Crèmeitalia Natural Cream Cheese Review - Mishry (2023)
cremeitalia natural cream cheese

Crèmeitalia’s Cream Cheese Defines Freshness (2024)

Rich, with a desirable flavor- Crèmeitalia Cream Cheese is here to take your meals up a notch.

Mishry Rating

4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5


Wowed and how! Cremeitalia Cream Cheese gets a big thumbs up from team Mishry. We strongly recommend giving this fresh cheese a try.

This product features on Mishry’s Best of 2023 List.

Crematalia Cream Cheese best of 2023

From bagels to cheese cakes, cream cheese serves multiple purposes. It makes for a rich, hearty component that offers considerable versatility. That said, it isn’t as widely used in India. Moreover, preparing a batch from scratch means tons of dishes and effort.

After spotting them on Shark Tank India, we were certain that we HAD to test the range of fresh cheeses by Crèmeitalia. They offer some usual (sour cream, mozzarella) and some unusual (burrata, bocconcini) cheeses. We picked the ever-so-versatile cream cheese for our taste test.

In this Crèmeitalia Cream Cheese review, we decode the flavors, freshness, texture, and more. How did we review this, our parameters, and more explained in the following sections.

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Quick details are mentioned in the table below.

Cremeitalia Cheese Product Details
Price Rs 325/-
Net Weight 200 grams
Main Ingredients
  • Pasteurized whole cow milk
  • Cow milk cream
  • Salt
Mishry Rating 4.5
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Our Review Factors

How did we review Cremeitalia Cheese? What factors did we consider?

1. Taste

We were looking for a creamy, rich-tasting tub of cream cheese. Cream cheese is mild and sweet, with a tinge of sourness. That’s precisely the flavor profile we’d appreciate. Unlike other variants of cheese like mozzarella, brie, cheddar- cream cheese is not made for aging. And it is the process of aging that gives cheese that depth of flavor. Cream cheese is supposed to taste mild and possess a milky freshness. 

2. Texture

Smooth, devoid of graininess, creamy, non-gritty mouthfeel with an effortless spreadability was what we expected to find. 

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3. Other Parameters 

Here, the price, packaging, ingredients, shelf life, appearance, and aroma were gauged. 

Cremeitalia Cheese – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging 

The cream cheese comes in a plastic tub. It features cobalt blue and white graphics and has a lid. A 200-gram tub is priced at Rs 325/- with a shelf life of two months. 

Main Ingredients

This is made using Pasteurized whole cows milk, Cow milk cream, Salt, Cultures, Locust bean gum.

What is locust bean gum? Why is it in my cream cheese?

Locust bean gum is used as a stabilizer, thickener, and fat replacer in foods, and also as a gelling agent. Owing to the fact that annual production is limited, this is comparatively expensive to other hydrocolloids like guar, xanthan, agar, carrageenan and acacia gum.

cremeitalia natural cream cheese on bagel
A look at the packaging.

Aroma + Appearance 

It had an off white appearance. There was no separate layer formed at the surface, it was all alike. As for aroma, it smelled fresh, and the aroma was not too bold. It was mild.

Taste + Texture 

The texture was exceptional! This cream cheese had a premium and smooth mouthfeel and was devoid of any gritty or grainy textures.

As for flavor and freshness, these were bang-on. It had a miniscule amount of salt, making this cream cheese ideal for both, sweet and savory preparations. 

We tested this by applying some cream cheese on toasted, multigrain bagels. The application was nothing short of a dream. That being said, we do recommend keeping the tub at room temperature for 5-7 minutes before use. 

cremeitalia natural cream cheese appearance
This had a smooth, easy application.
cremeitalia natural cream cheese taste test
Fresh flavors and fresh aroma, we recommend this.
Taste- 4.5/5
Texture- 4.5/5
  • Clean ingredients 
  • No emulsifying salts added
  • SUPER fresh
  • Impressive texture and smoothness
  • Versatile usage

From homemade cheesecakes to creamy pasta, even quick bagel-based breakfasts, we recommend Cremeitalia Cream Cheese for multiple culinary uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Crèmeitalia cheese.

No, it is not advisable to be consumed if you are lactose intolerant.

Yes, vegetarians can savor this.

No, this has a clean, additive-free ingredient list.

Storing it for longer than advised may have an impact on the texture.

We recommend consuming this within the specified shelf life.

Final Words

To conclude, Crèmeitalia Cream Cheese is the bread spread you MUST try. Not only did it taste fresh, but the flavor of cheese was mild and desirable. The smoothness was just delightful, as it spreads with ease, without any discerning grittiness.

Sweet, savory, or as a veggie dip- what’s your preferred way of relishing this creamy goodness?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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