Nestle Munch Chocolates Review - We Tried All 3 Flavours

Nestle Munch Chocolates Review – We Tried All 3 Flavours

Two new variants and one classic Nestle Munch. Does the saying ‘old is gold’ work here?

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Nestle Munch Nuts is a classic combination of sweet and salty flavors. The peanut bits add a crunchy texture to each bite. The wafer biscuit tastes fresh and crispy too!

Crunchy wafer biscuit covered in decadent chocolate, yum! Nestle Munch is enjoyed by people across age groups. Munch was one of the first Nestle products that were launched only for the Indian market in 1999.

In 2015, Nestle launched over 40 new products. Among these, the Nestle Munch Crunch o Nuts and Nestle Munch Nuts were marketed as nutty variants of the classic wafer chocolate bar. 

In our Nestle Munch chocolates review, we discuss the taste, textures, price, packaging, and major differences between the new and old Nestle Munch chocolates. 

Nestle Munch Chocolates – Variants We Tried

Nestle Munch Chocolates – Everything You Need To Know

The new Nestle Munch chocolates are chocolate-covered wafer bars with a nutty twist. Peanuts have been added to bring the nutty flavor and crunch to the regular Nestle Munch.

Sweet and salty- that’s a classic combination you can’t go wrong with!

But does the same work for the new Nestle Munch chocolates? Let us take you through our Nestle Munch chocolates review. 

1. Available Flavours

Nestle Munch is available in three flavor variants. These are the classic variant and two new Nestle Munch nuts chocolates- nuts and crunch o nuts.

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nestle munch flavors we tried
Nestle Munch variants tried by Team Mishry.

2. Available Sizes

Nestle Munch is available in single-serve bars, boxes, as well as pouches. 

The single-serve bars weigh 12 gm and 25 gm. Pouches comprising 20 pieces (222 gm) of Nestle Munch nuts chocolates are available. Similarly, Nestle Munch boxes of 640 gm and 700 gm are also available in the market. 

3. Main Ingredients

Nestle Munch chocolate ingredients are- Sugar, refined wheat flour (maida), hydrogenated vegetable fats (contains sesame oil), milk solids, edible vegetable fat, cocoa solids, yeast, and iodized salt. 

Nestle Munch nuts chocolates also contain peanuts and cocoa balls, as per the difference in the variant. 

4. Price Range

Individually, based on the quantity, each Nestle Munch chocolate bar is priced between Rs 5-10. 

When compared to other chocolate-coated wafer biscuits available in the market, most brands fall in a similar price range. 

5. Availability

Nestle Munch chocolates are available online on e-commerce markets like Amazon and Big basket.

You can easily find these chocolates and the new nutty variants at local general stores too. 

Nestle Munch Chocolates – Our Review Factors

The Nestle Munch nuts chocolates are a limited series of nutty chocolate bars by the brand. There are two variants in this range- one is coated with peanuts and the other uses wheat cocoa balls as the crunchy element.

Along with the two new chocolate bars, we tasted the classic Nestle Munch chocolate for a detailed analysis of the key differences. 

Does Team Mishry appreciate the crunchy, nutty flavors or would we stick to the plain ol’ chocolate-coated wafer bars?

1. Flavor

The proportion of chocolate coating to wafer is of prime importance when it comes to chocolate wafer bars. Added nuts or crunchy elements and their quantity can also change the overall flavor.

Chocolate-covered wafer biscuits and the same with a topping of nuts, the proportion of chocolate to wafer to nuts must be balanced to deliver a decent taste. 

The brand describes how the nutty variants are multi-textural. In our Nestle Munch chocolates review, we discuss whether or not this multi-textural chocolate is worth a try. 

What could we taste more in the new Nestle Munch variants? How was the chocolate-peanut balance? Too many salted peanuts and little chocolate? 

2. Crunchiness

Since the new Nestle Munch nuts chocolates boast of a ‘multi-sensorial experience’ owing to the layers of textures in them, judging the crunchiness is one of the major parameters for our Nestle Munch chocolates review. 

Did the peanuts have a fresh crunch? What about the crunch of the wafer biscuit?

3. Price

There are Rs 5 and Rs 10 Nestle Munch chocolates available. You can also get larger packs (10-20 individually packed pieces). These fall in the price range of Rs 150-300.

Nestle Munch Chocolate Flavours – Detailed Review

Here is a comparison table of all the variants of Munch. We discuss their main ingredients, available sizes, pricing, calories and shelf life. 


Parameters Nestle Munch Crunchilicious Chocolate Nestle Munch Nuts Chocolate Nestle Munch Crunch O Nuts Chocolate
Main Ingredients Sugar, Refined Wheat Flour, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Milk Solids, Cocoa Solids (3.9%), Yeast, Iodized Salt. Sugar, Peanuts (17.9%), Refined Wheat Flour, Milk Solids, Edible Vegetable Fats, Cocoa Solids (3.9%), Yeast, Iodized Salt. Sugar, Refined Wheat Flour, Milk Solids, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fats, Wheat Cocoa Crispy Balls [(8%) (Wheat Flour, Sugar, Cocoa Solids (0.2%)], Cocoa Solids (4.2%), Yeast, Peanuts (3.8%), Salt. 
Available Sizes 11 gm, 25 gm, 222 gm 17.6 gm, 264 gm 16 gm
Price Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 100 Rs 20 Rs 20
Shelf Life Eight months from the date of manufacturing Eight months from the date of manufacturing Nine months from the date of manufacturing
Calories 110 kcal 72 kcal 72 kcal

1. Nestle Munch Crunchilicious Chocolate

The classic Nestle Munch is rightly marketed as ‘crunchilicious’. The 25 gm pack contains one bar of chocolate-covered wafer biscuit with the original taste and texture.

