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priyagold cheez bit biscuits review

Priyagold Cheez Bit Biscuits Review – Not So Cheesy!

We do not highly recommend Priyagold’s Cheez Bit Biscuits because it lacks the robust cheesy flavor.

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The bold cheese flavor and crunch you expect from a cheese flavored snack or biscuit was lacking. Moreover, the quality of packaging needs improvement. This is why Priyagold’s Cheez Bit Biscuits scored low on the rating scale.

A snack that you just cannot say no to. Something that looks cute and pillow-ey. This is a childhood after-school favorite which later turned into a loveable bar snack. What am I? Cheez Bits!

We tried the Priyagold Cheez Bit Biscuits to test them for their cheese flavor, seasoning, and texture.  Our Priyagold cheez bit biscuits review revealed that these are…

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Quick look at the information about Priyagold Cheez Bit Biscuits – 


Priyagold Cheez Bit Biscuits Product Information 
Price Rs 45/-
Net weight 150 gm
Main Ingredients
  • Wheat flour (66%)
  • Edible veg oil (Palm oil 13%)
  • Processed cheese (8%)
  • Sugar (2%)
  • Iodized salt
  • Baker yeast
Allergen information Contains wheat and sulphite as hypersensitive ingredients.
Shelf life 7 months
Mishry Rating 2.5

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? A crunchy snack that has a robust cheesy flavor. 

We tested the Priyagold Cheez Bit Biscuits on the following parameters – 

1. Taste

A robust flavor of cheese and the natural savouriness it adds to a biscuit or snack should be there. We were looking at four things – overall taste, freshness, cheese flavor and seasoning. 

2. Texture

These little pillow-shaped snacks should be light, airy and crunchy. 

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3. Others


 Pouch, jar or something else? How well is it packed? Does it help in retaining freshness? 


These are small squares that look like tiny pillows. Consistency in shape, size and color was checked. How evenly are these baked?


A 150 gram jar is priced at Rs 45/-.

Shelf life

The shelf life is 7 months.

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Priyagold Cheez Bit Biscuits – Detailed Review

These cheez bits come in a plastic jar which is not sturdy at all. The cheez bits are small puffed squares which are a mix of cream-light brown color. 

Usually when you open a pack of cheese based munchies, the aroma of cheese spreads like wildfire. But here that wasn’t the case. The aroma is more oily than cheesy. 

Priyagold’s Cheez Bit Biscuits are average tasting. There isn’t a lot of cheese flavor (real or artificial). Yes, the salt levels are apt, but the whole point of consuming a cheese-flavored snack is missing. These feel greasy when you touch them and the crispiness is subtle as well. 

priyagold cheez bit biscuits first look
These are tiny, puffed square-shaped snacks.
closer look at priyagold cheez bit biscuits
Closer look at Priyagold's Cheez Bits.
Taste - 2/5
Texture - 3/5
Packaging - 2.5/5
  • Salt levels are perfect.
  • Packaging could have been sturdier.
  • The cheese aroma is missing.
  • Flavor of cheese is too subtle. It isn’t as robust.
  • These feel greasy between fingers.
  • Crispiness is moderate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Priyagold cheez bit biscuits.

This is not a product labeled as healthy. It is an occasional treat that you consume mindfully.

This pack contains approximately 714 calories.

Yes, these can be paired with your evening chai-coffee and would be excellent as a bar snack.

Yes. This contains permitted artificial cheese flavor.

These are small biscuits and counting them would have been like counting sev or bhujia. But, this is a 150 gram pack and holds 5 servings (30 gm each).

Yes, these are completely vegetarian. 

Final Words

To conclude, we would have liked these a whole lot better if the cheese flavor was more prominent and the crunch was higher. The addictive quality cheese bites/cheese bits usually have, weren’t there here. We stopped after a spoonful. 

Do you like eating cheese-flavored snacks? If yes, which one? Tell us down below.

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