Pass Pass Pulse Candy Review - We Tried 4 Flavors
pass pass pulse candy review

Pass Pass Pulse Candy Review – We Tried 4 Flavors

We tried four variants of the Pass Pass Pulse. Can you guess our favorite?

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Pass Pass Pulse candies are yum! A burst of sweet and spicy flavors, these candies are fruit-flavored.

Candies can successfully bring out our inner child! Whether it’s a post-meal refreshment or craving for a sweet treat, we can never be too old for candies and toffees.

Pass Pass Pulse launched its raw mango-flavored candy in 2015. Recently three new flavors- guava, litchi, and pineapple have been added to the range. 

In our Pass Pass Pulse Candy review, we talk about the flavors, price, and packaging of these sweet treats. Could we taste the fruity flavors? 

Pass Pass Pulse Candy – Everything You Need To Know

For our Pass Pass Pulse candy review, we ordered the assorted pack of the same. It contains 10 individually wrapped candies. We received four units of litchi and raw mango and one unit of guava and pineapple-flavored candies.

Pass Pass Pulse candy has a black packaging with a second color that resembles the fruit flavor. Following are some more Pass Pass Pulse candy details. 

1. Available Flavours

Pass Pass Pulse is available in four flavors. There are raw mango, guava, litchi, and pineapple-flavored candies. 

pass pass pulse candy flavors
10 individually wrapped units come in one Pass Pass Pulse pack.

2. Available Sizes

Pass Pass Pulse sold as individual candies, as an assorted pack of ten units, and a pyramid-shaped box that contains 200 gms of candy. You can also get the 540 gm jar. 

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3. Main Ingredients

Sugar, liquid glucose, and dextrose are the base ingredients. 2-4% of the candy masala (center filling) that is made using edible common salt, spices, and condiments has also been added. 

Flavors and food colors are different for each variant. 

4. Nutritional Facts

One unit of Pass Pass Pulse has 32 kcal from 8 gm of carbohydrates.

Pass Pass Pulse Candy – Our Review Factors

The candies we have eaten growing up were typically sweet or tangy. What’s unique about Pass Pass Pulse is the center filling. It’s not a chewy, jelly-like filling. Instead, it is loaded with a lip-smacking masala

The taste, price, flavors – whether or not we could taste the fruit flavor and the ratio of sugar to the masala, are all discussed in Team Mishry’s Pass Pass Pulse candy review. 

1. Taste

Could we make out the taste of the fruit as per the name tag? Or is Pass Pass Pulse just a sweetened candy? How tasty is the masala centre?

2. Balanced Flavour

Was the sugar to masala ratio adequate? Was it chatpata or not?

3. Price

Candies and toffees are priced anywhere between 50 paise to Rs 5 for a unit. Are the Pass Pass Pulse candies priced competitively?

Pass Pass Pulse Candy Flavours – Detailed Review

pass pass pulse candy packaging
The Pass Pass Pulse candy comes in a vibrant packaging.

Pass Pass Pulse candies are individually wrapped with a fruity flavor. These candies have a unique center filling. This masaledar filling pairs beautifully with the sugar-boiled shell.

Parameters Pulse Kachcha Aam Pulse Guava Pulse Litchi Pulse Pineapple
Price INR 1 INR 1 INR 1 INR 1
Main Ingredients Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Dextrose, Candy Masala 4% (Edible Common Salt, Spices, and Condiments)

Contains added raw mango flavor

Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Dextrose, Candy Masala 4% (Edible Common Salt, Spices, and Condiments)

Contains added guava flavor

Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Dextrose, Candy Masala 2% (Edible Common Salt, Spices, and Condiments)

Contains added litchi flavor

Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Dextrose, Candy Masala 4% (Edible Common Salt, Spices, and Condiments)

Contains added pineapple flavor

Quantity 5 gm per unit  5 gm per unit 5 gm per unit 5 gm per unit
Shelf Life 12 months from the date of manufacture 12 months from the date of manufacture 12 months from the date of manufacture 12 months from the date of manufacture
Calories 32 kcal  32 kcal  32 kcal  32 kcal 
pass pass pulse candy contents
These sugar-boiled candies have a glossy surface.

1. Pass Pass Pulse Kachcha Aam Candy

The green on the wrapper matches the color of this Pass Pass Pulse candy. When held against the light, we could clearly see the center filling. It was a mix of salt, spices, and condiments.

