Chaika Instant Tea Premixes Review - Two Flavours Reviewed
chaika Instant tea premixes review

Chaika Instant Tea Premixes Review – Two Flavours Reviewed

For our Chaika Instant Tea Premixes Review we picked two variants – Dhaba Chai and Kolkata Kadak. Here’s the verdict!

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We tried two tea premixes by Chaika - Kolkata Kadak and Dhaba Chai. Both the variants delivered on the promised flavor. These are a convenient option while traveling.

Chai garam chai-yaaaa! Has this brought back memories from a railway platform? If yes, then you would understand how evocative food is. Chai, even more so. In India, chai is not just any beverage but a conversation starter and an emotion. But what if you’re craving some desi kadak chai and have no supplies around? Say hello to chai premixes!

The idea of tea premixes cropped up when Devanshi Chitlangia & Aradhita Agarwal, Co-founders of Chaika, struggled to make a cup of masala chai quickly (and easily) when they were overseas. So what better than a cup of perfectly measured chai with consistent flavors every time? That’s when Chaika came into being.

We reviewed two flavors from Chaika’s instant tea premix range – Kolkata Kadak and Dhaba Chai. After half a dozen cups of hot tea, here is what we thought about these sachets of chai premix. Read our Chaika Instant Tea Premixes Review to know more.

Chaika Desi Instant Tea Premix – Everything You Need To Know

This section discusses all that you need to know about Chaika instant tea premixes – the available flavors, ingredients, price and packaging.

1. Available Variants

Chaika Instant Tea premixes are available in the following flavors – 

  • Kolkata Kadak – Cardamom Tea
  • Dhaba Chai – Ginger Cardamom Tea
  • Platform Chai – Lemon Liquor
  • Firangi Chai – Lemongrass Ginger Tea
  • Bombay Cutting – Masala Tea
  • Diet Masala Tea – No Sugar

2. Form Factor

The Chaika premix comes in individual sachets. These instant tea sachets are in a fine powder form. 

3. Ingredients 

Now let’s discuss the Chaika instant tea premix ingredients. Any tea premix is made using three to four key ingredients – 

  • Tea extract – This is the ‘chai patti’.
  • Sugar – The sweetener.
  • Milk – This can be mentioned on the ingredient list in the form of milk solids, milk powder or dairy whitener. 
  • Flavoring – This can be anything ranging from cardamom, fennel, ginger extract to lemongrass and cloves. 

4. Packaging

The Chaika Tea comes in a box packaging with individual single-use sachets in them. A single box contains 10 sachets. The packaging of the Chaika tea is very fun and attractive. All the boxes are brightly colored and designed keeping a young audience in mind.

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5.  Price

A single box containing 10 sachets of instant tea premix is priced at Rs 140/-. Each sachet is priced at Rs 14/-. Each sachet contains 14 grams of the premix. 

6.  Nutrition Facts

The calories of the chai premix depends on the flavor of the tea. A Kolkata Kadak and Bombay Cutting by Chaika provide 418 Kcals (per 100 gm) while a Chaika Platform Chai provides 318 Kcals of energy per 100 grams. Do check the nutrition label of the premix tea that you purchase for more details on calories.

7. Origin And Speciality of the Brand

Chaika is co-founded by Devanshi Chitlangia & Aradhita Agarwal. Their families have been in the tea industry for over 70 years. The founders of Chaika felt the need to make masala chai more convenient and easy to make. This is how the idea to introduce tea premixes through Chaika stemmed.

Chaika Desi Instant Tea Premixes – Our Factors of Consideration

For our Chaika Instant Tea Premix Review we set out the following parameters – 

1. Flavor and Taste

Are the promised flavors detectable? Does the masala, ginger or cardamom flavor shine in our cup of tea? Are the flavors fresh or do they seem too artificial and synthetic?

2. Aroma

Can we smell the aroma of the spice indicated on the box? Can we detect the aroma properly? Is it referring? 

3. Balance of Flavor

How well balanced is the sugar, milk and tea flavor? Is the tea over sweetened or under sweetened? Is the tea too milky or too diluted?

4. Ease of Preparation

How easy is it to make a cup of tea using the Chaika Tea Premix? Are the instructions easy to follow?

5. Refreshing Factor

Chai is had as a wake-me-up beverage, as a mid-day refreshment, and during the evening as well. Does the tea premix provide that instant refreshing upliftment?

Chaika Instant Tea Premixes – Let’s Review the Two Variants

Let’s dig into our verdict of the Chaika instant tea premixes review. Did we love them, like them or are these tea premixes avoidable?

Instructions to make the Chaika Premix Chai –

  1. Empty the contents of the sachet in a cup.
  2. Add 100 ml hot water.
  3. Stir and enjoy!
Chaika Tea Flavor Kadak Kolkata Dhaba Chai 
Price Rs 140/- Rs 140/-
Number of sachets 10 10
Net weight (per sachet) 14 gm 14 gm
Main ingredients Tea extract

Milk Solids


Cardamom Powder

Tea extract

Milk Solids


Masala Powder (Cardamom, ginger)

Nutrition facts (Energy per 100 grams) 418 Kcal 418 Kcal

1. Chaika Dhaba Chai – Ginger Cardamom Flavoured Instant Tea Premix

The Chaika Dhaba Chai promises the classic flavor of green cardamom and ginger. Does it come close to our homemade chai?

