Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek Yogurt Review: Mishry
epigamia no added sugar review

Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek Yogurt Review: Fresh & Berrylicious

If you’re craving for something sweet and healthy, Epigamia No-Added Sugar greek yogurt would be a good pick.

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4 / 5
4 / 5
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Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek yogurts are ideal for when you want to snack on something sweet and refreshing. Creamy and fresh- we liked the Strawberry variant more than Mixed Berry from this range of preservative-free yogurts.

Meeting your protein goals as a vegetarian may be challenging. Especially when you’re out and about. A cup of Greek yogurt might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Epigamia, an innovative brand, has introduced its no-added-sugar yogurt variants. In our Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek yogurt review, we talk about the difference between regular dahi and Greek yogurt, and how these are sweetened. Do these contain natural fruits or added flavors?

Here’s all you need to know about the Epigamia No Added Sugar Greek Yogurt.

Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek yogurt Buy Now Mishry Rating (on 5)
Mixed Berry On Amazon 3.8
Strawberry On Amazon 4

Our Review Factors

While reviewing Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek yogurt, the ingredient list and nutrition label were our prime focus. This was followed by our standard reviewing process of gauging the appearance, aroma, taste, and consistency.

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1. Nutrition Quotient

Main Ingredients

Has the type of milk used to prepare the Greek yogurt been specified? Additives, flavors, colors, preservatives- what do these contain?

Are the fruity flavors added naturally or artificially?


How many calories does one serving provide? Carbohydrates, fats, or protein- which macronutrient is the largest contributor?

2. Flavor 

Dairy-based products develop an undesirable sour taste when they go bad. So the taste of the yogurt was of prime importance. Apart from that, we were looking for an appetizing flavor of the fruit, balanced natural sweetness, and overall freshness in these fruit-flavored Greek yogurt cups.

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3. Consistency

Is there a layer of water or whey floating on top? Considering it is Greek yogurt, was the yogurt thick, smooth, creamy, and luscious? 

4. Other Parameters


Would these make for aesthetic smoothie bowls? Has the natural color of the berries been reflected in the cups? 


Do these feature travel-friendly packaging? Is it leak-proof? Has cutlery been included?

Shelf Life

How long does Epigamia’s No-Added Sugar range stay good for?


Keeping the quality and ingredient list in mind, are these priced economically or in a premium manner?

Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek Yogurt Flavors  – Detailed Review

Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek yogurt range features a plush-looking packaging. Half the cup depicts the color of the fruit and the lower half is black. Zero preservatives, zero added sugar, and high protein are mentioned. Relevant details regarding ingredients and calories are mentioned at the back. 

The cups are sealed and are not reusable. The date of manufacture, shelf life, and price are mentioned on the seal. Following are detailed observations for each variant. A 120-gram cup is priced at Rs 70 and has a shelf life of 16 days. 

Before diving into the review, let’s learn what distinguishes curd from yogurt.

Often used interchangeably, the key difference between the two lies in their method of preparation. Curd is prepared at home by curdling milk with a natural acid. Yogurt is typically industrially prepared and can be flavored. 

Did you know that Greek yogurt is highly preferred for those with a lactose intolerance as the lactose content is lower.

1. Mixed Berry

There was no layer of whey separated at the top. This Greek yogurt featured a pleasing mauve shade and we could see some granules of berries. Fresh and fruity, the aroma was inviting.

The main ingredients are Greek yogurt (pasteurized double toned milk, milk solids, permitted starter culture), processed mix berries pulp (blueberry, strawberry apple pulp, raspberry, stabilizer (INS 440)).

It also mentions the total fruit content is 11% and the starter culture includes S. Thermophitus, L. Bacillus delbeurtric subsp. Bulgaricus. 

What is starter culture?

The main (starter) cultures in yogurt are Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Their key role is fermenting lactose (milk sugar) which then converts into lactic acid. This acid then reduces the pH of milk and causes the development of soft gel-like clots.

