Hongxin Milk Frother Review

Hongxin Milk Frother Review

If cafe-style lattes can be made at home, who would want to go out? Read our review of Hongxin’s Milk Frother.

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Imagine this – a comfy coffee house, your favorite book, a large cup filled to the brim with the yummiest frothy coffee. Isn’t that the ultimate paradise? You can now dream of that paradise at home too. With the sudden rise in inexpensive milk foamers/milk frothers in the market, we all can dare to make professional-league coffee at home. Hongxin’s Handheld Milk Frother is one of many such cool tools that claims it can froth up coffee drinks, milkshakes, salad dressings, and eggs. We review this battery-operated kitchen appliance to find out if it lives up to the expectation.

Some facts about Hongxin Milk Frother

*As per information on the pack

  • It is made in China.
  • It has a stainless steel whisk.
  • It is battery operated – Two AA batteries are required to operate this appliance.

Hongxin Milk Frother

A compact and handy battery operated milk frother, which can be used to whisk eggs, make frothy coffees and buttermilk.

#FirstImpression of Hongxin Milk Frother

Design – Hongxin’s milk frother is small, compact and fairly good to look at. It is very handy and has a button on top to operate the rotator.

Durability – The Hongxin Milk Frother uses batteries to operate which can be changed as and when required. We used it for across 3 weeks, over 15 times and did not need to change the batteries.

Testing phase – We divided our testing phase by using three different food items – Coffee, buttermilk and eggs. We whisked them using the frother to test out if it is going to be used as a multi-functional appliance or not.

The coffee test – To test if the appliance served the prime purpose it was advertised for, we made some instant coffee first. In half a cup of hot water, we mixed half a teaspoon of premixed instant coffee. This premix already had milk powder and sugar. Nothing extra was added on top. We whisked it till the coffee frothed up evenly. After 10-15 seconds we could start seeing a thin layer of froth on top. We felt, if we made a regular milk-water-sugar coffee on a stovetop, it would have frothed up even more.

The buttermilk test – To make the buttermilk, we mixed equal amounts of water and curd. In less than 10 seconds, we could see the froth forming up. Hongxin’s milk frother created the best and fattest layer of froth on the buttermilk. Even after we poured it into glasses, the froth retained.

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The egg test – To test how well the appliance could whisk up eggs, we put one in a bowl. We used the whole egg with the yolk to make the omelet. We added a pinch of salt and pepper to it. The egg frothed up very quickly and the omelet was very airy and fluffy.

Overall, we felt this is a very good product that can be used to whisk 1-2 eggs at a time, coffee, and best of all, the buttermilk.

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