Mishry Mum Priyanka Goel Is A Fan Of Orika Italian Seasoning
orika italian seasoning review by mishry mum priyanka goel

Mishry Mum Priyanka Goel Is A Fan Of Orika Italian Seasoning

Check out below a detailed review of Orika Italian Seasoning shared by Mishry Mum Priyanka Goel.

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Italian seasoning is a must to add a dash of flavor to homemade pizzas, pastas, spaghetti and garlic breads. It is a blend of different herbs and spices that has a strong aroma and adds a delicious flavor. I recently bought Orika Italian seasoning from an online portal.

This Italian seasoning comes in a jar bottle and offers a quantity of 40 gm. It contains 50 sachets of 0.8 gm each. I really loved the idea of these individual sachets. It helps in easy use and retains the freshness and taste of the seasoning. The aroma of this seasoning is intense and inviting. 

The texture is crisp. The price of the 40 gm quantity is Rs. 99. The cost of each sachet comes close to Rs. 2, which I feel is a value for money deal. This product is a must try and gets a big thumbs up from me! 

Priyanka Goel - Orika Seasoning
A small pet jar of Orika Italian Seasoning and the pizza sprinkled with the seasoning.
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