Mum’s Review On Imagine Meats Hot Dog Sausages
Mishry Mums Review Imagine Meats Hot Dog Sausages

Mum’s Review On Imagine Meats Hot Dog Sausages

Mishry Mum Kanika Datta recently reviewed Imagine Meats Hot Dog Sausages. Here are her thoughts on the overall taste of this product.

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Mishry Mums is a platform that constantly shares and reviews new product launches. Imagine Meats is a new brand launched by talented actors and power couple Ritesh and Genelia. It is a plant-based venture based on creating traditional Indian dishes using meat alternatives.

I recently tried the Hot Dog Sausages from Imagine Meats and here I am sharing an honest review about my overall experience. I had these sausages at my sister in law’s place who had placed an order for these. She prepared a basic hot dog recipe by stuffing these hot dog sausages in hot dog buns along with a few vegetables. 

These sausages taste delicious and are a must try if you are a die hard chicken lover.

Imagine Meats Hot Dog Sausage packaging
The overall packaging of the Hot Dog Sausages
Imagine Meats Mishry Mums review
The Hot Dog prepared using Imagine Meats Hot Dog Sausages
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