Similarly, when we broke the candy, a bold masaledar aroma covered the room. 

The raw mango flavor and the masala is an instant hit! The classic flavor did not disappoint.

inside look at pass pass pulse kachcha aam candy
Pass Pass Pulse has a masaledar centre filling.


  • Kachcha Aam Pass Pass Pulse comes wrapped in a convenient pack.
  • The candy has a glossy green surface.
  • This candy contains added raw mango color and flavor. 
  • It has a shelf life of 12 months. 


  • This variant of Pass Pass Pulse candy has a mild sweetness.
  • The salt used in the filling enhances the overall taste.
  • We could taste a hint of the raw mango flavor which added some tangy and sour flavors.

Best Suited For

Although the raw mango flavor is not too bold, this candy offers a lovely interplay of sweet, salty, and tangy flavors. 

2. Pass Pass Pulse Guava Candy

Remember how the vendor outside school sold guava slices generously layered with his special masala? This candy variant brings that back in a bite!

The shell (outer layer) of this candy is guava-flavored. The center filling complements this flavored shell quite well. This Pass Pass Pulse candy has a visually appealing pink shell that resembles the shade of ripe guava. 

pass pass pulse kachcha aam and guava candy
Pass Pass Pulse in the guava variant has a pink shell.


  • Pass Pass Pulse candies are individually wrapped units.
  • They have a shelf life of 12 months. 
  • These candies contain artificial colors and flavors. 
  • The guava variant has 4% of the masala filling.


  • The filling adds a masaledar punch to this candy. 
  • This candy has an alluring pink shade.
  • We could taste the salt and guava flavor prominently. 


  • Pass Pass Pulse candy turns overly salty towards the end. 

3. Pass Pass Pulse Litchi Candy

We’ve all relished litchi-flavored jellies with a chewy center. A masaledar, sugar-boiled confectionery was something we were intrigued to try. And here’s what we thought. 

Pass Pass Pulse Litchi.
Pass Pass Pulse Litchi.


  • This litchi-flavored candy was almost translucent.
  • We could see the masala filling. 
  • When broken, a strong salty-spicy aroma enveloped the room. 
  • This candy had a sturdy texture.


  • We could actually taste the litchi flavor.
  • The sweetness pairs well with the masala mix. 
  • This candy is quite inexpensive for how good it tastes. 


  • This candy was slightly sticky.

Best Suited For

Tangy and masaledar litchi all-year-round? Pass Pass Pulse candy ensures that!

4. Pass Pass Pulse Pineapple Candy

We really liked how visually appealing the shell of this Pass Pass Pulse candy was. Like candies generally are, this had a sticky surface too. 

pass pass pulse pineapple candy
Here’s a closer look at Pass Pass Pulse Pineapple


  • This Pass Pass Pulse candy has a shelf life of 12 months. 
  • Each unit is individually wrapped.
  • There is a decent balance between all flavors. 
  • This candy has a yellow tinge.


  • The candy to masala ratio was spot-on!
  • The candy wasn’t melted or too sticky. 


  • The masala filling gets a little intense towards the end. 

Best Suited For

A tad bit of sweetness, mild saltiness, some tangy flavors, and a bold hit of masala- if this gets your mouth watering, you must try this Pass Pass Pulse variant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Pass Pass Pulse Candy.

1.How many flavors are there in Pass Pass Pulse candy?

Pass Pass Pulse is available in four flavor variants. 

2. How is  Pass Pass Pulse candy packaged?

Each unit is individually wrapped in a pyramid pack/jar.

3. What is the price of Pass Pass Pulse Candy toffee?

One unit is priced at INR 1.

4. Does Pass Pass Pulse Candy have both sweet and spicy taste?

Yes, and some flavors have tangy and sour flavors too. 

Final Words

pass pass pulse candy taste test
Can you guess our favorite Pass Pass Pulse candy?

Sweet, salty, spicy, and somewhat sticky, we really liked the Pass Pass Pulse candies. These are perfect for those post-meal cravings. 

Out of the four flavors we tried, guava was the most loved. 

That being said, all flavor variants bring a decent amount of fruit flavor. 

Have you tried Pulse candies before? Which is your favorite flavor? Leave the name of your favorite flavor in the comment section.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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