Siri Hegde, Author at Mishry

Siri Hegde

An eccentric baker and professional binge watcher, I spend most of my free time watching reruns of NCIS and Brooklyn Nine Nine. Fuelled by coffee and the most random Spotify playlist, I’m always up for exploring the many tiny momo stalls and chaat walas where I go. If there are three things I can do right, they are writing, cooking and writing about cooking. I constantly process conversations in the form of memes in my head so if I’m laughing at you for no apparent reason then, it’s not me, it’s the memes.


The Cheesiest Of Cheeses

Cheese can do magic to your food. Add texture, enhance flavor and even turn a simple sandwich into a heavenly treat. And they are available in slices, blocks, spreads and even as powder. Happy news, e...