Green cardamom has a piney, citrusy flavor that can be spicy and sweet. The black seeds of the green cardamom when crushed and added to a chai can lend a fruity-sweetness to the tea. Now coming to the flavor of ginger. Fresh ginger has a citrusy, zingy note. Dry ginger, on the other hand, has stronger peppery notes.

The tea made using the Dhaba Chai by Chaika delivered on the flavors of ginger and cardamom. The freshness of these spices is undeniable. The flavor of ginger especially provided that fresh zinginess we were looking for. Thankfully, the balance of ginger and cardamom is very proportionate. Neither of the flavors overpowered the other one.

The color of the tea is a bit orangey. Almost like that of a milk loaded, kadhi hui chai. But when we tasted it, the balance of milk and tea extract seemed perfect. The sugar levels are slightly on the higher side, but that has been the case with most tea premixes we have reviewed earlier.

chaika dhaba chai packaging
Chaika’s Dhaba Chai comes in a bright orange colored pack. Inside the box are 10 sachets.
Dry inspection Chaika Dhaba Chai Premix
Dry inspection of the Chaika Dhaba Chai Premix - Each sachet holds 14 gms of the tea premix.
Tea made using the Chaika Dhaba Chai Premix
The cardamom and ginger notes are very proportionate and compliment each other.


  • The Dhaba Chai by Chaika is priced at Rs 140/-. 
  • The packaging is very attractive.
  • Inside a box there are 10 sachets of the tea premix. Each sachet holds 14 grams of the premix powder. 
  • There are no stirrers inside the pack.
  • This is a ginger and cardamom flavored tea premix.


  • The Dhaba Chai by Chaika has a very fresh ginger and cardamom flavor.
  • The balance of milk and tea extract is perfect.
  • Consistency wise, this isn’t watered down and doesn’t feel diluted. 


  • The tea is a bit over-sweet.
  • It is not recommended for bulk use in offices as it is on the expensive side.

Best Suited For

Green cardamom and ginger are a loved combination when it comes to chai. This product is for everyone who likes their tea with this spice combination. Especially if you’re travelling and just cannot do without your daily dose of chai, the Chaika premix can be your perfect travel companion.

2. Chaika Kolkata Kadak – Cardamom Flavoured Instant Tea Premix

As explained earlier, green cardamom has two components- the outer green pod and the inner black seeds. The intense green cardamom aroma and flavor comes from the black seeds inside. These sticky, black seeds add a certain sweet, fruitiness to the cup of chai

The Kolkata Kadak chai promises to deliver on the green cardamom flavor. The aroma of green cardamom is undeniable. But when we tasted the tea, we felt that the cardamom flavor could have been more pronounced. It was a tad bit weak.

Consistency wise, the chai is perfect. Neither too milky, nor too diluted. It had the medium-thick consistency that one gets from a homemade cup of tea. 

Now coming to the sweetness levels. The sugar in this tea premix is also a tad bit on the higher side. People with low sugar tolerance might not like it.

Chaika Kolkata Kadak Chai Premix packaging
Chaika’s Kolkata Kadak Chai Premix comes in a teal blue box.
Dry inspection of Chaika Dhaba Chai Premix
The Kolkata Kadak Tea Premix by Chaika has 10 sachets in 1 box.
Chaika Kolkata Kadak Premix Review
The sweet notes of green cardamom can be felt in the Chaika Kolkata Kadak Tea.


  • The Kolkata Kadak Chai by Chaika is priced at Rs 140/-. 
  • It is packaged in an attractive teal blue box.
  • Inside a box there are 10 sachets of the tea premix. Each sachet holds 14 grams of the premix powder. 
  • There are no stirrers inside the pack.
  • This is a green cardamom flavored tea premix.


  • The Kolkata Kadak Chai by Chaika has well balanced proportions of tea extract and milk. 
  • The consistency is not diluted or overly milky.


  • The cardamom flavor is a bit weak. 
  • Tea is over-sweet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Chaika instant tea premixes.

1. What is instant tea mix?

Instant tea mix is a powdered form of tea, milk, and sugar. To make an instant tea you only require hot water.

2. What is the shelf life of Chaika Tea Premix?

The shelf life of Chaika Tea Premix is 9 months from date of manufacturing.

3. Do we need to add milk to a chai premix?

No. The purpose of a tea premix is to cut down the hassle of preparing anything for it. You just need to add hot water to the tea mix powder and voila! Your tea is ready.

4. What does a tea premix contain?

A tea premix contains four prime ingredients – milk solids, tea extract, sugar and flavoring agent. This flavoring agent can be a mix of spices or just a single spice as well.

Final Words – Chaika Instant Tea Premix Review

chaika premix review flavors we tried

We liked the fresh flavors of spices in the Chaika Tea Premixes. The Kolkata Kadak and Dhaba Chai by Chaika delivered on the promised flavors.

Price wise, tea premixes cannot be compared to the tapri-chai we usually have in offices. Neither can they be compared to high-end cafe style chai ‘lattes’. These premixes come somewhere in the middle but definitely closer to cafe style chais. These aren’t recommended for people who like sugar free teas or have a low sugar tolerance. But for people who travel a lot and just cannot miss their desi cup of chai everyday, tea premixes are perfect.

Have you tried any tea premixes before? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.  Do you agree with our Chaika instant tea premixes review?

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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