This Nestle Munch variant has a decadent milk chocolate flavor. 

a naked nestle munch chocolate bar
Nestle Munch Crunchilicious chocolate overview.
closer look at nestle munch classic
Cross sectional view of Nestle Munch chocolate.


  • Nestle Munch is priced at Rs 10/-.
  • One pack contains 25 gm of the product.
  • It has a shelf life of eight months from manufacture.
  • This chocolate bar contains an artificial vanilla flavor.
  • It has a net-like pattern at the bottom. 


  • This Nestle Munch chocolate has a decent crunch to it.
  • The combination of chocolate with crunchy wafer biscuits tastes yum. 
  • The chocolate coating is semi-thick and even throughout. 

Best Suited For

Craving for something chocolatey and crunchy? For such times, the Nestle Munch is something you could go for. This is best suited for people who do not want their classic wafer chocolate bar to be messed with. 

2. Nestle Munch Nuts Chocolate 

Nestle Munch nuts chocolate is a bar of wafer biscuit coated in layers of peanut creme and chocolate. In addition to these, there are also peanut bits that add a crunch to the bite. 

Following are some more details about the new Nestle Munch variant.

nestle munch nuts variant
The Nestle Munch Nuts chocolate comes in a purple and mustard yellow pack.
cross sectional view of nestle munch nuts
Layers of Nestle Munch Nuts chocolate.


  • This is a chocolate-coated wafer bar covered with bits of peanuts.
  • Nestle Munch Nuts price is Rs 20/-.
  • One 32 gm pack contains two small bars.
  • The pack has a vibrant chocolate and peanut graphic.
  • This product has a shelf life of eight months. 
  • 17.9% peanuts have been used. 


  • The chocolate used adds a rich milky flavor.
  • The peanut flavor really comes through.
  • The crunchiness of the peanuts signified freshness. 
  • There is a great balance of sweet and savory flavor notes.
  • You can taste peanut bits in every bite.

Best Suited For

Looking for a crunchy dessert with balanced sweet and savory flavors? The Nestle Munch nuts chocolate would not disappoint you. 

It is a bar of crunchy wafer biscuit coated with just the right amount of peanut bits. These ingredients are further coated with layers of peanut cream and chocolate. This variant is a great blend of flavors and textures!

3. Nestle Munch Crunch O Nuts Chocolate

The Nestle Munch Crunch O Nuts is a chocolate bar loaded with textures. The base is the same as the classic variant with some fun variations. 

Over the chocolate-covered wafer biscuit, you would find a layer of peanut creme with crunchy cocoa balls. To add to the chocolatey flavor, there is another layer of chocolate coating!

The wafer biscuit and cocoa balls bring a bold crunch to the bite. 

overview of nestle munch crunch o nuts
Nestle Munch Crunch O Nuts overview.
closer look at nestle munch crunch o nuts
Cross sectional view of Nestle Munch Crunch O Nuts


  • This Nestle Munch variant is topped with cocoa balls.
  • It contains 3.8% of peanuts.
  • This chocolate bar must be stored in a cool and dry place.
  • One serving provides 72 kcal.
  • There are two servings in one pack.


  • This chocolate bar has nice crispiness coming from the wafer biscuit and cocoa balls.
  • The chocolate coating is adequately sweet.
  • This coating also tastes milky and has a smooth texture.
  • The peanut creme used adds an extremely mild saltiness. Yum!

Best Suited For

This Nestle Munch variant has a double chocolate coating. It also has crispy cocoa balls as a topping. Compared to the Nestle Munch Nuts chocolate, if you are not a fan of peanuts, you can try this variant as it only uses peanut cream not peanut bits. 

Nestle Munch Chocolates – Which Flavour Stands Out?

As much as we keep reaching out for the classic versions, one of the two new Nestle Munch variants has found a place in our pantry! Nestle Munch nuts chocolate has a little bit of everything, taste, and texture-wise. Sweet? Savory? Milky? Crunchy? Smooth?  It has all of it!

The quantity and freshness of ingredients are spot-on too. When talking about nut-coated chocolate, the crunch and crispiness are as significant as taste. Safe to say, we were quite delighted after tasting this variant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Nestle Munch Chocolates Review.

1. Is Nestle Munch good for health?

Processed, packaged foods must always be consumed in limited quantities. Like we always say, moderation is key. 

2. What is the price of Nestle Munch nuts chocolate?

One bar (based on grams) is priced between INR 5-10.

3. How many pieces of chocolate are in a Nestle Munch?

The new variants have two pieces in a 32 gm pack. 

4. When was Nestle Munch launched in India?

Nestle Munch was launched in India in 1999.

5. Is Nestle Munch suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, it contains ingredients that are safe for vegetarians to consume. 

Final Verdict – Nestle Munch Chocolates Review

Crispy wafer biscuit bars covered with chocolate and topped with salty peanut bits and cocoa balls- a chocolatey crunch is what we expected.

And that is exactly what we got. Thumbs up from our team for the new Nestle Munch variants!

Have you tried these before? Let us know if you like these new Nestle Munch chocolate variants!

*If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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