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sundrop nutrify honey roasted oats review

Sundrop Nutrify Honey Roasted Oats Review – Healthy or not?

The taste and texture of Sundrop Nutrify Honey Roasted Oats is fairly palatable. However, the incomplete details on the pack left us concerned.

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Loaded with almonds, cranberries, and sugar, Nutrify Oats is definitely not an ideal everyday breakfast option. That said, it has a delightful mix of textures.

Granola, muesli, oatmeal. What’s common among these breakfast items? The primary ingredient is OATS. Oats are considered beneficial for health. As fibrous and potentially nutritious as these varied forms of oats can be, often RTE packs are loaded with sugar and poor-quality fats. 

Sundrop, a brand associated with oils, is slowly but steadily making its way to our breakfast tables. After reviewing the Multigrain Popz, we decided on reviewing the honey roasted oats by Sundrop. This Sundrop Nutrify Honey Roasted oats review sheds light on what we liked, what we didn’t, and it’s nutritional profile.

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Sundrop Nutrify Honey Roasted Oats – Everything You Need To Know

sundrop nutrify oats packaging
These oats are packed in a resealable pouch.

All you need to know about Sundrop Nutrify Honey Roasted oats  is discussed in this section of the review. 

1. Packaging

These honey roasted oats are packed in a vibrant green-colored resealable pouch. The pack boasts of the ingredients used with eye-catching graphics. 

2. Ingredients

The main ingredients that go in the making are- Rolled Oats, Sugar Candied Cranberries (Cranberries, Sugar, And Sunflower Oil), Refined Edible Palmolive Oil, Almonds, Rolled Wheat, Liquid Glucose, Honey, Edible Molasses, Emulsifier (Lecithin).

3. Taste

Overly sweet or just right? Fresh and natural or stale and artificial-tasting, how did Nutrify taste? Would it make for a toothsome breakfast bowl?

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4. Nutritional Information

Unlike most commercially available packaged food products, this pack of oats did not mention the recommended serving size. Regardless, the following is the caloric breakdown per 100 grams-

476 Kcal which is divided as 68 grams of carbohydrates (of which 20 grams is sugar), 8 grams of protein, and 19.2 grams of fat. There’s 7 mg of sodium with 0 mg of cholesterol. 

Whereas 100 grams of instant oats would offer 407 Kcal with 11.8 grams of protein, 9.5 grams of fat, 68.5 grams of carbohydrates, and 10 grams fiber.

4.1. Fiber Content

4.9 grams

4.2. Protein Content

8 grams 

4.3. Fat Content

19.2 grams

5. Price

A 250-gram pouch is priced at Rs 149. 

Sundrop Nutrify Honey Roasted Oats – Detailed Review

Sundrop Nutrify Honey Roasted Oats Product Details
Net Quantity 250 grams
Price Rs 149
Fiber Content 4.9 grams
Protein Content 8 grams
Fat Content 19.2 grams
Calories 476 Kcal
Shelf Life 10 months


The fact that these honey roasted oats are packed in a resealable pouch is appreciable as it makes storage relatively convenient. 

Upon visual assessment, we saw an abundance of dried cranberries and almond bits among roasted oats that had a golden appearance. 

We tasted these oats raw. These oats are roasted in honey and they do not retain the crispness. These oats are more chewy, but fresh, nevertheless. We mean it when we say the almonds and cranberries are added liberally! 

Taste-wise, the sweetness may feel overwhelming to a large portion of the audience but the tanginess of the cranberries balances it out to some extent. Additionally, the nutty flakes and bits of almonds lend an inviting taste and bite. 

On the other hand, the missing serving size bothered us. Since most cereals/granola recommend a 30-40 gram serving size, we followed the same. 

As recommended by the brand, you can cook these oats with milk or water, and top it with fruits of choice for a fibrous start to the day. 

contents of sundrop nutrify honey roasted oats
An overview of our review.
closer look at sundrop honey roasted oats
This is loaded with almond flakes and cranberries.


  • A 250-gram pack is priced at Rs 149.
  • It has a shelf life of 10 months.
  • Main Ingredients- Rolled Oats, Sugar Candied Cranberries (Cranberries, Sugar And Sunflower Oil), Refined Edible Palmolive Oil, Almonds, Rolled Wheat, Liquid Glucose, Honey, Edible Molasses, Emulsifier (Lecithin).


  • The generous addition of almonds and candied cranberries is commendable.
  • This can be snacked on raw or made into a filling meal with milk. 
  • The overall taste is quite fresh.
  • We liked the textural interplay each bite had. 


  • The sweetness was overwhelming.
  • We do not appreciate incomplete details (serving size in this case)

Best Suited For

If you prefer your oats LOADED with nuts and dried fruits, Nutrify would be something you’d like. (PS- we recommend consuming it with some milk)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Sundrop Nutrify Honey Roasted oats.

1. Is it true that these oats are rich in Vitamin E?

This pack of oats contains almonds. Almonds are naturally rich in vitamin E which makes this snack as a whole rich in vitamin E.

2. Are these oats crunchy?

Yes, but you can soak them in milk overnight or cook them in milk for an oatmeal-like texture. 

3. Can these oats be garnished with different dry fruits?

Yes, definitely. Nuts, seeds, dry fruits, fresh fruits, you can add toppings as preferred. 

4. How to store these oats after unpacking?

The pouch is resealable. You must store this in a cool, dark place. 

5. Do these oats contain additional flavor enhancers?

No, these are devoid of additional flavor enhancers. 

Final Words

One of the only positives of Nutrify was the open-handed addition of almonds and cranberries. The other was the variety of textures it offered.

That said, the overpowering sweetness let us down. Moreover, we feel the brand could use a better, more nutritious alternative to liquid glucose, considering the buyer would consume this regularly.

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