Jain Can’t Get Enough Of Orika Italian Seasoning
orika italian seasoning review by mishry mum shweta jain

Mishry Mum Shweta Jain Can’t Get Enough Of Orika Italian Seasoning

Mishry Mums Shweta Jain got her hands on Orika Italian Seasoning. Here are her thoughts on the product.

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A blend of different spices and herbs, Italian seasoning is a delicious addition to any Italian dish. You can sprinkle these on pasta, pizza, spaghetti, or a loaf of basic garlic bread. Being a die-hard lover of Italian food, I was searching for a good-quality Italian seasoning. While browsing online to buy the best Italian seasoning, I came across the brand Orika. The product arrived in a neatly packed box.

orika italian seasoning packaging
The small pet jar bottle of Orika Italian Seasoning.

The small pet jar contains individual sachets of Italian seasoning. Taste-wise, this Italian seasoning gets a huge thumbs up from me. Moreover, I also received free samples of Orika’s peri peri seasoning. Loved, this one too!

the individual sachets of orika italian and peri peri seasoning
Orika Italian seasoning and Peri Peri seasoning sachets.
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