The Cheesiest Of Cheeses

The Cheesiest Of Cheeses

Cheese can do magic to your food. Add texture, enhance flavor and even turn a simple sandwich into a heavenly treat. And they are available in slices, blocks, spreads and even as powder. Happy news, eh?

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Unless you’re completely lactose intolerant, chances are that you love cheese in its various forms. Be it in food or as a topping or even between bread for a quick sandwich – you can do so many things with just one type of cheese. Now imagine being spoiled with tons of options. Can you honestly imagine your pizza without cheese? No, right? And the good news is that cheese is available in many different types and forms. From slices to cubes and spreads to blocks – your mind will boggle at the options.

Let’s take a look at what you can indulge in.

Kraft Original Slices Cheese

These slices of cheese from Kraft is qualitative and is an imported product. The packet weighs 200 gm and comes with 10 slices of cheese.

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The Laughing Cow Cheese Round Box

This cheese contains calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B and other proteins. It comes in a round box and weighs 120 gm. It is advisable to store this box in the refrigerator. This cheese has no artificial color or flavors.

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Kraft Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese

This Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese is made without preservatives and is an FSSAI-approved product. The cheese is rich in cream.

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Amul Cheese – Processed Slices

When it comes to dairy products, Amul has plenty to offer. And its cheese is a popular household item. These processed cheese slices can be used to make sandwiches, melted down and added to eggs for omelettes, and much more.

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Amul Processed Cheese – Cubes

This box of processed cheese comes with 40 cubes. Made from graded cow/buffalo milk, you can use these in a wide variety of dishes, be it in chopped, melted or grated form.

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Amul Cheese Spread 

This processed cheese spread from Amul comes in a box. Its texture and consistency make it ideal to be used as a spread on bread, parathas, etc.

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Who’s The Cheesiest

From blocks to powders – good and easy-to-use to cheese is a must-have in your refrigerator. While many people are not accustomed to really gourmet cheeses, which can be rather strong and difficult to adjust to right in the beginning, these easy-to-use versions can definitely do the trick when it comes to adding flavor to your food.

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