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the spiciest chips in india

Attention Spice Lovers! We Found The SPICIEST Chips in India (2024)

We picked Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot (Nacho Style) and Too Yumm Bhoot Chips (Wafer Style) as the spiciest chips in India.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Chips are one of the most ADDICTIVE snacks to munch on it is hard to stop at just one. 

While many are drawn to the timeless classic flavors, some people crave and enjoy spicy chips. Amidst the plethora of spicy chip varieties gracing the market shelves, we are set to find the SPICIEST CHIP.

Following three rounds of testing and tasting 7 different brands, we selected Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot (Nacho Style) and Too Yumm Bhoot Chips (Wafer Style) as our Top Picks. These options stood out for their exceptional spiciness, delicious flavor, and pronounced crunch.

1. Spiciest Wafer Style Chips : Too Yumm Bhoot Chips

2. Spiciest Nacho Style Chips : Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Spiciest Chips in India- Quick Glance

The contenders for our Spiciest Chips review: 

Spiciest Chips Brands  Chilli Level Price  Buy Now 
Too Yumm Bhoot chips – Top Pick (Wafer Style) 3 Rs. 60 (90 gm) On Amazon 
Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot – Top Pick (Nacho Style) 3 Rs. 30 (60 gm) On Big Basket
Kurkure Sizzlin’Hot 2 Rs. 20 (78 gm) On Amazon 
Lays Sizzlin’Hot 2 Rs. 20 (48 gm) On Amazon 
Bingo Original Style  1 Rs. 20 (45 gm) On Amazon 
Lays Wafer Style (Sundried Chilli) 1 Rs. 20 (48 gm) On Amazon 
Lays Maxx 1 Rs. 30 (60 gm) On Amazon 
top picks for spiciest chips

Review Factors

What are we looking for? We are looking for a bag of spicy chips with a pronounced crunch. 

To find out the spiciest chips, we have set the following review parameters:

1. Taste 

Our main point of focus was the level of spiciness. When we talk of spiciness, we expect the chips to be spicy, but in a flavorful way. Not single-dimension heat, but a well-rounded spiciness that you would want more of. In other words, the chips should be spicy yet enjoyable to eat. 

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2. Crunch 

The crunchiness of the chips was another parameter however it was not the deciding factor. We are looking for a pronounced crunch with no excessive oiliness. 

The Qualifier

How did we select the contenders for our spiciest chips review? 

‘Spicy, Hot, Sizzlin’ Hot, Chilli, Extreme Chilli’, you know the works.

We selected our contenders according to the spiciness as advertised on the packaging. In our evaluation, we specifically selected chips that had some variation of chili or purported to be hotter than standard chips.

Additionally, the primary ingredient used for making the chips could vary – it could be made from potatoes, corn, rice flour, among others. The cut and composition of the chip did not matter.

Why did we not include the very popular Jolo chip? Well it’s not really a bag of chips you open to enjoy. It’s a gimmick that helps gain a lot of buzz online.

Our Review Process

our contenders
Contenders for our review.

We refrained from organizing a blind-tasting session for these chips due to their irregular shapes. Our contenders included a variety of snacks such as potato wafers, Kurkure, and nachos.

Three rounds of tastings were carried out with a panel of 6 reviewers at Mishry headquarters. Each panel member had a different spice tolerance level. All the reviewers cleansed their palate after each taste test. After each round, a few brands were eliminated.

The Spiciest Chips in India

In this section, we highlight the specifics of the brands we tested and outline their respective pros and cons, along with individual ratings :

1. Too Yumm Bhoot Chips – Top Pick (Wafer Style)

too yumm bhoot chips close look
This is our wafer style top pick!

The Too Yumm Bhoot Chips emerged as our top choice in the wafer category, claiming the top spot due to its unparalleled spiciness. Made with Naagin Bhoot Jholokia sauce, it delivers an intense red chili heat. 

While the initial bite may not immediately register the heat, a burning sensation gradually builds up in the throat. These thin potato chips have a satisfying crunch. 

These have a black and white color packaging. They offer a shelf life of 6 months.

Heat-o-Meter - 3/3

2. Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot – Top Pick (Nacho Style)

doritos sizzlin hot quick look
This was our 2nd top pick (nacho style).

Visually, these chips have a flaming hot color. As we tasted the chips, a sour-spicy taste instantly hit us. This also had notes of cheese. Among our other contenders, this stood to be the spiciest and hence was crowned as our top pick in the nachos category.

This has a red and black color outer pack. The shelf life is 6 months.

Heat-o-Meter - 3/3

3. Kurkure Sizzlin’ Hot

quick look of kurkure sizzlin hot
Quick glimpse of Kurkure Sizzlin' Hot.

No doubt these were spicy, but when compared to our Top Pick, the heat level was slightly lower. Hence, we were not labeled as the spiciest in our taste test. 

It comes in a red and black color pack. This has 4 months of shelf life.

Kurkure Sizzlin Hot review – Read here

Heat-o-Meter - 2/3

4. Lays Sizzlin’ Hot

lays sizzlin hot quick look
Lays Sizzlin' Hot pack.

These were not the spiciest chips in the lot as the flavor of chilli did not hit us instantly and gradually developed. This has a slight tanginess too. Lastly, the salt level was well-balanced. 

This has a red and black color packaging and a shelf life of 4 months.

Heat-o-Meter - 2/3

5. Bingo! Original Style Chilli Chips

bingo original quick look

These are wafer-like thin-cut chips with a mild spiciness. While they are incredibly tasty and crunchy, these aren’t the spiciest of the lot.

This comes in a red and yellow color pack. It has 4 months of shelf life.

Heat-o-Meter - 1/3

6. Lays Wafer Style (Sundried Chilli)

lays sundried chips quick look
Review in view of Lays Sundried Chilli Chips.

The spiciness of these wafers was noticeable, yet not overwhelming to the point where you’d feel the need to quickly reach for a glass of water or milk. They are thin, light, crisp, and devoid of excessive oiliness. 

This has a shelf life of 4 months. It comes in white and green color pack.

Heat-o-Meter - 1/3

7. Lays Maxx

lays maxx quick look
Lays Maxx review process!

Compared to our other contenders, these were the mildest in terms of spiciness. Its flavor profile leaned more towards a ketchup-like and tomatoey taste.

It has a red and black color packaging. The shelf life is 6 months.

Heat-o-Meter - 1/3

Who Won?

Uff, uff Mirchi!

We have crowned Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot (Nacho Style) & Too Yumm Bhoot Chips (Wafer Style) as our Top Picks. With an impressive heat level and crunchy texture, these stand out.

While other contenders are tasty, they fall slightly short on spice intensity in comparison.

Which is your top pick from the above list?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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