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kurkure green chutney style review

Kurkure Green Chutney Style Review – Crunchy & Chatpata

Kurkure Green Chutney Style has a chatpata flavor and is crunchy. Here is an in-depth review covering more details on the product.

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Mishry Ratings

4 / 5
4 / 5


Crunchy, chatpata and lip-smacking. Kurkure Green Chutney Style gets a green signal from Team Mishry. The taste justifies the flavor tag.

A bag of chips, some namkeen or a trail mix. Evening time hunger pangs call for a bowl of chatpata crunchy snacks that you can pair with just about anything.

Kurkure is a well known Indian brand that offers a wide array of snacks in different flavors – Masala Munch, Chilli Chatka, Solid Masti, and Naughty Tomato amongst others. A rather eclectic flavor is Kurkure’s green chutney.

Inquisitive to know about the flavor profile of a green chutney flavored snack? Find out more details about the product in our Kurkure Green Chutney Style Review.

Kurkure Green Chutney Style – Everything You Need To Know

kurkure green chutney style packaging
Kurkure Green Chutney Style Packaging

All that you need to know about the Kurkure Green Chutney Style – From ingredients to the price, taste and texture.

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1. Main Ingredients

The ingredients play a crucial role in impacting the taste and texture of any packaged snack. The main ingredients included here are – 

Rice meal (42.8%), Veg oil (palmolien oil), Corn meal (19.8%), Gram meal(3.3%), Spices and Condiments (chilli powder, onion powder, garlic powder, tamarind powder, amchoor, fennel powder, parsley leaf powder, spice extract), Iodised salt, Citric acid (330). 

Contains added flavors (natural, nature identical and artificial (dates flavoring substances). 

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2. Appearance

Kurkure is well known for its twisted, uneven, ‘tedha’ design and the Kurkure Green Chutney Style showcased the same.

These kurkure have a yellow color and are nicely coated with the dry masala powder. There are a few green specs observed on this kurkure.

3. Texture

Spot-on! We give full marks to Kurkure Green Chutney Style for its crunchy texture. These have a bold crunch.

Kurkure Green Chutney Style does not feel oily to touch.

4. Taste

Green chutney is primarily all about the fresh minty and/or coriander flavor. Apart from that a certain tang from spices like dry mango/tamarind should also be there. 

These Kurkure have a delicious tangy taste with slight undertones of  sweetness. These are chatpata and we love that! We could also taste hints of garlic and onion.

The flavor of these kurkure is very much in sync with the green chutney style tag.

5. Aroma

On opening the pack, the aroma of tamarind was the most noticeable. 

6. Nutritional Information

Here is the nutritional information of Kurkure Green Chutney Style per 100 gm : 

Energy – 556 kcal, Protein – 5.3 gm, Total Carbohydrate – 56.3 gm, Total Fat- 34.4 gm , and Sodium – 1021 mg. 

7. Price

A 90 gm (81 gm + 9 gm) pack of Kurkure Green Chutney Style comes at a price of INR 20.

8. Shelf Life

Kurkure Green Chutney Style offers a shelf life of 4 months.

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Kurkure Green Chutney Style – Detailed Review

Kurkure Green Chutney Style  Product Details 
Net Quantity 90 gm (81 gm + 9 gm)
Price  INR 20
Main Ingredients  Rice meal (42.8%), Veg oil (palmolien oil), Corn meal (19.8%), Gram meal (3.3%)
Shelf Life  4 months 
Protein (100 gm) 5.3 gm 


We reviewed the 90 gm (81 gm + 9 gm) pack of Kurkure Green Chutney Style.  Priced at Rs.20, it comes with a shelf life of 4 months. The light green color pack of these kurkure is eye-catching. The pack is not resealable. 

These have a twisted shape and are well coated with the dry masala powder. It has a prominent aroma of tamarind as we opened the pack. These are chatpata and super delicious.

The tang is dominant and the subtle sweetness lingers in the background. Just like a fresh green chutney, these also lend similar flavors.

overhead view of kurkure green chutney style style in a bowl
The preparation for our review process!
closer look at kurkure green chutney style in a bowl
A close look at the Kurkure Green Chutney Style
kurkure green chutney style pieces on a table
We loved the Chatpata Taste of this kurkure!


  • Kurkure Green Chutney Style comes in a vibrant light green color pack.
  • The 90 gm (81 gm + 9 gm) pack costs INR 20. 
  • Shelf Life : 4 months. 
  • Main Ingredients (Top 4) :  Rice meal (42.8%), Veg oil (palmolien oil), Corn meal (19.8%), Gram meal(3.3%). 
  • It is a vegetarian product.  


  • We loved the chatpata flavor of this variant. 
  • These are super crunchy. 
  • The salt level is balanced. 
  • The signature spicy chutney flavor is present. The tangy flavor of  this variant does justice to the flavor name. 

Best Suited For

Kurkure Green Chutney Style is best suited for people who love to indulge in chatpata snacks. These are ideal to carry while traveling for quick munching on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Kurkure Green Chutney Style.

1. Is Kurkure green chutney namkeen healthy?

Packaged foods must be consumed in moderation. There are a few ingredients in Kurkure Green Chutney Style including the use of palmolein oil which cannot be labeled as healthy.

2. Are these namkeens completely vegetarian?

Yes, these namkeens are completely vegetarian. 

3. Does this product contain any preservatives?

The ingredient list of Kurkure Green Chutney Style mentions the use of Citric Acid (330). Citric acid is commonly used to add a sour taste and also acts as a preservative in packaged foods. 

4. Why is the product called green chutney style?

These kurkure are super chapata and have that signature spicy, fresh chutney flavor to it. Hence, the flavor name of this variant green chutney style is justified.

Final Words

Kurkure Green Chutney Style was a hit in our review test. The balanced salt level, prominent chatpata flavor and that crunch are a few positive attributes we loved about this kurkure. Enjoy these as it is or toss in some onions, tomatoes and have them as a chaat.

Which is your favorite variant when it comes to Kurkure? Drop in your comments below and do let us know.

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