Kelloggs K-Energy Bars Review - We Tried 3 Variants
kelloggs k-energy bars review

Kelloggs K-Energy Bars Review – We Tried 3 Variants

We tried three variants of Kellogg’s K-energy bars. Are these fit for daily consumption?

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Kellogg’s K-energy bars have a great taste and texture. However, the nutritional label left us disappointed. These could have been marketed as regular chocolate/berry bars.

As a snack on the go or something to nibble on between meals, and even a boost of energy before or after a workout, energy bars, and protein bars have recently become the go-to option for many. Energy bars are typically made using oats, rice, and corn flakes with some form of refined sugar. 

The market is flooded with meal replacement bars and beverages. 

Kellogg’s, the brand synonymous with corn flakes and cereals, recently launched its range of energy bars called K-Energy Bars. 

In our Kellogg’s K-energy bars review we tried three variants from the range. The price, packaging, macro-composition, and ingredients are discussed in depth.

Are the Kellogg’s K-energy bars high in protein?

Kellogg’s K-Energy Bars – Everything You Need To Know

Kellogg’s K-energy bars are available in three flavor variants. Kellogg’s claims its energy bars offer the goodness of nuts, fruits, and grains. Kellogg’s K-energy bars are marketed as a quick breakfast fix, something to be consumed before a cardio session, or as a midday pick-me-up snack. 

Kellogg’s K-energy bars contain 1-3 gm of protein and less than 20 gm of carbohydrates in a bar. 

Following are some more details about the K-energy bars by Kellogg’s.

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1. Available Variants

Choco nutty, Berry Yoghurty, and Protein Almonds and Berries are the three available variants of Kellogg’s K-energy bars.

2. Available Sizes

Kellogg’s K-energy bar in the berry yoghurty variant is available as a 25 gm bar. The other two flavors are available as 30 gm bars.

You can also get boxes of 12 K-energy bars. 

3. Main Ingredients

Kellogg’s K-energy bars ingredients are as follows-

Berry Yoghurty- cereal flakes, sugar, oats, yoghurt coating, milk solids, sugar-infused cranberries, sunflower oil, etc.

Choco Nutty- peanuts, compound chocolate, lactose, whey, cocoa powder, roasted almonds, oats, vegetable oil, and salt. 

Protein Almonds and Berries- almonds, sugar-infused cranberries, split peanuts, compound chocolate, refined vegetable oil, iodized salt. 

4. Price Range

Kellogg’s K-energy bars prices are-

Berry Yoghurty and Choco Nutty are priced at Rs 35 for a bar. The Protein Almonds and berries variant is priced at Rs 45. 

5. Nutritional Facts

Following are Kellogg’s K-energy bars nutritional values per 100 gm-

Total calories- 400-500 kcal, carbohydrates- 50-80 gm, protein- 5-15 gm, and fats- 8-30 gm. 

kelloggs k-energy bars variants
Three variants of Kellogg's K-energy bars.

Kellogg’s K-Energy Bars – Our Review Factors

Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats- these three macronutrients provide the human body with energy. Rice and potatoes, as we know, are sources of carbohydrates, eggs have a good amount of proteins, and nuts and seeds offer good fats. Energy bars are all three macronutrients packed in one. 

However, as ‘healthy’ as they may sound, the nutritional labels are of prime significance. We encourage our readers to take a look at the nutritional labels before making the purchase. 

That being said, here are the parameters that helped us form a fair Kellogg’s K-energy bars review. 

1. Quality of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients used doesn’t just determine the final price of the product but can also impact your health in the long run. For instance, clarified butter (ghee) and olive oil are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 as compared to refined oil. 

When we say ‘quality’ of ingredients, we mean to check the type of ingredient used as a source of protein, carbohydrates or sugar. We checked the quality of ingredients in the Kelloggs energy bars.

