A Mum’s View On Orika Italian Seasoning
orika seasoning review by mishry mum neetu mamtani

A Mum’s View On Orika Italian Seasoning

Mishry Mum Neetu Mamtani loves Orika Italian Seasoning. Here we tell you why.

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A dash of Italian seasoning amps up the taste of homemade pizzas and pasta. Italian seasoning is a blend of different herbs and spices. I recently came across a brand named Orika on Amazon. Excited, I was curious to try its Italian seasoning. I was highly impressed by the packaging. 

Orika Italian seasoning comes in a black color jar. The cost of the product is Rs. 99 and the total quantity offered is 50 gm. It contains 50 individual sachets of the seasoning. The cost of each sachet comes to around 2 Rs. and weighs about 0.89 gm. I also received free samples of peri peri seasoning in the box. This seasoning contains a mix of dehydrated garlic, a few herbs, black pepper, red chili, oil, and salt.

orika italian seasoning packaging
The superb packaging of Orika Italian Seasoning.

To test the product, I prepared my version of homemade bread pizza. As I opened the sachet, the strong and flavorful aroma was inviting. I sprinkled some on my bread pizza and loved the overall taste. You can use this seasoning on spaghetti, pasta, or garlic bread.

The brand says ‘Trusted for Perfect Recipe’, and you can surely trust the product. The unique packaging, strong aroma, and perfect flavors. Orika Italian Seasoning is my new favorite!

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