Karachi Bakery Sweets Review - Ideal Place For Iconic Sweets
karachi bakery anjeer roll review

Karachi Bakery Sweets Review – Ideal Place For Iconic Sweets

The Anjeer Roll by Karachi Bakery is made using figs, cashews, and pistachios.

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Anjeer Rolls by Karachi Bakery is delicately sweet. The figs and cashews are delicious and fresh. This soft, fudgy sweet by Karachi Bakery will be loved by people who love figs.

Popular for their vast variety of biscuits and sweets, Karachi Bakery began its journey in the 1950’s. It may be located in Hyderabad, but there aren’t many people in the country who haven’t tried the iconic fruit biscuits by Karachi Bakery. Which is why their tagline ‘Hyderabad Famous World Over’ makes perfect sense. 

Karachi Bakery has a wide range of sweets (mithais) including anjeer roll, anjeer barfi, dry fruit ladoo, milk mysorepak, and soan papdi. We picked the Anjeer Roll from Karachi Bakery and tested it for its taste and texture. In our Karachi Bakery Sweets review, we will discuss the pros and cons of the sweets, their price, packaging, and much more.

We all love to gorge on decadent mithais, festive season or not. Karachi Bakery has a wide range of sweets that are available throughout their chains in the country. Here is some information related to Karachi Bakery Sweets that you must know about –

1. Speciality of Brand

The speciality of the brand is the evergreen fruit biscuits. The buttery biscuits with bits of fruit are iconic and need no introduction. Apart from that their date-based sweets and Osmania biscuits are also extremely popular.

2. Available Sweets

As per information on their website, the following sweets are available at Karachi Bakery. Here is a part of the Karachi Bakery sweets menu – 

  • Soan Papdi
  • Ajmeeri Kalakand
  • Anar Bhog
  • Badaam Lotus
  • Badaam Pakija
  • Balusahi
  • Besan Gajak
  • Dryfruit Anjeer Katli
  • Dryfruit Honey Bati
  • Dryfruit Honey Ladoo
  • Dryfruit Kasata
  • Dryfruit Sandwich
  • Kaju Apple
  • Kaju Gajak
  • Kaju Katli
  • Kaju Kalash
  • Kaju Kesar Katli
  • Kaju Kusum Kali
  • Kaju Pan
  • Kesar Malai Peda
  • Khoya Pan
  • Kova Badam Roll
  • Kova Chocolate Barfi
  • Kova Parwal
  • Kova Puri
  • Malai Roll
  • Mango Bati
  • Milkcake
  • Nagina
  • Rimjim Rasgulla
  • Anjeer Roll
  • Rose Bati
  • Kalakand
  • Kala Jamun
  • Karachi Premium Dates Halwa
  • Milk Mysorepak
  • Dry Fruit Barfi
  • Anjeer Dry Fruit Barfi

3. Price Range

All the Karachi Bakery sweets are priced differently. The Anjeer Roll by Karachi Bakery is priced at Rs 400/- for 300 gms. Sweets made using expensive ingredients like cashews, saffron and figs will be priced higher than sweets made using everyday ingredients like coconut or milk.

4. Availability

Karachi Bakery Sweets are available in their stores and can be ordered online via their website as well. Online grocery shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart also sell selected products from Karachi Bakery. 

Karachi Bakery Sweets – Detailed Review

Let us discuss the taste and texture of the sweets from Karachi Bakery. We reviewed the Anjeer Roll and here is what you need to know.

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1. Anjeer Roll

We picked a 300 gm box of Anjeer Roll from Karachi Bakery. It is priced at Rs 400/-. The Anjeer Rolls are slender brown colored roll-ups and we can see lots of the fig seeds along with the cashews.

The Anjeer Roll has a delicate sweetness that comes from the figs. There is no added sugar in this box of sweets as per the mentioned ingredient list. This is a very fudgy mithai with added crunch from cashews and pistachios. 

The Anjeer Rolls are very fresh tasting and even after opening the pack and re-tasting it over several days, the flavor did not change. Neither did the freshness. We did not refrigerate this after opening. 

The mild aroma of ghee in the mithai along with the dominant flavor of figs is wonderful.

karachi bakery anjeer roll packaging
Karachi Bakery Anjeer Roll comes packed in a tray and a separate outer cover.

The nutritional information of Anjeer Roll per 100 gms is – 


Energy 480 Kcal
Protein 5 gm
Total fat 18 gm
Carbohydrate  60 gm
Calcium 7.8 mg
Sugar  Nil
Iron (Fe) 3.0 mg


  • 300 gms of Anjeer Roll by Karachi Bakery is priced at Rs 400/-.
  • The shelf life of Anjeer Roll is 45 days.
  • Ingredients include Figs, Cashew, Sugar-free gel (FOS), Ghee (from cow), and Pistachio.
  • It contains permitted synthetic food color.
  • This is a vegetarian product.
  • 100 gms of this product provides 480 Kcal of energy.
karachi bakery anjeer roll
Cashews and pistachios have been added in the Karachi Bakery Anjeer rolls.


  • The sweetness of the anjeer roll is very delicate.
  • There is no other form of sugar used apart from the natural sweetness of figs.
  • The crunch from the cashews combined with the fudgy fig rolls is delicious.

Best Suited For

The Anjeer Roll by Karachi Bakery is best suited for people who like the flavor of figs and have a low sugar tolerance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Karachi Bakery Sweets.

1. What is the most popular sweet at Karachi Bakery?

Karachi Bakery is popular for their fruit biscuits and Osmania biscuits. In their sweets sections, mysore pak and figs-based sweets are popular.

2. Who owns Karachi Bakery?

Started by Khanchand Ramnani in Hyderabad, currently, Karachi Bakery is run by his family. 

3. Are Karachi bakery products available online?

Yes. A selected range of biscuits by Karachi Bakery is available online. Some popular Karachi Bakery biscuits including fruit biscuits, Osmania cookies, kaju cookies and dates biscuits are available on various online shopping portals.

Milk-based sweets or sweets that need to be consumed within 1-2 days of production are not being sold online. 

4. Are Karachi bakery sweets available on Swiggy?

Yes. Karachi Bakery is listed on Swiggy in a few locations. Not all locations are serviceable. 

Final Verdict – Karachi Bakery Sweets Review

The Anjeer Roll by Karachi Bakery Sweets is deliciously soft and made using real figs. The delicate sweetness comes from figs. This is a tasty delight for times when you crave something sweet and hearty

Have you tried any Karachi bakery Sweets before? Tell us about your favorite sweets in the comment section.

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