We appreciate how the brand has provided details on the type of milk and starter cultures used. Not a lot of brands do that. Moreover, the no-added-sugar claim is true.

Per 100 grams, this provides 88.9 Kcal of which 2.3 grams are fat, 9.9 grams are carbohydrates (5.4 grams of natural sugar), and 7.3 grams of protein.

This Greek yogurt has a creamy mouthfeel. The berry granules add a textural interplay with some chewiness. Owing to its thick yet droppable consistency, this yogurt would make a pretty good base for smoothies or can be paired with granola and fresh fruits to turn it into a satisfying meal.

Taste-wise, this did not taste stale or sour, it was fresh. The mixed berry flavor was quite subtle. As anticipated, the sweetness was minimal. 

Flavor- 3.5/5
Consistency- 4/5
Nutrition- 4/5
epigamia no added sugar greek yogurt mixed berry
This had a pleasing appearance with bits of berries.
  • The packaging is quite attractive.
  • All details are stated clearly.
  • The aroma and appearance are pleasing.
  • Smooth, creamy with chewy bites- thumbs up for the variations in textures.
  • It tastes fresh.
  • This is devoid of preservatives. 
  • The no-added sugar claim is true.
  • The berry flavor is quite mild.

Looking for something refreshing, slightly sweet, with a decent amount of protein? Epigamia No-Added sugar Greek yogurt is among the calorie-friendly on-the-go snacks.

2. Strawberry

With a similar packaging, this had a peach-pink appearance. There were no separated layers of water, whey, and yogurt.

The main ingredients are Greek yogurt (pasteurized double toned milk, milk solids, stabilizing agent (pectin INS 440), permitted starter cultures, processed strawberry pulp (strawberry puree, de-ionized apple, water, steviol glycosides (INS 960), salt, and lemon juice concentrate. Moreover, this has 9% fruit content.

INS 440 is a stabilizing agent, also known as pectin, that is present in varying quantities in fruits. Commercially, it is produced from apple pulp and orange peels. 

INS 960 is an intense sweetener made from leaves of the Stevia plant. Since it is 150-300 times sweeter than table sugar, only a small amount is needed.

De-ionized apple- This is a natural sweetener that is prepared by heating apple juice concentrate at a high temperature, followed by filtration. This process removes all acidity, color, taste, and odor. Only the sweetness is retained which allows this ‘juice’ to sweeten other products. 

100 grams of this Greek yogurt gives 89.4 Kcal of which 6.8 grams is protein, 2.2 grams are fat, and 10.3 grams are carbohydrates (7.1 grams of natural sugar).

FSSAI has categorized INS 960 as a non-nutritive sweetener. It is derived from the leaves of the Stevia plant. The extract from leaves is concentrated, purified, and fermented. 

It features the characteristic yogurt consistency- smooth, thick, but droppable. The tiny strawberry granules lend a chewy bite. This was subtly sweet with a desirable strawberry flavor. The strawberry flavor isn’t sour, it is refreshing. All in all the flavors are balanced quite well, making this an appetizing snack. 

Flavor- 4/5
Consistency- 4/5
Nutrition- 4/5
epigamia no added sugar greek yogurt strawberry
This variant was better in terms of the flavor profile.
  • Same as above
  • The strawberry flavor is refreshing.

Craving some strawberries? Can’t wait till they’re back in season? Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek yogurt Strawberry may be the fix you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek Yogurt.

Yes, as compared to other packaged snacks, these Greek yogurt cups are healthier.

No, this is devoid of preservatives.

Yes, they contain natural flavoring substances.

No, this does not contain any food color.

Yes, the Mixed Berry variant has 11% fruit content, whereas Strawberry has 9%.

Final Verdict

Voila! That was Mishry’s take on Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek yogurt. While the packaging and consistency of both variants are identical, taste-wise, we are inclined towards Strawberry. That said, both variants have a luscious consistency and a creamy mouthfeel. The chewy bits add an interesting element to the overall texture. 

How would you consume this probiotic? Blended with fruits or straight out of the cup?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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