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rajdhani chana sattu review

Rajdhani Chana Sattu Review – A Desi Summer Cooler

It has a pure flavor, commendable texture, and a fresh aroma- so why did Rajdhani Chana Sattu not get a full five?

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5


Rajdhani Chana Sattu gets Mishry’s approval! It is a convenient option for those who want to skip the cumbersome process of drying and grinding it at home. If only this had a bolder nutty flavor.

What are low glycemic index foods? Foods that are released slowly and steadily into the system that do NOT cause insulin spikes (therefore sustaining energy levels) are labeled low glycemic index foods. These are typically a blend of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and fibers.

A low-glycemic index ingredient that is cooling as well is Sattu. Where does it come from, you ask? Roasted chana (whole Bengal gram) is ground to achieve a powder-like texture. This can be added to upma/oats or mixed in water. Rajdhani offers a preservative-free variant and in our Rajdhani Chana Sattu review, we decode everything from the nutritional label to taste and aroma. 

Is this powder Mishry-approved?

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Rajdhani Chana Sattu Product Parameters
Price Rs 75/-
Net Quantity 500 grams
Mishry Rating 4
Buy Now On Amazon
Shelf Life Four months

Our Review Factors

What were we expecting from Rajdhani Chana Sattu?

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Purity in terms of ingredients, authenticity in the flavor profile, and overall convenience, were certain parameters we tested this RTE Sattu for. 

Do we recommend this or would you be better off preparing this from scratch?

1. Taste 

Chana/Bengal gram has an earthy, slightly nutty flavor profile. Owing to the Maillard reaction whereby roasting intensifies the flavors, we checked whether or not this Sattu powder had those bold nutty flavors. 

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Overall, is this fresh-tasting? Does the flavor of chana taste original? Or is it flavored?

2. Texture

Finely ground or a little coarse, what is the texture of this Sattu powder like?

3. Aroma

Subtle, bold, rancid? What did our sniff test reveal? 

In addition to chana, did we identify some other unwanted ingredients?

4. Nutritional Quotient


In addition to Bengal gram, does this ready-to-use Sattu powder contain something else? If yes, would we generally add it too?


Typically, 100 grams of Bengal gram offers 364 Kcal. Here, we get…

5. Other Parameters

Shelf Life

This has a four-month shelf life. 


This Sattu powder is packed in a non-resealable pack. All details mentioned are easy to read. 


A 500-gram pack is priced at Rs 75/-.

Rajdhani Chana Sattu – Detailed Review


This Sattu powder is offered in a see-through polythene bag. It is non-resealable, which means any leftover content will need to be transferred to an air-tight container to retain freshness. 


On opening the pack, we observed a besan-like aroma.

Though both are ground flours from Bengal gram, Sattu uses roasted legumes whereas besan is prepared with raw/unroasted Bengal gram. 


Since Sattu is used to prepare Indian desserts paratha, litti-chokha, it is ground coarsely. Rajdhani’s Sattu was not too fine nor too coarse. That said, we appreciate the effortless mixability. It dissolved almost instantly in water. 


Before consuming this powder as a beverage, we tasted it dry. While it tastes fresh, it lacks the distinct roasted nutty flavor. 

For stage two, we added two tablespoons to 200 ml of water. Refreshing! But we still feel if the chana had been roasted more before turning into a powder, this would have been way better. 


The color is a dull yellow. This may either be due to the usage of unroasted legumes or peeled ones. 

Taste + Texture- 4/5
Aroma- 3.5/5
Nutritional Quotient- 4/5
rajdhani chana sattu packaging
The packaging could have been better in terms of storage.
rajdhani chana sattu before after
The texture and consistency before and after mixing in water.
  • Bengal gram is the only ingredient used, thumbs up!
  • It has a refreshing flavor.
  • There were no grits.
  • Full marks on mixability.
  • The nutritional profile matches that of the homemade counterpart.
  • A reusable packaging would have been appreciated.
  • The legumes could have been roasted for longer. The flavor would have been enhanced.

Looking for a nutritious, naturally cooling beverage for the summers? Look no further! Rajdhani Sattu is a fairly good option, in terms of the nutrition profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Rajdhani chana sattu

You get around 21% of protein in each serve.

Transfer it to an air-tight container, and store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

Protein powder is 95-97% protein with minimal fat and carbohydrates. Sattu, on the other hand, has balanced proportions of fiber, carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

Yes, you can. It will yield a nut milk-like consistency.

This has a shelf life of four months.

Wrapping Up

Mishry had an overall positive experience with Rajdhani Chana Sattu powder. It features a fairly fresh taste and aroma and contains no added preservatives, colors, or flavors.

That said, the legumes could have been roasted further for a deeper flavor. The only drawback is this powder lacks the bold nutty flavor Sattu is renowned for. 

Do you know of Sattu? How do you consume it?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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