2. Macro-Composition

Energy bars are consumed for a quick carbohydrate boost, especially when you’re in a time crunch. Around 50-60% of the total calories must be in the form of carbohydrates and the rest, protein and fats.

3. Fiber Content

Typically, energy bars get the maximum fiber from grains like rice/corn/oats. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are other fiber sources. Energy bars with 4-6 gm of dietary fiber are considered appropriate.

Kellogg’s K-energy bars contain polyols which may have laxative effects. 

4. Sugar Content

Sugar, whether plant-based or refined, is a source of carbohydrates. Essentially, it’s preferable to have the major amount of carbohydrates from grains.

Energy bars are also sweetened using artificial sweeteners like fructose powder, dextrose, etc. 

Which type of sweetener is used in these energy bars? Natural sweeteners like jaggery or honey, artificial sweeteners or refined sugar?

5. Taste

Nutty? Yoghurty? Do Kellogg’s K-energy bars taste as they are named? Can we taste the ingredients mentioned on the label? 

6. Price And Packaging

Are Kellogg’s K-energy bars worth the price tag? Does the price justify the ingredients used, quality and quantity-wise? What about the packaging?

Kellogg’s K-Energy Bars – Detailed Review

Here are the Kellogg’s K-energy bars nutritional details in a tabular form-

Parameters Berry Yoghurty Protein Almonds and Berries Choco Nutty
Protein (per 100 gm) 5.4 gm 13.8 gm 12.3 gm
Dietary Fiber (per 100 gm) 2.6 gm 5.8 gm 4.4 gm
Carbohydrates per 100 gm) 77.9 gm 50.2 gm 56.1 gm
Total Sugar per 100 gm) 36.4 gm 36 gm 25.8 gm
Price INR 35 INR 45 INR 35

1. Kellogg’s K-Energy Bar Berry Yoghurty

Kellogg’s K-energy bar- Berry Yoghurty is made using 35% fruits and grains. 

The saying ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ fits this K-energy bar perfectly. There is an overload of several flavors. Sweet, salty, sour- this energy bar left our palates confused. There weren’t any defined flavors that stood out. 

To simply put it- the Kellogg’s K-energy bar Berry Yoghurty tasted like a bowl of granola mixed with some yoghurt. 

kelloggs k-energy bar berry yoghurty contents
Kellogg’s K-energy bar Berry Yoghurty was melted and had a broken structure overall.


  1. Kellogg’s K-energy bar Berry Yoghurty has a shelf life of one year.
  2. This energy bar contains added strawberry flavor.
  3. Strawberry concentrate has also been used in this energy bar.
  4. It contains 15% of cereal flakes and yoghurt coating.


  1. If you’re in a rush- this K-energy bar can be a decent breakfast replacement in terms of  taste.
  2. We could see the cereal flakes, oats, sugar-infused cranberries, and a thick base made of yoghurt coating. 
  3. This tasted like a bowl of granola in the form of a bar!
closer look at kelloggs k-energy bar berry yoghurty
This yoghurt-based Kellogg’s K-energy bar had melted.


  1. The K-energy bar we received was broken and deformed. It may be due to handling during transit.
  2. The individual ingredients and flavors couldn’t be tasted. 

Best Suited For

If you’re looking for a yoghurt-based, strawberry-flavored chewy energy bar, this K-energy bar might be something you’d like to try. 

It is recommended to store this Kellogg’s K-energy bar under refrigeration (26 degrees). The yoghurt base tends to melt and deform the entire bar. 

2. Kellogg’s K-Energy Bar Protein Almonds & Berries

Kellogg’s K-energy bar in the protein almonds and berries variant was hands down our favorite amongst the three variants we tried. This K-energy bar looked visually appetizing. The top layer was covered with almonds, peanuts, and cranberries. At the bottom, there was a decadent layer of milk chocolate.

Made using 50% fruits and nuts, this energy bar is quite low on sweetness. Crunchy, nutty, chocolatey, this is a pretty delicious energy bar. 

kelloggs k-energy bar protein almond and berries contents
Kellogg’s K-energy bar Protein Almonds and Berries was loaded with nuts.
closer look at kelloggs k-energy bar protein almond and berries
Kellogg’s K-energy bar Protein Almonds and Berries has a milk chocolate base.


  1. One Protein Almonds and Berries Kellogg’s K-energy bar has 149 kcal. 
  2. It contains 20% almonds, 17% cranberries, and 13% split peanuts. 
  3. This energy bar has a shelf life of one year.
  4. You are recommended to keep this energy bar under refrigeration to retain the texture. 


  1. This Kellogg’s K-energy bar is loaded with nuts.
  2. It has a well-balanced sweetness.
  3. We really like the infusion of nuts, berries, and chocolate. 
  4. This energy bar is quite filling.

Best Suited For

If you like a chocolate-covered crunchy, nutty bars, you might like this variant. 

3. Kellogg’s K-Energy Bar Choco Nutty

Out of the three variants we tried for our Kellogg’s K-energy Bars review, the choco nutty variant was the only one that retained its shape. Just like the protein almonds and berries variant, this K-energy bar too was quite filling. In our opinion, this can be a great pre or post-workout snack. 

Similar to the second variant we tried, this one too was loaded with almonds and peanuts. Thumbs up for that! The roasted almonds and peanuts enhance the taste and make it crunchy too. 

The key difference between protein almond and berries and choco nutty variants was how the latter did not have as many berries and was, therefore, more crunchy comparatively. 

kelloggs k-energy bar choco nutty contents
Overview of the Choco Nutty Kellogg’s K-energy bar.
closer look at kelloggs k-energy bar choco nutty
The Choco Nutty variant has a generous amount of peanuts and almonds.


  1. Kellogg’s K-energy bar in the choco nutty variant has a bold and vibrant packaging.
  2. The base of this energy bar is a layer of milk chocolate.
  3. It also had rice crispies and oats.
  4. The energy bar has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing. 


  1. The nuts have been roasted which makes this energy bar taste good. 
  2. Chocolate and roasted nuts make a delicious combination. 
  3. The nuts to chocolate ratio was just right. 


  1. The brand could have used better ingredients, in our opinion. 

Best Suited For

Kellogg’s K-energy bar in the Choco nutty variant was a crunchy delight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Kellogg’s k-energy bars.

1. Are Kellogg’s energy bars healthy?

These energy bars are loaded with refined ingredients and have considerable amount of processed and artificial sweeteners. While these will be a good energy-boosting snack for occasional consumption, these aren’t meant for everyday use. 

2. Does Kellogg’s energy bar have fiber?

Yes, per 100 gm you get 4-6 g of fiber. 

3. How many calories in a Kellogg’s Protein Bar?

The calories of an energy bar depend on the ingredients used. However, per 100 gm you get 400-500 calories. 

4. Are Kellogg’s energy bars good for weight loss?

Sustainable weight loss or fat loss is possible only when your diet consists of nutrient-dense foods. Relying on energy/protein bars is not beneficial in the long run.

5. What are the ingredients in Kellogg’s k-energy bars?

Nuts like almonds and peanuts, grains like oats and rice, sugar-infused berries, and chocolate are the base ingredients. In addition to these, there are ingredients like refined vegetable oil, invert syrup, polyols, fructose powder, malt extract, etc. 

Final Verdict

kelloggs k-energy bars taste test
Three variants of Kellogg’s K-energy bars tried and tasted by Team Mishry.

Here is Team Mishry’s take on the new Kellogg’s K-energy bars. Taste-wise, we liked the Protein Almonds and Berries variant the most. That being said, these bars are not recommended for daily consumption or as a meal replacement. 

Energy bars are best when they are free of preservatives, added refined sugars, and other artificial additives. Similarly, the K-energy bars have a huge quantity of refined oil. We think there are better energy bars available in the market within the same price range.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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